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  1. R

    So screwed up.

    I am absoluely screwed. I've been thinking about suicide. I dont mean to but it comes when i feel bad about myself, low mood etc then the feeling comes back. I am the worst sort, no fight left just want to do what my thoughts are telling me. All of this positive stuff is a farce. I need help. I...
  2. S

    Do good people have bad thoughts about others?

    I'm very liberal, I try and treat people as I'd expect to be treated myself but I still occasionally get bad or prejudicial thoughts about people based on appearance etc. They occasionally just flash up in my mind and I have to tell myself that's a horrible thing to think. I wonder sometimes if...
  3. A


    Hi I hate to trouble anyone. But I've been having agitation so bad I tried to commit myself. I feel like constantly pacing although I sleep thanks to my medicine this is pretty bad. I was just wondering if anyone ever felt that way too? Cuz I want to know that there is a life after this. Thank...
  4. E

    Emergency Help! I'm out of paxil subscription, can't get a refill.

    Please help me dear people, I'm going thru bad paxil withdrawals right now and can't get a refill!! I've been on paxil 40mg for around 15years. I have pretty bad anxiety and depression. (Ran out of paxil over the weekend, today tried to get a refill at the pharmacy but was told they have...
  5. M

    Cold turkey

    So I have come of all my meds for a week now.. I feel utterly rubbish and emotional. Im tired of taking meds all the time and all the side effects. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea and I will crash and burn no one has faith that I can beat this illness without meds. I just feel alone.
  6. A

    Citalopram withdrawal

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has managed to quit citalopram after having a hard time with it. About a year ago I changed to mirtazapine to help me sleep, and over the course of this year I've gradually reduced my dosage of citalopram. I went from 40mg a day to 10mg every few days, just when...
  7. E

    Bottom problems

    My GP has referred me to the colorectal department at the hospital & I will need to have a camera put up my bum, the reason is that for a while I've been having blood in my poo, the GP examined my bum & said that I do not have hemorrhoids; my mental health is so bad & my living conditions are so...
  8. qwerty1234

    being really sensitive

    I have never written about something like this before... I am learning about hsp and also openness as a personality characteristic, and it's been hard being me becuase I am really sensitive to emotional disconnection but also really hopeful and optimistic and open to stuff, so I get into...
  9. T

    Hi-yo, my name is Tom

    Hey folks, I decided to start posting on here because I'm in my 30s now and I deal with constant, massive waves of depression. It's not a constant state, but when it gets bad... it gets so bad. I get very focused on aging and dying and death and endings and it all makes me so incredibly sad...
  10. fazza

    You humans are beginning to annoy me

    Time for a mass Extermination I feel. Humans suck the life out of their own species. No other life on this planet does such a thing. We are horrible, a virus that has infected this planet. Too much genuine suffering yet we stand by and watch it happen. Me me me me me. How many times do we...
  11. G

    How do you feel about yourself?

    I'm not sure how to word the title but how do you feel about yourself? I strongly believe it is impossible to hate yourself. You can be embarrassed by your looks or reflect by how or what others say about you. For instance when I look in the mirror I think, honest to God and not in an arrogant...
  12. A

    Anxiety flare.

    Hi everyone! I’m having a bit of an anxiety flare and am looking to talk a bit. I’ve had bad anxiety in the past, but mostly had a handle on it recently. Recently I’ve had an issue with my medication and its set me off again a bit. I’ve been trying to come off citalopram as I’m now on...
  13. P

    Bad Habits

    Mine was smoking cigarettes, but when I quit I turned to marijuana. When I had to quit that to get a job (and my doctor drug tests for some of the medication I'm on) I turned to alcohol. We're all dependent on something. What's your bad habit?
  14. albie

    Do You Agree With Your Voices Opinion Of You?

    If they say a bad thing is it not something you have thought about yourself before or maybe are likely to? Do you hate yourself? Do the voices therefore hate you? Are the voices wrong about you?
  15. P

    another bad day...

    I've only posted once here. I don't even know what to say, i'm just feeling really bad. I don't want to bother anyone, work just sucks. Drama drama drama. And my boss doesn't help and doesn't want to hear me out. --That and the way she speaks to me about anything about this just sucks. She was...
  16. J

    Anxiety physical symptom affecting my life, just sharing my experience

    Hi guys, first off all I'm not an english native speaker, so spell checks are welcome :) I'm only a 20 year old male and I feel really bad having all of this so young. Anyway, after some time browsing the web I found this website and I thought about sharing my experience as it's being hard to...
  17. T


    Hello, My name is TwoFarGone as TooFarGone was already taken. Let's see. My forum history is about as bad as my mental health recovery. So here we are.
  18. EarthDreams


    Hi all! I am new to this forum and I don't really do introductions well so I think I will just spit out a bunch of random things about me and see if that works. ~ I live in the United States ~ I hope that I can get support on here for my mental problems. ~ I love animals. ~ I have been...
  19. C

    Really bad anxiety - hi everyone

    I have come to this forum to try and connect with others who might have really bad anxiety/depression and to maybe learn from their experiences. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment, getting attacks every few minutes. thank you all in advance. -Carlos
  20. C

    I Don't Know What To Do Anymore.

    I'll start by saying that I don't believe I am depressed? I mean there are people who have been through way worse than what I have so I'm not quite sure and I feel bad thinking I am. Regardless, This is about a heartbreak, I know how original. I had been with this person for a while, shit...