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  1. B

    Going back to work next week and feel stuck and not moving forward

    Hi all Been off work with anxiety and depression for 8 weeks and returning to work next week. I do feel better than when I was first off and definitely on the road to recovery but in the last two to three weeks I feel I have not moved any further along. I seem to be stuck in this place were I...
  2. A

    the feeling of shortness of breath

    hello, just looking for some insight for the last 6/7 years shortness of breath has been a big thing of mine and now its back.. i always feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath even though i am never gasping for air and my asthma peak flow is pretty much normal all the time, my throat...
  3. H

    Back to square one and having a meltdown on vacation!

    I have a long history of panic attacks where I hyperventilate and am totally terrified - in the past it has cost me jobs and stopped me from moving forward. I've been on citalopram the last few years which helped a lot, just recently I was down to 5mg so decided to stop taking them. Felt fine...
  4. B

    Update on my depression

    Since I have increased my efixor from 225 till 300 there has been a vast improvement in my mood from depression.When I originally cut down from 225 till 150 I had a real bad relapse.Went back up till 225 for two months and it actually got worse.When the doctor put me up till 300 it took about...
  5. A

    Do you answer your voices back or ignore

    So I am new to hearing voices and have found is so upsetting. I started hearing it say hello ... hello amy over and over. Then it kept saying do you know why I am here. Apart from telling it to go away I have not said anything back . Do you talk back or ignore your voices ? I am worried if I...
  6. T

    needed to share an experince i had.

    hi im new here, ive been viewing this forum for years but not felt confident to post as ive not been confident to post advice so sorry if that seems selfish but im a pretty isolated person and dont really interact with people online much. I am in my 40's now but first had psychosis when i was...
  7. T

    How to not wory about something??

    This entire semester i was feeling pretty happy and that nothing could stop me, but an old fear came back: conspiracy theories, i can't seem to forget about them and it is ruining my social skills...
  8. B

    Just joined

    Hi All Only just joined have been thinking about joining a forum for a while but thought I should give it a go. I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I am currently off work due back in a couple of weeks. Still feel like I don't want to do anything and nervous...
  9. N

    I don't know my own thoughts or what to do!

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Manic depressive disorder, or Manic Depression 13 years ago, I was always crying, lashing out at people for no reason it was really bad, 2 years after it started i went on to Sertraline which was great helped me out no end but i ended up coming off them due to weight...
  10. T

    What's my problem??? HELP FASSST

    I've searched for the awnser in the entire internet but found nothing: Since the last month my mind is forcing me to believe that my personality is fake, it can change any time, that there is something wrong with me.. i also have been feeling like i'm becoming more like people that i don't like...
  11. A

    Brother with Schizophrenia and my anxiety/depression

    Hello, I am not really sure why I am writing this but am looking for support or just to talk to those who may have a similar situation. My brother (25) has schizophrenia and the last 15 years or so have been pretty tough on my family because of this. When we were younger we were best friends...
  12. F

    Should I tell my manager about my BPD?

    I’ve been off work sick because I had some problems anyway, long story short, during this time off I’ve been diagnosed with BPD. But I’m going back to work tomorrow and I don’t know what to tell my manager when I have the back to work meeting.. should I be straight up?
  13. N

    living with bpd as a psychologist

    i don't even know where to begin with... i don't know if its because i am very aware of my situation or a very mellow person but i feel like i have tried every little thing to climb up the stairs with all that weight on my shoulders. tried everything to fill that emptiness inside me but no...
  14. P

    Are you fed up of anxiety holding you back ?

    Hi, I'm new . I suffer from anxiety as well as ptsd and low mood. I have suffered with anxiety for 13 year's. I am pregnant; single parent and have three children. I'm really getting distressed with anxiety holding me back in life and it can be hard on us. Is anyone else feeling like they...
  15. J

    I suffer from severe depression HELP!!

    Hi guys I am new to this whole forum malarcy I don't feel like I can go through therapy so a friend recommend this so here I go. I have suffered depression for the last five years in silence I suppose it all started when I lost an ex girlfriend at that time it was only mild( hell u wish I could...
  16. S

    Looking for good advice, options tunning out

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. This will be lengthy, but hopefully will give the correct information. I’ve had anxiety for over 15 years. It started from drug use as a teenager. I was prescribed at 18 Xanax .5 mg 3xday for a few months the upped to 1mg 3xday. My problem then was I drank and used...
  17. E

    Rock bottom?

    I just finished a month of intensive outpatient and now I'm back at work full time. I'm really angry because my life isn't the way I want it to be. The frustration is so deep. I'm supposed to be doing good, supposedly, but I'm not good. I hate my job and have no other choice but to stay there...
  18. K

    New Member

    Hi, Just feel like i am stuck . I'm unsure if i am ill . I have moments when i have thoughts and visions of me injuring myself. I tense up my whole body for a few seconds to get rid of those thoughts . Some days i am full of energy and i want to do things at hyper speed or...
  19. B


    Hi, to everyone. Found this forum by chance and I joined as I feel I could do with some support. I have suffered with depression for about 30 years and I am currently being treated with 30mg of mirtazapine. Up until a few weeks back I felt I was coping with life, then my fiancée left me and I...
  20. N

    Switching back to previous SSRI after poop out?

    My history: Zoloft —> Paxil —> Lexapro (4 years) It seems like my Lexapro is losing effectiveness, same thing that happened with the other two. I have getting horrible panic attacks for th past few months. Does anyone have experience going back to a previous SSRI? I think I took the Zoloft for...