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  1. S


    Hey! Ive posted on a couple of different threads on here as my fiance hasnt ever said exactly what he has been diagnised with until last night when i felt the need to ring UK111as he is really starting to struggle with how he is feeling. Bit of back story, he was on Risperdrone for a failry long...
  2. S

    Zoloft- will i get side effects if i go down a dose?

    I've been on 100mg of zoloft for about 10 days now and i feel really burnt out and crappy so i'm considering going back down to 50mg. If i go back down will it take time for me to adjust to 50mg again?
  3. P

    Diagnose me - Need help!

    Hey all, My situation is actually really confusing, at-least in my own head and eyes it is. My idea posting in this forum is just to go into some detail about my mental health over the last few years, get help understanding it and maybe try and improve overall. So, i'm currently 20 years old...
  4. N

    I really would need some advice

    Hello to everyone.. My name is nina and im new here... Im in a very complicated relationship and stade of mind at the moment.. I would appreciate it if someone has some advice for me.. It might be a longer story but i want to explain to understand... Im in a very happy relationship since 2...
  5. Jbb79

    Have Low testosterone from A-P Prolactin x x

    Hi, I've got Small testicles, from Anti-psychotics . . . There-fore, I Have low testosterone, which has killed My Self-confidence, Libido, I Have Border-line E. Dys-function and my beard doesn't grow, much, at all . . . Later, Muscle-wasting and, Brittle bones, May follow . . I Want my life...
  6. Topcat

    Sedating meds and a night out

    If you take daily meds in the evening that more or less knock you out, when would you take them if you were on a late night out? I've got a hen party to go on in a couple of weeks and we won't get back til 3am :nod2: just take it when I get in and sleep in late is what I'm thinking?
  7. B

    Lost weight, putting it back on

    In the 2nd half of last year I lost weight...since boxing day my mood has been really low and comfort eating is what makes me feel better. The weight is starting to go back on and I can't stop myself eating crap 😢
  8. K

    Hi newby

    I am Kay I am 30 years of age. I have 4 children all 10 and under. My 5 year is autistic and ADHD, he's very hard work and his behaviour lately is really out of control. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have frequent panic attacks and am constantly at A&E as I always fear am going to have...
  9. M

    Back on Duloxetine :-(

    After a year of trying to get off the stuff, my pdoc has put me back on it. I’m on day three and I feel awful. A cross between a class A feeling and having the flu. Has any one else experienced unpleasant side effects of taking this drug. I know from my experience that for me coming off it was...
  10. J

    Need some advice

    I have recently been diagnosed with GAD, but I have been suffering for years. Just before my diagnosis I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. I feel I am holding her back from moving forward with her life. I desperately want her back but I feel like that is a selfish choice only helping...
  11. Deadheading

    I tried it again yesterday

    I had this suicide attempt planned for at least a month. I had it mentally rehearsed. I would pack my bags and leave a suicide note in my wallet. I also decided on the restaurant to go to for my last supper. As I had my dinner, I was getting more anxious. It peaked once I payed my bill. I went...
  12. D

    Another mental health soldier

    Hey guys first time on here. Currently battling anxiety and depression for the last year and having a look about and learning some more about mental health as knowledge is power and all that. Been through this exact thing 15 years ago and suffered for 5 years and it's now back with a vengeance...
  13. N

    New here help needed

    Hiya I'm new here after 10 years of suffering abuse and never being let out of my house with my ex partner I finally left I ended up in hospital with anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts I have been out in seteraline 150mg and that's it every night I have the same night mare about what...
  14. Firefly77

    Hi there, noob here!

    Hello everyone, I’m happy to have found this forum! I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, as far back as I can remember and I’ve been recently been diagnosed with BPD and looking back on my life I can see it started way back in grade school. Anyway, I feel incredibly...
  15. valleygirl

    Feeling Very Fragile

    I don't really know why I am feeling this way. But since Halloween I was counting down the weeks, and then the days until Christmas break. By the time we were down to 1 week I was barely holding on by a thread. At the end of that week, on Friday night, I slept 14 hours. Counting weekends, I...
  16. B

    I don't know if i should take meds or not?

    I am being treated for bipolar 2 an d i was prescribed Divalproex. I've been really bummed lately cause i really don't want to take any meds at all. I took them for 2 weeks and i got a little out of my funk but i missed an appt with my doc on accident and because it was the 4th missed appt (i...
  17. C

    New here and have anxiety relapse again

    Hello all, After constant anxiety relapses, I've been determined to try and get my life together. I realize I think too much and it's been a burden on me. Thankfully, my OCD is in remission and I only suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I've come along way, but these reoccurring panic...
  18. L

    Overwhelmed with life and leaving my partner

    Hi everyone. I'm feeling pretty shi**y and have been feeling like this for some time now and I need to figure out where to go with my life from here. I've been with my partner for 9 years and we have a 6yr old son. I work a minimum wage job around my child being at school as my boyfriend "can't"...
  19. A

    Family coming down

    Hey everyone, So it’s Christmas next week and my grandparents will be coming down for two weeks. I’m very excited but I noticed it’s also been stressing me out. I’ve been falling back into some old rituals & losing weight. I love them but I hate when they make comments on how thin I am, or say I...
  20. S

    Relationship Anxiety, Confused, Please Help

    Hi Everyone. This is new to me but I'm really in need of some help from people who might understand how I'm feeling because I'm at a loss. I've been with my boyfriend nearly two years. The first year was a struggle, he is a year and half younger than me and is finishing uni. Within the first...