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  1. F

    What does anxiety feel like?

    I have struggled with anxiety for a lot of years and it's awful. And i think the worst part of it is to try to explain to people what i feels like..I would describe it as drowning inside and out, it so much more awful then people think. How would you describe it?
  2. T

    Critical Christmas

    Mum is here. Not much more i can tell you. I bend over backwards, she opens her mouth and out comes words that make me want to kill myself. Every year, every day, me in tears, her angry with me for something i seem to have done although i go to so much effort and am so careful it is never good...
  3. qwerty1234

    Dark sides to my personality

    I find I engage conflict sometimes, enjoy combative or litigious behavior, and while i think that critical thinking is important, i don't want to burn through friends bu picking fights. Anyone who likes deep discussion about philosophical and psychological topics and is ok with aggression and...
  4. K

    Anxiety/OCD/??? - Hoping for some help

    Hi all, I'm not exactly sure if/what I have or even if I have anything but it is something that is concerning to me and I think it may be some form of OCD/Anxiety. Generally speaking I am very happy in life. Married, two kids, home owner, good steady job that I enjoy. This is the first time I...
  5. K

    New and could do with some advice

    Hi I'm kirsty 43 Single mum and foster mum and usually a strong get on with it person I do have three chronic health issues that cause pain and at present cause frustration trying to sort out Was put in ducloxetine 20 mg thought ok but had lots of side effects so now not on it ( was 9 weeks )...
  6. valleygirl

    I just don't want to deal with life anymore

    None of it. Work, bills, car repairs, trying and failing to lose this God awful weight I've put on since I started taking Seroquel. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and fat, and trying not to be sick and tired and fat.
  7. H

    Second PIP tribunal after adjournment

    I posted here before about a really traumatic experience at a PIP tribunal back in march which resulted in the tribunal being adjourned. I just had a horrible experience, the panel seemed to be out to get me, constantly bombarding me with questions and interrogating me with "but didn't you...
  8. T

    It could be time

    I woke up from yet another awful dream this morning. One of those ones that feels so real that it almost may as well be. I was with my ex, trying to convince her we can still be happy together, that it could work between us, but she shut me down and said no. It was the THIRD night in a row that...
  9. M

    Stupid pills!

    So, After over a year of not misusing a substance I always used to (Amphetamines) I misused again - out of Nowhere. I don't even know why. I feel so awful - I haven't slept one bit and I'm so drained. Now I just feel guilt - Does this happen to anyone ? I'm fully awake of the consequences...
  10. J

    Mental illness, or just a bad person?

    Hi all, I'm new here and looking for advice before I give therapy another shot :) I was less than honest with my last therapist and I think this time I want to try and be as honest as possible, despite the embarrassment. Before I go, I wanted to run what I've been dealing with by everyone...
  11. speckles

    Its all too much

    I just feel so anxious today I just feel like to live a moment more is too long. Nothing will ever make any difference I just can't carry on with life anymore the idea of waking up at all tomorrow is beyond contemplation. I have a plan and could carry it out it would be a good time to do it...
  12. L

    Constant thoughts of death

    Hello I’m on meds for anxiety and depression I suffer panic attack’s too. My fibromyalgia pain is awful and now I’ve started heavy bleeding which doc thinks part of menopause so I’ve got hormones to stop bleeding but if I stop them I’m flooded. I saw gp as started wanting to kill myself, made...
  13. S

    Quetiapine withdrawal

    I have recently come out being hospitalized long story short I think I was wrongly diagnosed my doctor thinks I’m post traumatic stress but my psychiatrist is awful I’m sure she hates me she said I had bpd and doesn’t listen to me. Anyway she put me on quetiapine and I get chest pains and it...
  14. B


    Hi everyone, Nice to be somewhere you can speak freely. My partner was recently made bankrupt and is due to have an interview with the official receiver. If you are not well enough to go ( its been an awful week) what are your legal rights as a mentally ill person? Any help much...
  15. H

    Just had the worst anxiety attack so far

    Hi guys, i have nobody to rant to atm so I thought I could put it here to get it off my chest. As the title suggests I've had an awful attack about 2 hours ago (I'm still feeling the effects, I took Kalms and have been doing breathing exercises) which prompted me to wake my mother up and force...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    bonfire night

    anyone else dreading it? im a bag of nerves the whole week i hate loud noises and bangs ,im such a nervous person and its awful for maddie-she gets so scared ,she probably won't go out for 3 nights so will toilet in the house xx
  17. C

    Had enough.

    I can't be hetr anymore. I have had enough. Km sick of calling the stupid samaritans they are awful. Sick of mental healhh teams. Sick of it all. Fuck ghis life.
  18. ChloChlo

    My counsellor has gone away for a few days and I don't know what to do

    I just want to say before I type anything that I feel absolutely awful for the way I am feeling right now. It is selfish, and irrational, and I am very angry with myself for the way that I am behaving. I have been in therapy for about two months now, and have a good rapport with my counsellor...
  19. P

    I've hit rock bottom

    I'm struggling. I can't take it anymore I just feel like I'm not me. I try to get on with things but it isn't working. I went to a cafe with my Mam and sister and we sat down and I just started crying. It was awful. We didn't order so luckily we could leave but my mam asks if I'm okay and I'm...
  20. N

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi I'm nicola I'm new. I'm very interested in finding some help I have a lot of paranoia I can't quite explain. My ex cheated on me after a ten year relationship for a girl I got very friendly with he was my first love from school. It ended very badly we had a beautiful baby girl then he left...