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  1. N

    Assessment experience

    My first time applying for pip ,I got turned down. So August this year I applied again. My assessment ,I thought, was terrible. It was so bad, days later, I complained. The assessor was, well, like a robot. On entering the room, I was told to sit in the "red or green chair"! I might be a little...
  2. S

    Been awarded PIP

    I called the DWP this morning as I hadn't heard anything from them since I had my assessment almost 6 weeks ago, I was told that I have been awarded Enhanced on both. I am so relieved as all I have done is worry for the past 3 months, been awarded it till 2020.
  3. neorealism

    Housing application

    I have applied for housing in a bigger city, as my mum is moving away there and is currently the only person that helps me - However all my attempts to get a priority on mental health grounds & the fact my mum is moving to this city, have been swatted away. I have been awarded x amount of...
  4. N

    Disengaging from services.

    I have just received all my medical notes from Notts NHS trust especially RIO notes which is for my care team can communicate with each other, these log all my involvement and interactions with them. I.e. community nurse (cpn) day center and social worker. It seems they write everything down...
  5. ScaredCat

    PIP changes

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea who is likely to benefit from mobility u turn. Eg if you got points for mobility but not enough is it possible that the points awarded may be increased
  6. B

    Awarded PIP

    I had my award letter sent out on Friday. I've been awarded PIP until 2020 and £55 a week. So glad that it's finally over and I have my decision.
  7. L

    Self harm due to PIP stress

    Hey everyone, My pip was awarded 0 and there was no real reason as to why it was declined other than I don't experience incontinence. In addition the DWP did not read or take into consideration medical evidence I sent because it contradicts the assessment. For example, in my evidence I stated...
  8. L

    PIP and should I be attending an assessment?

    Hey everyone. I have been awarded 0 by PIP on the re-decision, it will now be going to tribunal. Basically, it was all about incontinence, that I'm not incontinent... but I never said I was... There was no mention about any of the other categories and I was awarded 0. The letter talks about my...
  9. U

    Pip awarded

    Just got my letter to say I've been awarded pip but it's only for a year just wondering if this normal for them to do this cause I don't think I've got the will or energy to go through it all again nxt yr as it was so stressful this time
  10. L

    am i likely 2 be awarded pip with bpd,ptsd & chronic depression & anxiety??

    am i likely 2 be awarded pip with bpd,ptsd & chronic depression & anxiety?? Hi I was told by my cpn Iwas entitled to pip while iI'msstruggling & not working. I made a claim on 2.10.15, I'vehad my 'aassessment' but am worried I won't be awarded it as all the ?? Seemed to relate to physical...
  11. N

    Pip question

    Hello does anyone know if you manage to get awarded Pip when they back date it from?? Is it the date they received your questioner the date you where passed to Atom or the date you had your medical?? Thanks guys
  12. K

    ESA renewal process

    I was awarded ESA and placed in the support group for 18 months. I've got 3 months left on my claim and just wanted to know what the process is for renewing it. Will I get a letter? Do I have to fill in all those forms again?
  13. C

    PIP awarded

    Hello all. I'm new here. I have been awarded standard rate care and mobility on PIP, I get ESA also, I live with my 17 year old daughter who is a full time student, someone said I would also get a disability premium as no one gets carers allowance for me, and my daughter don't count, Is this...
  14. serotonincat

    ESA Awarded Immediately??

    Hi, I'm quite confused - I handed in my filled out ESA claim form at my local JSP on Wednesday of this week and this morning received a text message from DWP informing me that they had received my claim form. I have just now received another text message from DWP saying: Your Employment...
  15. S

    new and confused

    hi i have suffered mental health issues for years. i lost everything My husband, child, job and home. My doctor is lovely and supportive but constantly diagnoses me with depression and anxiety. i now have a serious eating disorder to, plus severe agraphobia, mood swings, paranoia, ocds and...
  16. S

    Anxious wait for pip decision

    I've had depression for about 15 years and til last year I could hold a job down until a deep depression came along. I've been through most types of anti-depressants over the years but as things got worse the GP referred me to be under the care of the psychiatrist who has taken over my...
  17. S

    anybody been awarded pip for bi polar

    Hi I made an application for pip in June as I suffer with bi polar disorder. I've had my assessment today September 30th and not sure if it went well or not .Anyone else been in this situation. How long should I expect to wait for a decision?
  18. K

    SDP, ESA and PIP

    I am really confused about the severe disability premium and hope someone can clear this up for me. I am getting the enchanced daily living component of PIP along with the standard mobility rate of PIP and I'm STILL in the assessment phase of ESA despite it being 11 months sinse I first applied...
  19. K

    what is involved in ESA?

    For those of you who are on ESA, what is involved? Do they literally just leave you completely alone or do you have to go into the job centre every so often, attend any meetings or anything? Also if you don't mind saying, when you are awarded ESA, do they give you a length of award like 6...
  20. K

    How long was you awarded for mental health?

    I know the the period of award will vary depending on the particular case but for depression and anxiety, how long was you awarded ESA for? Do you have to have your case reviewed every six months, every year or something else? Thanks.