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  1. J

    Don't have room for more friendship

    This isn't a serious situation just a bit awkward. Lately I have been going to a social game group because I wanted to get out the house more, the group is every Friday for 2 hours and its basically playing monopoly or video games with the people at the group. I have a history of getting in...
  2. T

    Eating regularly

    I want to try eating regularly. The problem is I find it hard to organise and execute all of the food I like, or want, or need. I am also living with a narcissistic mother, which does not help, as I tend to avoid the downstairs.
  3. J

    Generalized anxiety disorder

    Hi I was wondering if you could use a certain diet to help someone suffering with GAD? food and things to avoid.. Many thanks
  4. J

    How to avoid or deal with the news?

    So I hate all the crap that goes on in the world that my parents subjected me to (was fine not being alive but nowt I can do about it now). I stopped watching the news because every time I watched it something bad would be on it-I can't even watch it for like 5 minutes because I catch the bad...
  5. B

    New relationship advice

    So I met this guy, he seems pretty nice, we have a fair bit in common. All I want to do is avoid him like the plague! I know it must be M/H stuff because it doesn't make any sense. I should give it a go, go on a few dates, see how it goes. But I'm desperate to avoid him. I've been single most...
  6. Lilbubble

    Attitudes towards MH at work.

    Hi. New to the forum so apologies if I've missed a related thread already started. I'm wondering what experience others have had at work towards their mental health problems. Personally my experience has been shocking. Colleagues - there is a few that show a personal level of...
  7. A

    Help with recovery

    Retreat / residential / intensive / alternative I am in desperate need. I am in absolute hell of panic, anxiety, depression... that I can’t get out of with nhs. My life is in ruins. I can’t bear this, every moment is torture. I want to avoid hospital as I have been there before and it doesn’t...
  8. H

    Anyone else here avoid relationships?

    I don’t want a partner, I don’t want friends. They really stress me out. I prefer being alone with my dogs, less stressful :)! I think animals are much better than humans, I seem to attract narcissistic people in my life.. Literally everybody tries to manipulate me and it works the majority of...
  9. R

    psychiatrist advice "avoid friends when they have problems"

    if i follow that advice, at the moment i should be avoiding all my friends, it's part of mental illness to have friends with problems, so called normal people don't want to know and some of them have problems as well guess it's reading books again, very lonely, i don't have to avoid friends...
  10. E

    He - this is me.

    Hello, I've joined this website for a number of reasons. I'm 26 years old and have always struggled with mental health. I went through a lot of trauma as a kid (alcoholic parents being the stem of it) and also have reason to believe there's genetic components. I've been diagnosed with depression...
  11. G

    I feel guilty when people talk to me

    Throughout my life I've been told I'm just wrong, weird, stupid, and crazy. Being told I'm wrong means everything I do is wrong and I'll never amount to anything worthwhile. My social anxiety started at a young age and gradually got worse and worse. People go to the ends of the earth to avoid...
  12. E

    Best friend is probably going to die soon

    Hi everyone, I’m Erica, I have BPD and probably some other disorder that makes me avoidant but idk exactly what. I’m not very good at communicating online so sorry about that. I’m here because my best friend is probably about to die soon and I don’t have other friends that I can talk to...
  13. A

    Always glaring at strangers... Is this anxiety?

    I've been having a problem that's been persisting for a number of years now and I'm not sure if it can be called social anxiety or not. What happens is, whenever I'm around strangers I would feel really tense and from what my friends and family tell me, look very angry. It's like a reflex...
  14. I

    Avoidant or dependent personality disorder?

    I don't know if I should see a doctor or not. I feel low and anxious a lot, but rarely with physical symptoms apart from skin irritation. I avoid major life decisions though, am lazy, have some sleep issues which are only just under control and am socially isolated. My parents are worried I have...
  15. W

    not new again

    I used to be stray on here. Left few months ago. Never thought would come back.... In bad place, how original, need somewhere to be, write, or just be part of. Hopefully won't get too involved again and will definitely try avoid conflict but hope can write journal as that did help before. I...
  16. J

    Funny but awkward problem

    Hello I am new to this forum and not even sure I am posting in right section.So please bear with me. I am 48 year old male.In my job I meet lots of members of public.I am often complimented for the good work I am doing and how I have been helpful in sorting their problems.My good work is...
  17. R

    Do I have anxiety?

    this is my first post. Just want to know if anyone has something similar to what I'm experiencing before I see a doctor about this. Sorry if my english is not that great. Im a 28 years old male. I'm married with two kids.Can't remember when this whole thing started. Few years ago? Usually it's...
  18. cpuusage

    The Four Agreements

    Don Miguel Ruiz - Wikipedia >> Four Agreements and Wisdom for Spiritual Warriors based in Common Sense Agreeing with The Four Agreements | Psychology Today From Wikipedia - ""Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm...
  19. F

    My OCD is now driving me crazy

    Hmm hello loves :) I just need to let this all out. My first post was regarding my OCD when I first joined in here. My OCD is seriously creeping me out now, and as in my previous post I had said, since I can't be seeing a psychologist, I need to somehow overcome my OCD on my own, I'm so sorry...
  20. S

    Fear of being sick in public

    Not a fear of being sick... actually being sick on my own , in private, doesn't particularly bother me... it's just in public.. In front of people. It becomes a viscous cycle... fear of being sick in front of people.. makes me feel sick... makes me want to avoid places where I can get trapped...