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  1. F

    Genes for autism and schizophrenia only active in developing brains

    Genes linked to autism and schizophrenia are only switched on during the early stages of brain development, according to a collaboration between researchers at Imperial College London, the University of Oxford and King's College London. This new study adds to the evidence that autism and...
  2. M


    Don't know what to do anymore. I have 2 kids (one has severe autism) & I'm in constant pain plus depression, anxiety & so much stress. My dr doesn't know why I'm in constant pain & I have an appointment with a specialist but will have to cancel since I have no one to watch my kids & can't afford...
  3. J

    Adult; autism spectrum

    Hello everyone. I may have posted about this before, but for the last year or so I have had my counseling focus more and more on my possibly undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder/asperger's. I'm 23, and have attended therapy since I was about 13. I keep my original diagnoses of OCD and Bipolar...
  4. unwell

    Asperger's Rett CDD and PDD-NOS removed from DSM-V

    Proposed changes to autism definition may mean new diagnoses for people with Asperger's http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-57362781-10391704/proposed-changes-to-autism-definition-may-mean-new-diagnoses-for-people-with-aspergers/ DSM-V proposed revision to Autism Spetrum Disorder...
  5. M


    I'm 30 and from the US. I never had severe anxiety or panic attacks until my son was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago. I just had another child and now I also have ppd. I'm so worried about my son that it consumes me. I feel bad that he has autism and so I give in to his demands more than I...
  6. S

    Father 2 Son

    Hi Im Jon im 35 and have a 5 year old son and a 1 year daughter, Im a full time dad and have looked after my son since he was born. Me and my wife have had a very difficult last 4 years with our son who has only just recently been diagnosed with autism. We live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands...
  7. amathus

    Article: Autism more present in second child....usually boys.

    http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232748.php There is a mystery of autism that has been published this week. The fact is that parents of a child with autism face a risk of almost one in five that their next child will also develop the disorder. What does this mean? qf.
  8. Jennya

    DLA, ESA and bipolar!?!?

    i was refused dla as consulatant says im stable yet im blatently not as they havent found meds that work yet!! applying for esa and appealing the dla, ive done dla forms in past as my son has autism and recieves it so im not bad at filling them in or so i thought, any advice anyone??
  9. Jennya

    hi everyone, i joined a few days ago but thought id say hello on here now anyway!

    hi everyone, i joined a few days ago but thought id say hello on here now anyway! hello im jenny im 30 and recently diagnosed bipolar, i am engaged and get married in august if my partner can cope until then with my mood swings, i have a 5 yr old son who has autism. i live in nottinghamshire...
  10. amathus

    Autism and Aspergers Syndrome: BBC Article.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/physical_health/conditions/autism1.shtml qf.
  11. Mosaic

    Hi and help

    Hi, i found this site while doing a google search, and thought it would be helpful, and answer some of my questions and point me in the direction i may need to go. I am Male, 17, from Leicester, i also have a form of Autism called Asperges' Syndrome. i want to describe my problem here but i...
  12. Autism_severementalhealth

    Im another Newbie

    well as u can see my username says autismseverementalhealthissues u can call me ASMHI if u like? anyway i have autism which means i find my communication and social interaction and imagination very difficult. Before i get judge like i had to leave other online forums because i was bullied and...
  13. C

    help at last! solutions found autism

    i am autistic as are my kids. for years i was diagnosed manic depression but it was all wrong. i am not gud on a puter so soz if i am rubbish i cant post on any other forum here. dunno why? found a website that is brill, lots of free help and tips i found it through a friend who clicked on it...