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  1. A


    I am a parent of an adult autistic person who is nonverbal and has severe OCD that exacerbates insomnia and it seems the cycle just feeds and repeats it makes it really difficult I'm not only my son but whoever his caregiver is at the time. I'm hoping to find someone who might share information...
  2. reaverkingdom

    I’m new and tired tbh

    My name is Billii and I’m new here. I’m very bad at introducing myself but I have autism and d.i.d and I’m heavily dysphoric. Many other things plague me too but those are the main two. One thing I’m really passionate about is the Fable game series. It’s helped me get through hard times and...
  3. E

    So focused on myself. How can I change?

    I’m suffering from agoraphobia and generalized anxiety disorder. At least that’s what the doctor said 2 years ago. I’m so focused on myself. What I think and I how I feel. Also I developed irrational thoughts of going crazy etc. because of my current situation I believe. I think it’s all...
  4. S

    Avoiding formal mental health diagnoses when emigrating

    I am an American who plans to move to a European country permanently to live. My mother found out this year that she has Asperger's, and after I heard about her condition and reading about it myself, I became alarmed because I have all of her symptoms, except to a more severe degree. I also have...
  5. S

    Is dating harder for men with ASD compared to women with ASD?

    Following my thread about feeling depressed from being single/virgin at almost age 30 (29 years, 11 months and 3 weeks), I have noticed throughout my life that I have met a lot more men who have some degree of autism or Asperger's who are single, compared with women with the same condition...
  6. S

    What's wrong with me?

    I think that I have some sort of mental oddity. I go to therapy for arachnophobia, and my therapist included me when she was talked about people with social anxiety a few times, so I guess I have that?? i think that I might need medication for anxiety, my friend takes meds for their anxiety, and...
  7. L

    My loneliness is making me give up

    Hi To give some background, I'm on the ASD spectrum and was only diagnosed in my early teens. From my diagnosis onwards, there has been an increasing decline in my social life. Autism is not a very accepted thing within society, to the point where it is mocked and people feel uncomfortable...
  8. R

    Dear people who had a late mental diagnoses

    A late diagnoses is like a crappy intrusive step father. It's been absent your whole life and just walts in and dictates how you percieve yourself; how you live and your 'realistic sucess probility'. You are told at age 18, 24 or 50 you have autism, ADHD, aspergers, ect. Maybe a young adult is...
  9. C

    Is my roommate on the autism spectrum/ how can I deal with him?

    So I'm in a doozy. Heres the backstory to my situation: Back in October, I transferred down here to major in music production in a school in Florida. This school doesn't have any dorms, so before coming here, I had to find someone off the roommate list that they provided, so they would sign a...
  10. B

    Am I Depressed?

    Hi, I am bipolar and have Aspergers so although I feel I should know by now whats going on with me, I dont. Any opinions would be helpful. I have just been out of the country for two weeks for a family wedding (my partners sister) and most of the people I met was for the first time so I was...
  11. B


    Hello everyone, I decided to join this forum because I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was in my teens and I am now 30 years old. It became clear the last few years that I definitely have some sort of PTSD as a result of many years of bullying and misunderstandings that...
  12. L

    QUICK ADVICE PLEASE! Need help!!

    So to put it simply, yesterday I agreed to having a sleepover at my friends tomorrow, whos house I have never visited nor have I met her family. My anxiety over this is paralysing me and ive had 3 meltdowns today over it. I have autism but I rarely have meltdowns. I've had really bad experiences...
  13. H

    Need advice please help

    Hi I'd really appreciate anyone's advice here as I'm feeling miserable and in need of support. I'm struggling mainly with social anxiety and don't have friends or family for support. I'm worried I might have autism or adhd and have been diagnosed with ocd. These worries ruminate in my head...
  14. D

    Addicted to Escapism since I was a little kid and don't know what to do.

    Addicted to Escapism since I was a little kid and don't know what to do. Just for context on my age and whatnot, I’m 22, have an associate’s degree in liberal arts and am going back to college this fall (living in a dorm) at a nearby university. Over the last year or so, i have begun finally...
  15. H


    I suppose there a lot of people like me in their 40s for whom a diagnosis and appropriate treatment never happened. In my case it was Asperger Syndrome. I went through difficulties all through school. It affected my career and destroyed my marriage. In the 80s in the UK, i dont think high...
  16. C

    Hello Everyone

    I am new Here My Name is Channing I have autism the Aspergers Kind
  17. 1

    Benefits and savings

    Hi I'm new here, I'm in a mess I have autism and BPD and have been getting esa support group for me but also dla for my son with autism and child tax credits. I have accumulated savings and now dwp want 5 yrs bank statements which show various savings and bank said to transfer to savings but I...
  18. DoctorInternet2

    Some help about autism please.

    Hello, I have seen a psychiatrist recently, and she has confirmed my suspicions that I might be suffering from touches of autism. To be honest I never really completely knew what it was, people don't speak about it much..:confused:. Is there a possibility I could get a slightly higher rate of...
  19. S

    I think I might have autism, but I'm not exactly sure

    I just thought I should come here for advice. I brought this up with a doctor who told me to talk to my psychiatrist. Well I talked to her and she was a complete piece of shit about everything and didn't give me any answers. So I'm no longer seeing her. It's just that lately I've been...
  20. R

    15 yr old daughter first episode psychosis

    Hi, my daughter has developed psychosis following a year of depression, issues with sensory overload and anxiety. On the plus side, she has been started on medication within 24hrs of first recognising her symptoms, on the downside she thinks me and other family members are plotting to kill her...