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autism asperger in adults

  1. L

    Friendship/dating sites and forums for atypical people

    Following my first thread on the forum about being single/virgin at 30, I was wondering if there are friendship and dating sites and forums for people who do not fit into the societal norms or expectations of "normal". As an example, I have ASD, several anxiety problems, OCD and sometimes get...
  2. L

    Avoiding formal mental health diagnoses when emigrating

    I am an American who plans to move to a European country permanently to live. My mother found out this year that she has Asperger's, and after I heard about her condition and reading about it myself, I became alarmed because I have all of her symptoms, except to a more severe degree. I also have...
  3. L

    Is dating harder for men with ASD compared to women with ASD?

    Following my thread about feeling depressed from being single/virgin at almost age 30 (29 years, 11 months and 3 weeks), I have noticed throughout my life that I have met a lot more men who have some degree of autism or Asperger's who are single, compared with women with the same condition...
  4. B

    New and desperately need help for my brother

    I've joined the forum to get help for my brother and also help us to all feel like we aren't crazy. It's a huge long story spanning twenty years but to summarise my brothers recent mess has made everyone realise theres a huge problem. The problem is understanding what that problem is! He's...
  5. sjc2015

    BPD or autism misdiagnosis?

    Hi folks! �� Anyone been misdiagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when they have borderline personality disorder or they been misdiagnosed with BPD when in fact they have got Aspergers/autism? Anyone actually got both conditions? I know both conditions share similar traits, such as emotional...
  6. E


    i have autism and cant understand what people really mean i need help in understanding how to communicate with people , need to know how to get a girlfriend as there was a girl i wanted to go out with do not understand how this works as in how it starts after it starts and i can understand her...
  7. Akosua

    Anyone here have Asperger's?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, please could we have an Asperger's thread? Even if I don't have it, others might. It seems my entire psychology team have had an epiphany now that I've know them a few months. They think I have Aspereger's Syndrome and if not, I am very close to that end of the spectrum...
  8. D

    A Few Questions

    Hello, I am 50ish, diagnosed Aspergers living in Norfolk and I am of mixed race, so not interested in far right (or far left, no homophobes either). Just making it clear from the start so anyone replying won’t waste their time or mine, especially about (3) forming a group/newsletter etc...