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auditory hallucinations

  1. M

    Voices in head trying to control me?

    I've had auditory hallucinations for years, I've seen a doctor and everything. Today I had (and might still be having) an episode of voices, dissociation, and depressed mood. It's happened because I'm struggling with eating disorder issues, which has put stress on me physically and mentally...
  2. S

    The Origin Of My Voices - A Testable Hypothesis That May Be Important In Management Of AVHs

    The Origin Of My Voices - A Testable Hypothesis That May Be Important In Management Of AVHs I have formed an interesting hypothesis to explain the facts of my auditory verbal hallucinations. I will briefly summarise it here, because so many people are traumatised and terrorised by their AVHs...
  3. G

    Need reassurance!

    Hi all, First time posting to anything like this. Very concerned for my wife. She has taken all the right steps but I would really like some reassurance so I can stay strong for her. Started when she was pregnant and she had "prenatal anxiety/depression". She was prescribed anti depressants...
  4. L

    Has anyone used biofeedback with good results?

    Hello out there. Curious whether anyone has used biofeedback/neurofeedback to treat auditory hallucinations. The research is sparse and inconclusive, although it seems to do well for folks with ADD. Voices are distracting and I also thought block a lot in high stress situations, new...
  5. E

    What Types of Voices Are There?

    There are many kinds of voices this is a list of some that may be common to voice hearers and some that may not be so common. Narrators Narrators state every thought you have either in the first, second or third person viewpoint. For example, they might say "I am typing these words," as I...
  6. E

    What Would You Most Like to Learn...?

    What would you like to learn most about your voices? What would you find most helpful, a step by step program or a story about someone who now lives happily with or without voices?
  7. C

    I dont know how to help my fiance

    My fiance started hearing voices a couple years ago, at about 30. He's not schizophrenic but can get paranoid/delusional; I think (in my unprofessional opinion) it was brought on from substance abuse (needles) and it gets worse when he doesnt sleep. Stress is also a trigger. He spent a few...
  8. L

    A Way to Deal with Auditory Hallucinations

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce myself. I am a paranoid schizophrenic, scientist, artist and I live in Nevada. I graduated from University with a Bsc. I have a very handy tool for those of you that hear voices. Write down the inner dialogue, including your responses. Then read it back to...
  9. W

    How Do Voices "Make" Us do things --

    Hi Ya Folks -- I have been grappling with the "Auditory Hallucinations" for Quite some time and the perception on "How They Make Us Do things" has been -- Looking at the Core Mechanisms which they use -- 1. It has been for a long time felt that the "Voices" do "Thought Injection" into us...
  10. W

    Its Just Psychiatric Abuse Now --

    Dear All, Perhaps you will have fond memoir's of me -- I dropped off the horizon and radar for a while ... well why guess ?? Simply because I fixed myself !! Yeah I got fully well and got over all of my symptoms and was doing really well ... enjoying the real peace and tranquillity that you all...
  11. hemlock

    Possible origins of auditory halluciantions/voices

    Being that this is a mental health forum, I'm sure this topic has come up before, but I assume whoever reads this will gain some new knowledge from the opinions that I expect to follow... I don't believe mental illness is a prerequisite for hearing auditory hallucinations, and hearing voices...
  12. W

    The Da Vinci Code of the "Voices" --

    Well there are not always Bad and Malicious "Voices" ... The "Voices" are in their little "Eco-System" of their own ... broadly classified as "Good Voices" and "Bad Voices" ... plain and simply the "Good Voices" are endowed with Intelligence and DONT go around doing all of the stupid shit such...
  13. W

    Giving the Voices a Clear Perspective --

    Well folks... the many of us that have been afflicted with the symptom of "Voices" or more accurately called "Auditory Hallucinations" that manifest in the various psychiatric diagnosis. The problem faced by us is to cope, manage and deal with this symptom. The options available to us are...
  14. E

    Coping Strategies for Voice Hearing

    Hi there, these are some helpful techniques that I think may of help to others. This may be of use to low to mid level intensities. But if you find that you are not coping, even though you may be trying these suggestions, it is important to seek help from a medical professional: Focussing...
  15. S

    Changing the face of Recovery: What has worked for you?

    Hello all, I am new here so please forgive me if I am being repetative but it's my second day and I've looked and searched for this but found no help. I've been hearing voices for well over five years. I now work in the field in the US and I am always looking for new, innovative, and...
  16. E

    Things that have helped me with my voices

    Hi there, these are some suggestions that I found might be of help to others. Theses ideas may be of some help to others, but it's important to seek a medical professional as soon as possible: Focussing Techniques Being able to concentrate while you are hearing voices. Identify your voices...