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  1. C

    I need an urgent reply from ALL of you plzz

    I have told you in my previous thread about my therapist that I am very close to her because she was always available 24/7 but now she has changed her attitude. Although I know this is right attitude because she wants me to become strong (I assume this reason because she hasn't told me). But...
  2. U

    Afraid to talk to therapist?

    A few weeks ago I signed up for online therapy. I can't afford in person therapy, and I really shouldn't be wasting money on online either because I don't make much (part time work/in college) but it seems like a better option than just continuing to feel bad forever. I don't feel comfortable...
  3. M


    I've been feeling down on my self and sometimes i break down during my sports practice if I'm told that I suck and etc usually that makes my whole day a bust when that happens I give my parents attitude then we have some pointless conversation to which I cry through telling nothing happened but...
  4. S

    close relations and their dismissive attitude to parents.

    :scratch: Not wishing to be boring to readers of this, I will try and keep it kind of short and sweet, well not so sweet ahah.. My wife's children, particularly her son, angers me me beyond belief! We now live in a different country from her children have done so for about 11 years now...
  5. NicoretteGummed

    Who Do You Most admire on This Forum???

    In no particular order mine are:- (A)-Cpuusage- for his powers of erudition and never say die attitude (B)-Rasselas-for providing us with his wit and mirth and general anarchical attitude (C)-TheRedStar-for his//her's integrity and always sticking by his//her guns. (D)-Ramboguk-For his total...
  6. C


    Stressed let down by mh services. Hate their attitude. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. naominash

    I want to send ya'll a t-shirt

    It'll say, I'm not crazy. I enjoy being like this! I think the key to getting stigmatized all the time is to take yourself really really seriously. That could make anyone look "crazy". I observe you fellow schizos. I find the " the world has problems, not me" attitude hilarious. And I'm...
  8. cpuusage

    Carl Jung On Why We Must Learn To Accept Ourselves First Before We Can Help Others

    Carl Jung On Why We Must Learn To Accept Ourselves First Before We Can Help Others Carl Jung On Why We Must Learn To Accept Ourselves First Before We Can Help Others | High Existence Carl Jung exhibited the sort of serene wisdom that is usually reserved for the reclusive-hermit-sage. Yet, he...
  9. amathus

    6 Signs of Hidden Depression.

    1. They have unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits that differ from their normal ones. When a person seems to have changed the way they sleep or eat in significant ways, that’s often a sign that something is wrong. Sleep is the foundation of both good health and mental health. When a person...
  10. J

    Nasty situation

    I was first aid volunteer in harness race, I realiside that co-person - an older man was frustated to be in of this kind of events. Later I said to one of leaders something that he does not like to be a duty. Again later in group meeting instructor suddenly said that somebody have wrong...
  11. T

    crisis team that are lacking professional skills and empathy!

    I believe I am not the only one that have this unprofessional treatment by the crisis team,I rang them due to depressed mood hoping I can get their help,instead they hang up on me,not only that the receptionist that works on the mental health also hang up on me,they told me to go and see my gp,I...
  12. calypso

    Fed up!!

    Saw the Recovery Team leader today. She said, "How are you?" I told her I was feeling suicidal and like self harm to cope with the feelings and she replied, "Right, there's nothing we can do and we are taking you off all the registers now". I was stunned at her insensitivity and lost my...
  13. P

    Why are mental health staff so heartless and unhelpful? Has anyone else found this?

    Why are mental health staff so heartless and unhelpful? Has anyone else found this? I have been under the "care" of the mental health team since about 2009/2010 and I have yet to come across a mental health professional who treats me with care, patience, understanding, respect or compassion...
  14. B

    Self harm family police

    Hi sorry for long post just need to vent and get it out. So Tuesday I visited my nan while I was there she had a bad turn so I called an ambulance. I went with her in the ambulance at 7.30pm we got to the hospital and I stayed with her till 1.45am. My Aunty refused to go 2 the hospital. My nan...
  15. A

    Changed my life (feeling great)

    Hi all Been a long time since i posted and wow how things have changed. I will apologies now as this is going to belong and i hope you all bear with me Just a bit of history before i start rambling. I was diagnosed in 2010 with bipolar after having a major manic episode. The truth is i have...
  16. W

    Mocking Strategy to keep the Voices at Bay !!

    Hi all, For most of the time if you pay attention to your Voices, in addition to IGNORING them for the most part ... you have to try MOCKING them for if you listen carefully what they are saying it is mostly such silly shit ... that you can easily MOCK and RIDICULE them, in the form of...
  17. S

    broken hearted over breakup with my bpd

    A week today I saw messages on my bf phone that proved he'd been cheating. I love him dearly and want him to come home but he won't respond to my texts. He got angry that I looked at his messages and is blaming me for the breakup. We've been on a roller coaster for 3 years and I love him dearly...
  18. katya

    Housemates are shocking

    T, who's been my "best friend" since I was 15, has taken a "lol, bwaaa, get over it" attitude towards my mental health of late (I was raped at a young age and he knows this). We've been living together for the past few years. It's been myself, my boyfriend (A), T and T's boyfriend, L...
  19. J

    How to cope with being depressed and alone

    Any suggestions? I feel very alone right now. I'm quite depressed. No one around me understands what I'm going through. They say they do, but then when I try to reach out for help, all they want to do is tell me how I'm doing everything wrong. Or they don't want to hear it, because they...
  20. M

    Fired my therapist!!!

    This is the therapist I wrote about before who would call my husband and break my confidential rights to privacy. I'd told her I had been drinking and she justified calling my hubby by pointing out that I might drink and drive--therefore she was "protecting me". That pissed me off and then she...