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  1. F

    Asessment date

    Assessment process starts in February 2019. They want info from someone who has known me from birth/infancy if possible. Mother is dead. Father's memory of my early years is patchy. There's my brother and sister but it's questionable whether they'd be able to attend. My sister has said she'll...
  2. S

    Treatment of social phobia

    The best way to overcome social phobia is to wear sunglasses. No one will make fun of you. Because they know you are sick with phobia. By this method you will attend large events without hesitation. Do not hesitate as losers do. Your loved ones will be very happy.
  3. 1


    i dont know if this fits here or else where. Basically asked for my note over 4 months ago and received them yesterday there was over 700 pages and thats only been since the 31/01/17 . So yeh there's been a lot of issues. i had a quick look through my diagnoses this morning as i said to myself i...
  4. 1

    Help with CMHT and self discharge

    hi im new to the forum and am looking for some advice and support with my diagnosis and the services im under currently. ill start from the begging, ive been struggling with personality disorder for a while but only been under services since June of last year and only been diagnosed since...
  5. S

    In Support Group?

    Can anyone tell me what being in a support group means and does it mean you have to attend somewhere? Thanks. :low: shorty.
  6. C

    Crown court

    Right. Crown Court coming up. Do I take shit loads of my propranolol or what? I am unfit 2 attend I think
  7. J

    Saying HI :)

    Just wanted to check in and say hi I suppose since Im new to this, I have had depression now for 1 1/2 years I hate myself for being this way. I have always been a strong independant woman now I feel worthless and would rather not be here. The only thing stopping me are my children whom are...
  8. Q


    What should I do? I was not fit to attend an Atos interview yesterday and couldn't face phoning them to tell them. I have been ill for some time and the letter summoning me to attend in 2weeks from the date on it has made me worse as it is totally degrading in my experience. I do not have...
  9. M

    Support for daughter with borderline personality disorder

    I've only just discovered this forum. My daughter (now aged 25) has battled with mental health issues and depression since she was in primary school. She was given a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder about 4 years ago, but we're still no further down the road. Her psychiatrist has...
  10. M

    Not feeling good today :(

    Not having a good day today!!! Had a stupid letter from the compliance interview tomorrow at my local job center I got this letter 3 weeks ago! my meds are still sending me crazy and I just feel unstable to actually go but I have to attend haven't a clue what it's about or nothing!! It's sending...
  11. K

    The ESA have made feel like I want to kill myself

    I am having a breakdown here. I have been on the ESA for about 3 years and 5 months due to having awful depression and anxiety. I have been working with a mental health team for the past 2 years. The ESA have messed me up so badly these past few days, I haven't eaten, I am so mentally sick and...
  12. R


    I would first like to say Hello and how nice it is that there are forums that you can turn to for help, and that there are people out there who are experiencing the same sort of problems and understand. I have suffered with depression since I was 17 years old, I have been on several...
  13. B

    My doctor told atos I need an assessment ay home ...practical questions

    My doctor told atos I need an assessment ay home ...practical questions Im not quite sure if this is where I should be posting this.....it might come out garbled as im having a panic attack right NOW . Long story short im an alcoholic though dry for years after a Priory stay . I suffer...
  14. S

    Mental Health Celebration Invitation: to perform Music, song, dance, and display art, craft, poetry, stories

    Mental Health Celebration Invitation: to perform Music, song, dance, and display art, craft, poetry, stories Everyone is welcome! In Devon, 29 March 2014. A celebration of the skills and creativity of people who suffer mental illness! A huge venue is booked with lots of rooms, two stages...
  15. voyager

    I have bad social anxiety

    Does anybody else suffer with blushing and social anxiety? I'm on clomipramine for anxiety and depression. Recently I've had to attend training at work, because of 15 people closely sat in one room, I've needed to take diazepam so that I could attend. This makes me feel depressed afterwards...
  16. lostgirl19

    Employment and Support Allowance!

    Hi guys. So I am luckily receiving ESA. However I am only in the assessment phase and I believe that I am waiting to hear what I fall into the Support Group or the Work Group - basically there's no way I can go in that work group! And I am so worried they will decide to put me in that category...
  17. J

    Can you study full-time while an inpatient?

    I have a place at uni in the same city I'm in hospital in for this September. I'm on a Section 3 (for an eating disorder) which would still be current then... unless it gets lifted... which isn't looking too likely at the mo, to be honest (and based on a previous admission). I don't think it's...
  18. F

    looking for some feedback

    i have just got a letter, it starts off i am pleased to tell you we can pay esa......... ......you will get 71.70 a week then goes on to say you may need to attend a work focused intervire... you may need to attend a work capacity assesment does this mean i am in assesment phase for wrag...
  19. Artmuzz

    I have to attend Work-focused interview. Please help.

    I received a letter from the job centre plus telling me that I must attend a work-focused interview. However because of my illness I need someone with me when attending those interviews and my mother is working on that date my work-focus interview is on. I was going to phone them to arrange a...
  20. ²

    Work Focused Interview while appealing ESA?

    Hi everyone :) I'm in receipt of ESA (moved from IB) and was put in the WRAG with no interview 'medical' -I've appealed that as people say I should be in the Support Group. Do I have to attend a WFI still? I got a letter yesterday with an appointment a month away. I'm sure I read somewhere...