1. whiteflags330

    Aniexty Attack

    I think I'm having an anxiety attack, but in a new way.. Before my attacks would be losing circulation in my arm (or feel like it) and I would have a stomach ache. But this one, I'm feeling all Shakey, like I haven't eaten all day (which I have) or like having too much caffeine in my system...
  2. A

    Panic attack or anxiety attack

    Hi all I am experiencing attacks frequently.i m 33 year old female.. staying at home mother. I had these symptoms during the attack Shortness of breath Chest tightness Stomach upset Dizziness Fear of going crazy And the attack last for 1 hour . It is really difficult to recover from the...
  3. L

    Need help

    Had a panic attack today, ended up in the hospital. Did labs and ekg everything came back normal besides my heart rate being up from the panic attack. Not sure where it came from, need help or suggestions with dealing with it.
  4. D

    Don't know how to stop

    I feel I'm pushing everyone away. I'm distant with my friends and family. But worst of all is how I keep getting angery at my girlfriend for every bit of critisism. If she says my hair is too messy to meet her friends, I take it as an attack. She's all but dumped me at this point and I don't...
  5. A

    Relationship Issues

    I want to preface by saying I don’t suffer from anxiety, but am hoping that the good people of this forum may be able to help me with my relationship with a woman who suffers from GAD. Thank you all in advance. I do my best to help her whenever she has an attack by telling her it will be...
  6. Oldskool71

    Hi just joined wanted to say hello

    Hi all I have many problems at the moment I’ve had anxiety most of my life now 47, I had a panic attack at 16 never been the same since . Lots of family trauma heart attack uncle aunts dying of cancer etc over my life time . I had a marriage break up after 22 years of being together came as...
  7. M


    I’ve been struggling with chronic anxiety/panic attacks for 5 years. To make matters worse 6 years ago I had a heart attack. An anxiety post heart attack combo, well it’s a nightmare and it’s been going on for 5 years.
  8. J

    The Magic of Lithium

    The magic of lithium. Lithium as all "magic" is a trick which is to poison your body to weaken it. One is so weak that he has no strength for any manic attack. Congratulations wizards of psychiatry!
  9. E

    Anxiety attack worries

    Ive always strugglrd socially and been scared around new people, especially when experiencing new things. But I went for a run for the first time at my local gyms track and I saw other people running and got nervous, my hands starting sweating and i was shaking really bad as well as losing my...
  10. Z

    Panic Attack

    I was walking through the parking lot this morning to go shopping. After I got out of my car and started walking, A man was walking towards me with his dark hoodie pulled down and a scarf on his face. When I walked by him he stopped walking and was watching me walk into the store. Years ago...
  11. T

    Holla....Anxiety developed into agoraphobia

    Hello everyone, I am a 24 year old male from the south of UK. Recently I have decided to sort my life out and have contacted the NHS time to talk service for treatment for what seems like life long anxiety which has developed into agoraphobia So a bit more about why I am the way I am...
  12. L

    Is this just anxiety please

    I don't usually do things like this but I feel o need to know if any of you have these symptoms. I have had a few attacks at work and home recently where I excessively sweat feel like o have had a bath lol. Tightness in my face kneck and chest. Chest pain as if having heart attack. Stabbing...
  13. S

    Weird, very short panic attacks

    Hi there, I am new here and I hope I am posting this in the correct category. So recently I have been getting really weird and short panic attack like symptoms. They get triggered by seeing big numbers in a specific context. As an example, I just scrolled through my YouTube recommended page and...
  14. M

    Life after Mirtazapine and Counselling

    So after around a year of being on 30mg of Mirtazapine a day and monthly visits to a counsellor, the latter decided to call time on my visits as I was improving month by month and I stopped taking the medication entirely - cold turkey. The end date for my counselling and my medication review...
  15. J

    I'm 99.9% sure that my anxiety comes from my 'gut'

    I'm 99.9% sure that my anxiety/panic is caused by a malfunction in my gut or perhaps another organ in my midriff. I'm not saying that *all* anxiety works this way (there are probably multiple different causes / types). I wont bore you with details but I've had this horrible condition for a long...
  16. R

    Long-term physical discomfort following anxiety attack (chest & throat)

    Long-term physical discomfort following anxiety attack (chest & throat) Hi everyone I'm hoping to find some people who've had a similar experience here... I had a bad anxiety attack over a year ago and ever since I've had chronic inflammation and discomfort in my chest, neck and throat that's...
  17. O

    Worst anxiety attack ever last night, can't eat in days

    Last night I had the most horrible panic attack I have ever experienced. I was just looking around the house for finger nail polish for my fiance to paint my 4 year olds fingers and I noticed I was slightly out of breath. And about 5 minutes later I went to sit on the deck to get some fresh air...
  18. A

    Anxiety cycle, fear of dying.

    I wanted to get some advice from other people that might have been in my situation or close to it. (sorry for the long post in advance) So I started having panic attacks last year around may or june 2017. I try to think I'm a strong person, but this time in my life was a huge test for me. A...
  19. S

    My complete anxiety disorder story. what to do now?

    Dear readers, I would like to share my anxiety disorder story. I've had my first panic attack 5 years ago. Since then, my life has seen many peaks and valleys. I remember it as the day off yesterday that I got my first panic attack. I was in my room, learning for my marketing exam that I knew...
  20. M

    What goes along with being diagnosed with anxiety

    I have come to the decision that I have some sort of anxiety disorder and I’m ready to go see a doctor to get properly diagnosed. I’m someone who has panic attacks when doing something normal people would be nervous about. For example, I had an anxiety attack just before and while taking the...