1. Jbb79

    About Testicular atrophy On APs

    Hi, I Need help .. I have got Testicular atrophy, from AP's .. It's rather bad, normally my Balls are about 12 mL, now they're 3 - 5 mL x x There's a cure, which can grow them back, called hCG . . Does any-one else know, about this side effect - - It is related to Prolactin suppressing the...
  2. Jbb79

    Testicular atrophy from Drugs

    Hi, I've gotten Testicular atrophy, resulting in Erectile Dis-function, Decreased libido, And Long-term Muscle-wastage And Brittle bones .. It comes from Prolactin shutting down the Testicles x x Has Any-body else gotten Prolactin-related Side-effects, From their Drugs ?? Ty xx
  3. S

    Anyone ever achieve solo, knowoneness, perfect peace?

    Anyone ever achieve solo, knowoneness, perfect peace? Hi, Well, that's a hard question; and mainly because many people do not realize the internal constant, devoured and superceded. The voices totally obsessed, consumed, in our lives; every thought and breath, dictated, and subconscious...