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  1. R

    atos medical so worried. please help.

    My atos medical is on Tuesday and I'm petrified. I have suffered from depression since my mum passed away from cancer in 2010 I was her carer and she was my world. I don't seem to be getting any better. I am angry and tearful all the time. I'm so worried I will be refused I have a 2 year old...
  2. M

    Failed WCA overturned by writing to ATOS Customer Relations

    Hello I have had long term complex mental health problems with PTSD agoraphobia and an eating disorder. I was assessed by ATOS in 2012 and put into the support group. I had a difficult year and was assessed again in February 2013. This time I was given no points at all and it was said that I...
  3. B

    My doctor told atos I need an assessment ay home ...practical questions

    My doctor told atos I need an assessment ay home ...practical questions Im not quite sure if this is where I should be posting this.....it might come out garbled as im having a panic attack right NOW . Long story short im an alcoholic though dry for years after a Priory stay . I suffer...
  4. C

    visit from ATOS seriously stressed

    After applying for PIP, I've been given an home visit from ATOS (even after they spoke to my psychologist, who said it would cause me harm, forcing me to have an appointment). Just wondered if anyone else has had to go through the same. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this has been...
  5. J

    ESA Tribunal

    I'm new here so sorry if I am going over old ground. In December 2011 I was moved from IB to ESA without a medical. However in October 2012 I had an ATOS medical as I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. The 'nurse' decided to ignore what I told her and, despite my obvious discomfort...
  6. B

    well its arrived :(

    Recieved my health questionair from atos this morning , have been expecting it as im up for review in december so here goes , for about 3 months of worry ,anxiety,stress,an atos medical and probable failure if what i read here is anything to go by :unsure: have felt depressed all day , am...
  7. cpuusage

    An official investigation into Atos for dwp medical assesments (petition)

    An official investigation into Atos for dwp medical assesments (petition) An official investigation into Atos for dwp medical assesments - e-petitions Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions We would like to officially ask the government to hold an official investigation into...
  8. dodo777

    Sleepless nights

    I know now until my atos health check comes back I'LL worry myself sick. I think of not coping on the measly sum jsa gives and would I cope? So many has been refused even though I get really bad physically and mentally .I think its a role of the dice at the end.Should I ask my social worker to...
  9. dodo777

    Filling in atos for aaarrrgh

    I am telling them as much as I can bout my physical and mental health issues hope they take is seriously .Not as hard as I thought and filled in all the blank spaces about me esophagus and gullet stopped working my arthritis in my hip and back and my depression and post dramatic stress.I cant...
  10. mami5


    Had my Atos medical in June last year, and failed. Appealed their decision and won in February. They proposed WRAG for 18 months. Last week I received another questionnaire from Atos!! It's only been 4 months since winning my appeal. Why are they after me now?? Has anyone else experienced...
  11. C

    Getting really annoyed now

    So I started claiming Income support and carers allowance after my job lost the funding for me and now have been sent a letter from ATOS saying i need to go for a medical assessment. Called up DWP and they said to talk to ATOS. Spoke to ATOS and they said talk to DWP.... *Pulling my hair out*...
  12. cloudberry

    The ATOS form has finally arrived

    So the ATOS assessment from IB to ESA form has arrived, as I knew it would :yuck: I feel like I am on trial for something I cant help having. My main thing is Borderline PD and its multitude of delightful symptoms. I imagine they dont even know what it is. Oh well, got until the 25th to get...
  13. M

    Judicial Review about the Work Capability Assessment - Success for mental health service users

    Judicial Review about the Work Capability Assessment - Success for mental health service users Hi Folk Good News for once - about the transfer of Incapacity Benefit claimants to Employment and Support Allowance. JUDICIAL REVIEW JUDGEMENT FROM THE MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK SENIOR...
  14. A

    Atos sneaky trap

    hello, i am hoping you can give me some advice. recently ATOS has sent a letter to an ex girlfriend (although we do see each other, but as friends) saying - THIS LETTER IS FOR MR ***** FOR WHOM WE UNDERSTAND YOU ACT AS APPOINTEE. then the letter is the standard, fill in the questionnaire by...
  15. R

    Parliamentary Debate on Mental Health - Comments on ATOS

    Comments please on this extract from the parliamentary debate on mental health that discussed the present ATOS application process and the amount of people having their benefits revoked and resulting stress caused:
  16. N

    Disability benefit assessments 'unfair', says ex-worker

    A doctor who worked for the private company which assesses people for disability benefits says its methods are "unfair". Greg Wood, a former Royal Navy doctor, resigned from Atos earlier this month, after working as an assessor for two-and-a-half years. He told the BBC the...
  17. G

    Failed Work Capability Assessment

    :low: I am currently under the mental health and have been ill for years so I was surprised when I only scored 6 points at the ATOS medical. I was expecting to be put in ESA WRAG. That would have been something. I went to the CAB and someone helped me with my appeal letter. My incapacity...
  18. catkin

    Atos/wca discussed on you and yours r4 today

    BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours, Fit for work tests; holidays in North Korea; smoking outside hospitals If anyone's interested/can bear it. Short piece on atos :curseyou: interviews etc. Tiny bit about mh. It's at the beginning of the programme. It's all bluster. Sick of them.
  19. Lillyone

    Missed ATOS Medical Call.

    Missed my call from ATOS my results are in the post.:low:
  20. W

    My ATOS assessment

    This week I had my ATOS assessment. It lasted about 10 minutes. After over 20 years of depressive illness which has included constantly being on medication, suicide attempts and hospital admissions I now expect to have my benefits stopped on the basis of this 10 minute 'assessment'. Is there not...