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  1. Artmuzz

    Contacting atos problem

    I just received a text from atos reminding me of my appointment with them for PIP this week. I noticed on the text that it mentions if I want to change the appointment date then to phone them immediately which I thought was strange considering it is New Year's Day and most offices are shut...
  2. D

    ATOS Assessment today - only lasted 20-25 minutes - worried!!

    Hey everyone. I'm new here (I made this account years ago but completely forgot about it, haha) I'm 21 years old and over the past few years (Ever since I was 11) I have suffered extreme anxiety which lead to depression, which then in the past year lead to a fear of leaving my house and...
  3. F

    Esa Atos assessment at home! and self-harm question

    hi everyone, some advice please am bipolar, suffer from extreme anxiety, have been hearing voices for several years and am a self-harmer. agoraphobia is pretty bad, i am able to visit my gp once every three months and psychologist twice a month but have to go via a taxi and back and always need...
  4. S

    ATOS Assessment Soon with Dissociative identity disorder

    Hi all, firstly if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move this thread. I'm posting this on behalf of my other half, I'll start off at the beginning. Last year my OH had a very bad year, he attempted to kill himself by trying to OD on medication + alcohol, he's self harmed as an...
  5. H

    Atos and CMHT teams?

    Is the gap between the two becoming narrower? I would be interested to hear what others think.
  6. Artmuzz

    Question about ATOS

    I am on ESA and sent back an ATOS questionnaire to ATOS on March 16. This is now nearly the end of April and I have still not heard back from them about when I'm getting interviewed or if I have passed my medical. How long does it take for ATOS to get back in touch after sending the...
  7. S

    So scared, PLEASE HELP

    ATOS APPOINTMENT TOMORROW After waiting for 18 months for an ATOS appointment i finally have one tomorrow at 1pm. I am SO scared, i have read so much stuff online saying that they don't listen to mental health sufferers and that even attending the appointment is contradicting my initial form in...
  8. N

    ESA Help/Query

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I went for my ATOS assessment, which although not ideal, was not a particularly negative experience. I have yet to hear from anybody regarding the outcome, however I received a letter from the JobCentre telling me I had a Work Focused Interview booked for the following...
  9. fate_w_g

    Atos have my PIP application Form

    Hello all, I received a letter from Atos saying that the DWP have sent them my application form for PIP. Does anyone know what the next stage in my process will be, will I be called for an assessment with Atos?
  10. Lemonade

    I haven't filled out any ESA forms, but Atos have given me an appointment for assessment?

    I haven't filled out any ESA forms, but Atos have given me an appointment for assessment? I posted a few days ago about the assessment, or the pending assessment. A few of you said I had to have filled out the ESA forms for Atos to give me an appointment for assessment. I haven't. I thought...
  11. J

    Comparing ATOS to the Nazis

    I get lots of angry uncontrolled thoughts/ voices in my head which say ATOS are like the Nazis because they scapegoat the black triangles. When i had my first episode years ago i had paranoia where i thought i would be eugenically murdered if i didn't recover. Is it actually wrong to compare...
  12. J


    Just heard that the awful Atos are quitting the work assessments :). However does anyone know where it leaves me and those in my position? When I won my tribunal they advised I should not be re-assessed for at least 12 months which will be October 2014. But with this clueless government not...
  13. delatext

    *Possible Trigger* how bad does it get

    See Vulnerable man starved to death after benefits were cut | Society | The Guardian Atos maybe gone but their crimes remain :mad:
  14. B

    Dreaded atos and nil points

    After the death of my husband and my mum being diagnosed with cancer in the same year i went into total meltdown, my only option at the time not being able to cope wrongly now i know was to end my own life with an overdose, thank god i came to my sences before i took to many tablets. Was looked...
  15. Angel Of Darkness

    Atos seeks early exit from fit-to-work tests contract

    Not sure if you guys have read this yet :) Atos seeks early exit from fit-to-work tests contract IT company Atos has confirmed it is seeking to end its government contract to assess whether benefits claimants are fit to work. Staff carrying out work capability assessments for Atos have...
  16. G

    Waiting to hear about PIP

    I was wondering if anyone is receiving PIP as I applied for it last June, finally had the assessment with ATOS in November and am still waiting for an outcome.
  17. Run Like Hell

    ATOS - national demonstration day

    Sorry if someone's already posted about this, couldn't find anything. https://www.facebook.com/ATOSNationalDemo NEW LIST OF VENUES FOR THE ATOS NATIONAL DEMO ~ 19 February 2014 As you can see, we have 144 national events planned! If anyone in ANY of these areas, who would be happy to...
  18. P

    Please read ... Going from long term IB > ESA WRAG group - have I done the right thing?

    Please read ... Going from long term IB > ESA WRAG group - have I done the right thing? Hi, thank you for reading, I am so worried about all this and unsure if I have done the right thing! Little back ground - I was taken out of work by my doctor for my health and safety and for the past 15 or...
  19. J

    Have an ATOS medical coming up, and scared sh!tless!

    :low: though i am so glad i have discovered this forum, i finally feel like im not completely crazy (or perhaps not the only one who IS crazy) :p basically, i am pretty bad anxiety issues. the physical symptoms (ones which i would say stop me from holding down are job) are that i am physically...
  20. T

    I am going to make a point in the jobcentre next week

    I filled in ESA50 to renew ESA mid-sept and have heard nothing. I called ATOS and was told they were deciding if I needed face to face assessment. On Monday I called DWP and was told I was put in support group on 19th Oct. I realised this wasn't true as I had called ATOS on 21 Oct. Phoned DWP...