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  1. L


    Hi everyone, I used this forum a while ago but stopped using it for a while, and so I've made a new account as I can't find my old login details, but anyway. :) I'm a 27 year old female from the UK. I wanted to get involved in this forum again in a positive way in order to make contact with...
  2. S

    Need advice asap

    I've been seeing this guy we've known each other for ovee 13 years and we've had this connection. Until recently he's refused any to meet up again. He finally said yes after well over 5 years of trying and it was amazing! Then a week later he said he couldn't carry out this facade and couldn't...
  3. T

    Finding it near impossible to manage anxiety in my relationship

    Hi everyone! Hoping to get some guidance from people with experiences similar to me. I'm 27 and have had anxiety for as long as I can remember - even as a child I used to excessively worry. I have always managed without medication, have had various courses of CBT/counselling which admittedly...
  4. L


    Hi I'm new here! Just wanted to share how I feel ATM. I have bpd and have been struggling lately. I just feel so low ATM and have been crying a lot lately. Just don't want to get to the stage were I do something I will regret.
  5. AimeèJo2014


    I've just found out I'm pregnant and dont know how to handle it and I'm worried my depression will get worst, my doctor doesn't seem bothered. The only person that's supporting me atm is my boyfriend which is good I just don't wanna take everything out on him. Please help x
  6. kizim

    Just breath...

    Really need to get a grip... Difficult ATM...
  7. Sparklypurplepaws

    I can't cope with my children

    Firstly, I love my children dearly, they are my world, my rock and the reason I'm alive today. But...... I just can't cope looking after them. It's too difficult. I have the usual I'm not good enough parent etc etc but I just can't seem to cope just being around them atm, I could send them to...
  8. K

    my ocd is coming back

    I had it bad as a child used too horde and litter pick and im getting obsessive thoughts about stuff atm scared it will come back properly. Starting too feel depressed mood swings as well
  9. BlueGlass

    going back to uni

    I have to do a project with a supervisor as part of my final year. I need to talk to him to finalise what I will be doing. :panic: I cant do this. how am I supposed to work with him next year? I basically took this year off as I couldn't face having to talk to him last year. I can't go...
  10. anouska

    Feel really pissed off atm

  11. sahasrara

    so lonely

    So lonely :'( I go out and and meet my grandparents for lunch most week days but it doesn't change the fact that I have no friends, no one to turn to, no support and a bf who atm is sick to death of me :'( I don't know how im supposed to live like this
  12. B

    New member

    Hi I'm a new member still trying to figure this forum thing out. Does it have chat room place. I have PTSD complex,add,bipolar2. I have two children who through sheer discrimination live with my ex who is abusive and very controlling and hasn't let me have contact now for months. The stress is...
  13. P

    Having such a bad day :(

    Woke up feeling ok but had an argument with my mum and i feel like shit now , really thinking that there is no point in carrying on atm , my mind is going mental , so many negative thoughts are going through my head :/ Really considering that there is not point to living ...
  14. E


    I hate my job....so today i almost broke down the pressure i feel atm is overwhelming. I just don't think i can cope anymore. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back. I want to escape and leave. I've never known a place to make me want to buy things i can harm myself with so much. My...
  15. T

    I'm sorry

    I feel like a sponge on here atm. Taking but not much to give. Xxx
  16. M

    You know one of those days.....

    When you want to type out your feelings but you can't? That's how I am feeling atm. I had a good 6 days and had the best birthday in years where I got some great surprises and now I'm coming down and I hate it. I hate the fact I have no energy, I am having to fight my mind and now I just want...
  17. mygirl1uk


    My mind just can't relax, didn't get any sleep last night, tonight isn't looking to great. Really not doing well atm, had the CRHTT (crisis team) visit me today, they are coming again with there own psychiatrist. All I seem to do is cry atm, I'm so confused. Would love to be off my head, just...
  18. C

    Not coping

    Hi, only just joined and, like many others I expect, I'm here cos I'm really struggling atm. Have had depression on and off for about 10 years, have used meds in the past but can usually manage my symptoms on my own and live a fairly normal life. Seem to have had a really big crash in mood the...
  19. M

    seriously stressed atm

    cant sleep worried about work totally stressed :panic: Help
  20. M

    Feeling quite

    :drunk: I don't know if I am intellectually challenged, but feel I don't understand half of what's going on in this forum atm. Think I will stay in ignorant bliss and have another drink and a smoke