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  1. B


    It happened last Friday. I went to lunch (not to eat but for company) with some friends. I only ate a few fries offered to me. But after the lunch, when I got home, I became so anxious about my life, I quickly ate a sandwich and then some cookies. I then felt horrible and purged . I’m still...
  2. T


    Overdosed woke up days later dissapointed
  3. P

    night eating out of control

    hi everyone :) i stay up really late everyday, and at some point i'm so hungry.. it's that feeling when you're so hungry you could throw up. anyways then i eat, yesterday i ate a few slices of cake and two bread rolls. i was still extremely hungry but i fell asleep. and i woke up in the...
  4. M


    Feel down, ended my relationship as I wasnt happy. seem just down alot. See a mental health support person in a few days. Comfort ate tonight. Mood changes are driving people around me away. How do others lift their mood?
  5. RainbowHeartz

    Weight Gained not a Happy Bunny

    Im getting fatter by the day, yesterday i ate so much to sink a battleship and today ive binged and purged and ate some more and drank alcohol and green tea and diet pepsi and im huge... this is getting out of control im tempted to purge again only im dying my hair and ive got hair dye on right now
  6. I

    Is there anyone else like me? I feel alone sometimes

    Hello everyone. Im 21 years old and grew up in a dancing background. I didn't have a problem with my weight until I was told at 16 that I needed to lose it. I was mortified. I wasn't big at all. I began to cut out things like chocolate and crisps. I still ate cereals and bread. I also ate as...
  7. Louis Friend


    Ok il admit it, I self harmed but worse then last time because i wanted to kill myself rather then do it for coping. As usual i didnt do it severe enough to do any damage. Usually i do it and then i feel like complete shit but i felt nothing, I still felt empty so i went and binge ate aswell and...
  8. megirl


    Since probably well at a young age started using them. Several years ago did some biofeedback and botox into one of my sphincter muscles did great able to 'go without meds' Now there again cant go without laxies. I get nausea and sometimes start vomiting after a dose but nothing else helps...
  9. amathus

    Article: An easy way to cope with Chocolate cravings...

    Craving chocolate is one of my downfalls when it comes to controlling weight... One Simple Way to Cope with Chocolate Cravings | Psychology Today In a recent study, researchers examined how many chocolates people ate when the chocolates were wrapped versus already unwrapped. The simple act of...
  10. Living dead

    Is eating too much dextrose candy dangerous?

    I know this probably isn't the right place, but I don't know where else to ask.I have a whole package of those tablets that diabetics carry around and I ate 3 as recommended. What will happen if I eat more?
  11. H

    Please help me...my daughter

    Hi, I usually use the BP part of this board but I was looking for info re eating disorders and remembered here. I have a 15 year old daughter. She is a wonderful person, really and truly she is. I have had concerns about her over recent months but tried not to make too big a thing out of them...
  12. Grimezxz

    I binged today.

    The first time in months, i actually ate during the day. Since i live at home and parents don't know about my illness, i have to eat that one meal in the evening my parents cook me (although i leave as much as possible. I never finish it) but other than that one meal, i eat nothing else. Maybe...
  13. J

    New. Multiple problems

    Hi. I'm new here. My eating problem has brought me here. I have multiple issues but they all bring me to my eating disorder. I have anxiety disorder, OCD, and depression. I guess it began when I was a teen. I wanted to be thin. I restricted my calorie intake and I ran everywhere I went. Most...
  14. fairy_wings

    where to go from here?

    I am struggling with my eating issues. I used to be a happy, slightly overweight young woman who loved chocolate! Very quickly I became addicted to not eating and over the course of 7 months lost nearly half of my body weight and my BMI dropped to 17.8. My periods stopped and my hair fell out. I...
  15. T

    Not feeling too great this morning....

    Thanks for the debate last night, was good to chat. I drank a bit (you could probably tell!) and that always loosens the control. I ate too much, felt so fat & porky. Drank a bit more (like that would help) then took extra venlafaxine. Stupid. I had a horrible night, heart thumping, weird...
  16. J

    Purging again

    The title says it all, really. Three times over the last two days I've made myself sick. Yesterday, I ate two of my childrens Easter eggs and felt so disgusted with myself. I purged. Ate my dinner, purged again. Purged Sunday night too. I'm trying to stop myself from over eating in the first...
  17. T

    swapping one infliction to anoter..

    Its getting incredibly frustrating the more I realise what I'm doing to myself. It will be 4 weeks on friday since last sh-ing. But I'm now suppressing my food intake. Before, if I ate more than I allowed myself, punishment would be to sh. Now that I have stopped, I'm more obsessed with food to...
  18. prairiechick

    Terrified I ate too much

    So I am 50 pounds overweight, partly due to meds, but I also have struggled off and on with bulimia since I was 14. I started a new regime today, and I am terrified that I ate too much, because my body felt so full from what I ate. Here is what I ate today: Breakfast: green smoothie tea with...
  19. Rolin

    question ... opinions wanted

    i would love to get some opinions on this.. back last feb i started a diet for many years i ate and ate and ate i ate when i was sad, angry, bored, lonely, empty, and some times i didnt have a reason.... so i got real bad in weight ... back in feb 2011 i was 324 lbs and i started on a diet...
  20. prairiechick

    I just threw up

    I know I should be posting this in the eating disorder forum, but no one is around there. I ate a whole litre of ice cream, and felt so awful about it. I keep gaining weight, and I hate it, but I can't seem to stop eating. So I made myself throw up, and I think I got it all, because I started...