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  1. C

    Association Anxiety

    So I went through a phase of intrusive murderous thoughts and stuff for two years and it was horrible, never happened when I was away at college it only happened when I was at home where I first had a panic attack and the thoughts, now every time I go home the thoughts come back, at first i...
  2. cpuusage

    American Psychological Association To Classify Belief in God As a Mental Illness

    American Psychological Association To Classify Belief in God As a Mental Illness [Don't know how true this is? The article is from 2015] American Psychological Association To Classify Belief in God As a Mental Illness "According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a strong and...
  3. M

    Bullying may have worse long-term effects than child abuse. NHS Choices.

    Bullying may have worse long-term effects than child abuse. NHS Choices. "Bullied children are five times more at risk of anxiety than those maltreated," reports the Daily Mail. A study looking at both UK and US children found an association between childhood bullying and anxiety, depression...
  4. dubblemonkey

    some intense dissapointment

    I have watched....looked upon ...painfully examined how those amongst me have managed to do ...(what appeared easily)... to arrive at a wonderful life with another person.! and... it's way too obvious to me that all my relationships were designed to fail... there never was a relationship...
  5. C


    Nottingham Erewash Mental Health Association – Breakthru Day Centre 1 College Road Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4NE 0115 9461213 [email protected] Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 4.45 Friday 9.30 - 4.30 We run two Day Centres for people experiencing long term Mental Health...
  6. C


    Bristol The Green House - Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling charity The Green House Bristol PO Box 665 Bristol BS99 1XY [email protected] 0117 935 1707 (Available between 9 - 3 Monday to Friday) The Green House provides free individual counselling to women, men, children and young...
  7. F

    Social isolation in childhood and adult inflammation

    Summary Background Social isolation is known to be associated with poorer health amongst adults, including coronary heart disease. It is hypothesized that this association may be mediated by inflammation. There has been little prospective research on the long-term impact of social isolation in...
  8. Z

    Hi, how do I help my family please?

    What can be done, my nephew is due for eviction in two weeks. He has not complied with the housing association terms and probably wont due to his condition, so the eviction will most likely happen. He is around 37 and has at some point in his life long ago been diagnosed as paranoid...
  9. K

    Name change Ok or not?

    Ok am thinking to change online persona tag? The reason katss cannot think for a minute why I ever chose that name, perhaps it was less conspicous than two other tags had. The reason is that katt is a drug used by some communities and it's recently been banned, and that is causing ructions in...
  10. peace_within

    The value of friendship!

    Hi there, I was just reflecting on all the people in my life and putting them down on paper into different categories, and realizing that the most valuable thing is a friendship that is without any mixed 'associations'. This could be association with the past, association with family...
  11. C


    I've just found out someone I know has a job interview with the people who caused all the hurt and misery and wrong that happened. It's like a never ending spiral that sucks me back in everytime from any tiny bit of progress to break away, there's always someone that knows someone and...
  12. S

    Treatment of mentally ill reviewed

    The Press Association: Treatment of mentally ill reviewed
  13. Niniane

    Meeting for an association

    Tomorrow, I have a meeting with an association I'm going to volunteer with. Now I'm pretty scared because I don't handle myself well in social situation. I get nervous, my voices starts unleashing and it gets really complicated for me to stand in a room full of people. On top of that, I chose to...
  14. Brian01

    Some Helpful contacts for UK and Wales

    Here is some useful contacts.. Advocacy Resource Exchange tel. 08451 228 633 web: Welcome to Advocacy Resource Exchange To find a local advocate British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) tel. 0161 705 4304 web: BABCP | British Association for Behavioural &...
  15. M

    housing - had to put here to get a reply

    I might get told off for putting this here, but Im currently in council emergency property and have been offered a new build property, now I could still go for an old build one, and Im totally confused what to do. New build ground floor in good location but its going with housing association or...
  16. Rorschach

    The Philadelphia Association

    Hey peeps, thought that this might be of interest to the members. Primarily the organisation is based in Hampstead, London, but I'm sure their web spreads further. It provides psychotherapy and training, as well as providing therapeutic communities. I've been having therapy with one of their...
  17. D


    I've been reading a few posts, learning about others, I have n't been able to work for some time due to severe depression, when I was working I experienced terrible bullying @ work; I was a nut job, etc, people shunned me rather than supporting me so I quit! That's why I'm so angry @ the...
  18. B


    Hello I was hoping that someone could help. I suffer with Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is as a result of being attacked by several men. I live alone except for my two Cats Tigg and Blackie. Because a neighbours cat has been terrorising my cats I had an altercation with my...