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    West Sussex

    Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton West Sussex Horizons Worthing area - 01903 239758 Chichester area - 01243 538878 Bognor area - 01243 840933 Our service caters for the needs of individuals recovering from, or living with mental illness. We aim to provide accommodation...
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    Swansea Transcend 01792 544018 Transcend can provide one-to-one support to individuals with mental health issues living in Swansea. Anyone that is experiencing mental health difficulties can be referred to access support from Transcend. You do not need to be involved...
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    Surely the modern day acceptance of the phenomena of hearing voices (or experiencing inner minds) must go some way to the medical world in assisting conditions such as schizophrenia, or other apparently psychiatric conditions given emotional or psychological backgrounds prior to diagnosis.