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  1. S

    Bi polar

    I am the mom of a 21 year old daughter . From age 4 they diagnosed her with ADD. She has been on several meds since diagnosis . In the last few years I’ve noted several changes in my girls behaviour . She is suffering . Everyday is a challenge . Met with the general dr yesterday . Talked with...
  2. F

    Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments.

    Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments. Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments. - Petitions
  3. K

    Paper based assessments

    My GF PIP Form was submitted a few weeks back. I believe the Form touched all of the points raised. Their was a brief support letter from her consultant, one from her GP with a list of medication. The girl has been sectioned three times within the past five years. That’s the outline A few days...
  4. E

    Parliament wants your views/experiences of assessments for ESA & PIP

    Parliament wants your views/experiences of assessments for ESA & PIP Web forum: PIP and ESA Assessments - UK Parliament I have submitted my experience & I encourage others to do the same.
  5. E

    Copy of email I sent to my MP

    The Centre for Disability Assessments wrote to my GP to ask about my fitness for work, my GP sent them a confidential report by a psychologist, the Centre for Disability Assessments passed the report on to the DWP, the DWP then passed it on to HM Courts & Tribunals Service; at no point was my...
  6. F

    Esa Atos assessment at home! and self-harm question

    hi everyone, some advice please am bipolar, suffer from extreme anxiety, have been hearing voices for several years and am a self-harmer. agoraphobia is pretty bad, i am able to visit my gp once every three months and psychologist twice a month but have to go via a taxi and back and always need...
  7. Nikita

    2017 Scandal of PIP assessments by Atos and Capita!!!!

    Atos assessors are slashing the number of people using the motability scheme | UK | News | Daily Express
  8. cpuusage

    Disability assessments profoundly increase peoples vulnerability

    Disability assessments profoundly increase people’s vulnerability - Disability assessments profoundly increase people's vulnerability - Scisco Media "The government have persistently denied any “causal relationship” between their welfare reforms and an increase in premature deaths and...
  9. cpuusage

    A shameful way to treat disabled people

    https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-da4d-A-shameful-way-to-treat-disabled-people DISABILITY LABOUR has called on the Prime Minister and the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb to scrap the personal independence payment (PIP) assessments and launch an “urgent inquiry” into what has...
  10. B

    New to this forum, not new to the feelings

    Hi all I've been coping moderately well with depression (and some anxiety and a generally introverted and Aspie personality) for years. With medication and at different times with various forms of therapy. Now I'm not coping with work to the point where I am wondering if I will quit before...
  11. cpuusage

    Resisting Sanctions, Assessments and Psychological Coercion

    Welfare Reforms and Mental Health
  12. shaky

    Fit for Work assessments cost more than they save

    DWP fit-to-work assessments cost more than they save, report reveals | UK Politics | News | The Independent And the company that does them now (Maximus) is 280,000 cases behind. They are supposed to do 57,000 per month but are only achieving 37,000 Debbie Abrams said “Too many disabled people...
  13. P

    Can't Even Get Help In The Mental Hospital - It's Time

    I went to the hospital and waited 4 Hours to be seen for an assessment. Nobody ever helped me so, I left. That was last week, I called last Nite to tell them what happens last Week and if they did phone Assessments and they said no. So I hung up on them. I don't know what To do if I can't...
  14. rcharlie

    need advice for a meeting abt medication

    hi there! i'm not 100% sure this is the right place to put this thread, so please forgive me if i messed up! i have (as far as i know) just the common d/a combo. however, i'm an awful communicator. not only do i have problems figuring out how i feel/what i'm thinking myself, i have even worse...
  15. C

    Hello everybody :)

    Hello there. I'm new here, and you can call me Kitty. I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering with 'something' since a young age but its only recently I'm starting to get the assessments I need in order to be officially diagnosed. At the moment, I feel like there's many things wrong with me...
  16. M

    Paid Counselling, what to expect?

    Hi all :) So I have a assessment for counselling on Tuesday which I have self referred myself and if I am accepted will cost me £35 a session. I was wondering really what to expect for the assessment, is it like any normal assessments that you tend to have or are there differences? I know that...
  17. Unique1

    Feel physically sick at the results of elections so far

    It's been hard enough with assessments and points systems...I just feel it is going to get worse now, as a result of the votes. It makes me feel lots of people are against me and against how mine and others illness makes us suffer, and i always feel they don't believe me and think I'm lazy. I...
  18. H

    Better late than never

    I've had depressions since I left college. It's in my genes. I worked for over ten years before falling apart. I hit an abusive period in my life and for a few years I just wanted to die. I'm better depression wise. I'm mildly depressed now but that's my norm anyway. I've been off work three...
  19. E

    How long will they let me stay off work?

    The thought of assessments every six months is going to make my already poor quality of life even poorer. I worry that it is a case of if you are not in hospital once a year, you must go back to work.
  20. supergreysmoke

    Rotten To The Core US Firm Replaces ATOS

    BBC News - Work capability assessments: One million disability checks planned Work capability assessments: One million disability checks planned A new company given the contract to assess disabled people for a sickness benefit has told the BBC it will do one million assessments this year...