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  1. R

    What does the MHT acronym mean?

    I have copies of my health record from my GP which state that I didn't ask for MHT referral and hopefully will ask for MHT assessment in a future appointment. What do these letters stand for? Is this acronym related to mental health? I was examined by my GP for different health issues but I am...
  2. Screechout

    Pip requesting further medical evidence

    So I'm extremely stressed about pip I had letter sent through the post the other day saying I might not need to go to a face to face but they have requested further medical evidence from my care Co ordinator and dr I stupidly rang them up and asked if they had received any replies yet and they...
  3. Artmuzz

    Reapplied for PIP

    I recently reapplied for PIP after getting refused the benefit last year after an unsuccessful face to face assessment and tribunal. A few weeks later after sending back the form to DWP I just got a text telling me to appear yet again at a face to face assessment :low: I don’t understand this...
  4. W

    Were you refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment?

    If you were in receipt of DLA and were refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment when DLA was being transferred over, please read. Bungling DWP announces seventh review of disability benefits errors in a year
  5. Northern Girl

    Hi, New to Forum - feeling sad and scared

    Hi everyone,My GP referred me to the CMHT on Dec 20th and yesterday I got a letter from them for an assessment on Jan 16th with "An About Me" form to fill in. Has anyone else had one of these forms? The assessment is with the Initial Response Service (IRS) and is for 2 hours. Can anyone tell...
  6. W

    ESA assessment

    I have my ESA assessment In a few weeks and I am worried sick, this is the thrid time I have been though this, please help thanks.
  7. J

    Cyclothymia - help and advice needed

    Hi I am new here, so I will go into my past in a little bit of experience. I have all ways had MH issues March 2017 - diagnosed with Dysthymia and emotional dysregulation September 2017 - cyclothymia and anger management March 2018 - traits of emotional unstable personality disorder (BPD)...
  8. M

    my situation

    Just to give an update to my current situation. After being discharged from basildon mh assessment unit, despite protests from ,my community team, I was unable to cope with my anxiety, the pacing around my room , sleepless nights began and after 5 days without any sleep, I was approved emergency...
  9. N

    Assessment experience

    My first time applying for pip ,I got turned down. So August this year I applied again. My assessment ,I thought, was terrible. It was so bad, days later, I complained. The assessor was, well, like a robot. On entering the room, I was told to sit in the "red or green chair"! I might be a little...
  10. S

    Not well

    I'm not well, I think sh has made me not only breathless but tired and dizzy and I find it too difficult to stop. I feel I'm fighting a loosing battle. I had an assessment by a clinical psychologist, but don't feel it went well :( I need the help but don't think they will offer anything
  11. Hikikomori1979

    Assessment Centers BS

    Im not sure if anyone's been to one of these things But organisations hold them because they want to get a pool of people in But someone pointed out: They run them for the sake of running them, so it looks like a "legitimate" recruitment process. When they already had someone lined up, they...
  12. Hikikomori1979

    Eye Twitching

    Does anyone get these? Context I was applying for a job, i did not have a lot of success leading up to then, i collaborated with people and i got together a tight application, had an assessment day. the assessment day contained three parts: a written section, a team collaboration section and a...
  13. E

    PIP assessment nerves

    Hi everyone, I’ve got my PIP assessment tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Denying me into meltdown.Anyone got any experience? Thanks Ollie
  14. R

    I'm never going to get help

    I've had horrendous experiences with mental health services. I had a new assessment with a doctor who was hugely innapropriate. Said some really sleazy things to me and laughed at me. I wrote a letter to complain, which they contacted me about last night to apologise and offer me a reassessment...
  15. C

    How do i do it?

    I know my mental health is an issue, and I know the problems it causes. But actually explaining it in words is the most difficult thing for me. This is the reason I don't have an actual diagnosis of anything yet and why I am struggling to, because I can't communicate across to anyone how I'm...
  16. A

    Difficult experience with services

    After asking for help for over a year and being told that I do not meet the criteria for CMHT i had been allocated a CC three months ago. In that time my mental health had declined and i have felt suicidal for the past six weeks in part due to infections. And felt very overwhelmed as at one...
  17. M


    Hi, has anyone experienced compassion focused therapy? I have been referred for an assessment for this and wondered what it involves. m
  18. soulsearcher

    psychology - what to expect?

    hey peeps so ive finally got a psychology appointment soon, ive been on the waiting list about a year or there abouts i did have an initial assessment and they mentioned dbt but i dont know anything about it anyways im just wondering what to expect?
  19. Z

    Mental health assessment nightmare

    So I just did a mental health assessment online which is meant to be a shortened version of the real one that's used by mental health Workers to assess clients mental health. I got SEVEN OR EIGHT DISORDER results. Seriously?? If that doesn't say seriously fucked up , then what does?? Has anyone...
  20. B

    DWP Has No Record Of My ESA Assessment

    Has anybody had a similar experience? In short I've been receiving ESA assessment rate from July 2015 Its my first time claiming ESA and had been previously receiving JSA A friend spotted that I should be "ESA Main Phase" so I contacted DWP I attended the Work Capability Assessment with a...