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  1. L

    Esa assesment

    Hi I've got my esa assesment coming up soon I've no letter off my doctor as I rarely see her I get my medication on repeat so have no reason to go her so I don't think she would really help with a letter I'm going to the assesment empty handed basically an it's really effecting my anxiety which...
  2. S

    P.I.P refused due to false assesor statement

    Hello everyone I'm new to forums , however i thought i'd view my opinion of a recent assesment at stoke assesment centre..after receiving DLA for 10 yrs & having all the relevant evidence to support my Diplopia( sight loss & issues), muskuloskeletal & severe degenerative feet/legs hand issues...
  3. E

    Completely unfair PIP decision

    Hello. I really need some advice/support. I have been on DLA for around 12 years (low mobility med care) and never once had any problem with a claim, it was open and closed, they would assess me and agree that I needed it. I was diagnosed around 10 years ago with psychosis and severe depression...
  4. R

    No face to face, advice sent to descion maker at dwp

    Hello everyone. I suffer with severe anxiety disorder, anxiety/panic attacks and argoraphobia. I was first called to have an assesment as my GP did not provide the correct information to the CHDA. However I was offered a home visit once all correct GP records were faxed along with a support...
  5. L

    Oh god

    I have been asked in for a face2face assesment from DWP I have been on ESA for years and this is my first face2face assesment. I found out this morning and was hyperventalating and shaky. Now it has set in suicidal thoughts because I have so much more on my mind and now bloody this! Its on the...
  6. L


    PLEASE REASSURE ME! Im on ESA and I filled out a questionnaire at Christmas and I have had another one in the post. I didnt have to fill out the questionnaire this often last year. Only once and that was at the end of the year in December so only 3months ago. Im scared they will call me in for...
  7. C

    pip review

    hi so i have a pip review i filled out the form sent it back now i have a letter saying i may have to have a assesment with capita was just wondering if that normal or will i have to have a assesment? thanks
  8. O

    Is it Schizophrenia to have memorys repeat all the time?

    Today was the worst day of my life. Now its bedtime I have todays horrible memorys repeat Constanty over in my mind when l try To sleep. I have to force myself to wake up to stop Remembering the horrible memorys of today. Is what l am having normal or is it Me being crazy? I just had a phone...
  9. J

    BPD from DLA to PIP

    Tomorrow i have pip assesment has any BPD sufferers had an assesment yet
  10. D


    im really confused about the whole process got a letter today saying that i dont need to attend the assesment what happens now ?
  11. U

    This Shite just gets better.

    So I woke up in a really positive mood then the post man showed his ugly mug and posted me a 'BROWN ENVELOPE:scared:' It was from the Housing Benefit and Tax people telling me they have stopped paying my Housing Rent and Tax because they suspect my circumstances are or about to change...
  12. U

    Police and their annoyance of 136 Services?

    I was recently on a section 136, i was quite surprised that the chatting from police officers and annoyance i overheard while in the back of the Police Van. I was Cuffed up for quite a while, because the Crisis Team 136 Unit was basically closed at 10 PM we waited for over an hour just to get...
  13. H

    DSA assesment

    has anyone had one, what is it like? i never had it last year as it was too scary, but now i feel a bit a better but would feel much better if i know what sort of things they ask. the word assessment gives me the shivers. i have quite a list of things that i think could help, or do they suggest...
  14. M

    Carers assesment

    My psychiatrist said today he wants my mum to have a carers assessment, what is it, how can they help? Thanks in advance
  15. M

    In a circle

    Ahhhhh So frustrating I go and see GP about how i'm feeling GP refers for psych assesment, they say you'd benefit from Primary MH care and give me details to get counselling and I don't need GP referral great I think so I ring the number and the woman is incredibly rude and says YOU DO need...
  16. M

    Psych assesment

    Can I ask with regards to a psych assesment am I allowed to see what was written and if yes, how do I go about it. I lied with regards to a few answers because I found them to embarrassing to answer or because I feared the consequences so I kind of messed up a little. Also they asked me if I...
  17. L

    WHat is PIP? Im on ESA and so confused!

    :confused: Hi there, Im new to this site and forums. Im on ESA support group. Have been for over a year, Ive been working under 16 hours for a year (end of november). Ive been asked to attend a Face to Face health assesment (its on the 13th of Nov) Im Shi**ing myself. My questions are: What...
  18. S

    Anxious wait for pip decision

    I've had depression for about 15 years and til last year I could hold a job down until a deep depression came along. I've been through most types of anti-depressants over the years but as things got worse the GP referred me to be under the care of the psychiatrist who has taken over my...
  19. B

    Does anyone know what a NHS Pshychologist's Report looks like?

    I am waiting for my Psychologist's report after a 4 month Assesment, he said he would send my GP and Psychiatrist a copy and me too, But I just wondered what they contain or what they look like. I hope I dont sound silly but I just cant stop thinking about what it looks like or how much detail...
  20. B

    How long does it take to get a Phychology Report after Assesment?

    I have my last Pshychology Assesment this friday, does anyone know if they tell us their findings on the last Assesment appointment or how long before they actually do a written report.? I just want to move on with getting better. even if I end up with a diagnosis again, I may get better...