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  1. S

    Asked to travel for esa assesment

    :panic: I filled out esa form stating I cant travel due to panic attacks severe social anxiety and depression everything I wrote was ignored the bastards at the dwp said I must travel to Glasgow or risk losing benefits :eek2:i am devastated just want to curl up in my bed and die in my sleep
  2. R

    ex girlfriend

    Hi, I wont go into much I don't want to go into the who broke up ect as I don't feel that is important. Basically From June to December the 6th, we had been talking on and off through out those months, I know she has had a bad time herself with her MH as she told me, I also know at the moment...
  3. N

    What was going on with these guys?

    I have a current concern about someone I know in the workplace, which ties into an earlier experience with someone from 12-15 years ago. They are different in the one several years ago was a short tempered hot head who was always threatening to beat people up, bragging how many hookers he'd...
  4. A

    How far does bpd affect memory

    My partner has bpd I recently found a message on her fb from an ex, she's told me this ex was emotionally abusive. Now the messages wernt bad in fact I wasn't suspicious until I found who he was. It was friendly and she ended up giving him his number because she was running out of 4g. When I...
  5. H

    Help, my ex partner shows BPD traits

    My ex contacted me last night and today after a couple of days of her blocking me. She told me that I destroyed her and cause her pain; I am the reason she feels depressed and like crap; she made the mistake of trying to please me when she should’ve been focusing on herself. I know some of my...
  6. S

    Advice and support

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping if anyone can help me. I’ve been suffering with depression since I was 15 but I recently relapsed and it got really bad that I didn’t even want to leave the house, so I was signed off work for around 4 month.. I went back 2 weeks ago and was on a phased return to work...
  7. B

    Just can’t get chance

    I apply and apply but nothing. Applied for Unit Secretary job at hospital. Contacted recruiter on LinkedIn... she said she saw my application but I asked for too much. It was shift 6 - 3 pm, full time, and I asked for $40k. Her response made me spiral. Inside for 2 days now. Not motivated.
  8. E

    Help dealing with my Brother

    My brother is 45 years old. He is a CRNA and makes very good salary. I say this because it factors in the situation. I am 56. Ever since I have known him from about the age of 5 he has had deep issues with depression. He would go into moods that were so dark he would fall on his bed and not move...
  9. D

    Drug side effects

    So trying to keep my daughter on meds has been getting more difficult. She is 36 yrs old so I cannot force the issue. She is on 100 mg seraquel and resperdone 2mg 3 times a day. Her major complaint is sleepiness. Wondering if anyone has asked Dr for anything that would counter the sleepiness and...
  10. D

    Just venting in a low moment

    So, where do I begin... I am a 23 year old male born with a rare movement disorder called myoclonus dystonia. It basically causes mild to severe twitches/involuntary muscle spasm throughout my whole body but mainly the upper torso, hands and face. growing up i could never write do to this, not...
  11. A

    Difficult experience with services

    After asking for help for over a year and being told that I do not meet the criteria for CMHT i had been allocated a CC three months ago. In that time my mental health had declined and i have felt suicidal for the past six weeks in part due to infections. And felt very overwhelmed as at one...
  12. B

    My depressed boyfriend ended our relationship

    Hello, I have never been on a forum before but I am desperate for some help. I have been in a relationship for 3 years. He has treated me so well and I have never been loved as deeply as he loves me. He constantly tells me that I am his world, that he wouldn't ever want to lose me, that our...
  13. K

    Show me. Offensive.

    I have found it one of the most offensive things that anyone especially professionals seem to ask with ease. Being told or forced to show self injury is one of those things that feels very offensive I dont know about other people. I never show my injury, in as many years as I can remember I...
  14. R

    So I'm not good enough to be an artist.

    I saw my pathetic psychiatrist today. I remember people told me that mental health care in Germany was great. It's not. This is the third psychiatrist I've been seeing and I only moved back to this country in August last year. It's a mess. Anyway, my psychiatrist acted completely condescending...
  15. R

    Something is happening to my Wife.

    My wife won't stop drinking and disrespects our home. I have asked her to slow down the drinking. Now, she waits till I'm not looking and drinks. She drinks before during and after work. When confronted with anything, she threatens suicide while claiming she doesn't know why she is doing these...
  16. G

    Painfully awkward embarrassing times

    To be completely honest I am usually not the one that causes my embarrassments. Other people put me into situations, or force me into embarrassing situations. For instance, when someone makes an obvious comment about something you're wearing, or makes a comment about how your eyes look smashed...
  17. J

    Raped and sectioned...now what?

    So I'm a respected nurse. I work 60-80 hours a week between the hospital and hospice; however I was raped by a stranger 3 weeks ago and my life is now on hold. My friends won't leave me and i know they mean well but i need some space. I've asked them to leave and they called the police who did...
  18. M

    third time in my life a woman has asked me to kill her. ofcorse I said no

    third time in my life a woman has asked me to kill her. ofcorse I said no hopefully I'm posting in the right place if not excuse me and point me in the right direction. first of all let me get this straight, in not verbally abusive nor belittling to any woman. with that said. in my life I have...
  19. I

    Sorry everybody

    :sorry: Sorry everybody for that thread I posted about Should People With Mental Illness Be Allowed To Have Children. I didn't mean to hurt anyone but I did. I asked a moderator to delete the thread and it is deleted. I hope you will all accept my apology. :peace:
  20. I

    When to quit therapy?

    I'm sure there are many threads here on this topic, but I've just had a bit of a difficult experience in therapy and I'm uncertain on how to continue or if to continue. I'll try to be short. I've had a lot more difficult times now a few weeks than before and given that I've been very down we...