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  1. A

    How Do I Deal With Set Backs?

    I'm having a bad night. Over the past few weeks I feel like I had gotten better. Better at handling my anxiety, better at supporting myself to calm down. I was feeling better. Then, out of the blue, another terrifying, awful panic attack. I was in the bathroom staring at my shower curtain, and...
  2. I

    So it’s not just me.

    I have spent years thinking that I am the worst human to ever have lived. I have recently been diagnosed with several personality disorders. While I have had some relief in this diagnosis, I am still too ashamed to speak to anyone I know about this. Just wanted to say hi and hope that I can...
  3. I

    really bad week😢

    Hi I'm having the worst week ever just been dentist first appointment to be told I will need 300 pounds of treatment and I couldn't do xray properly feel so ashamed 😢
  4. P

    Why am I selfish and insensitive

    I have been with my fantastic boyfriend for 4 years...and now everything seems to be crashing down after my last bad BDP crisis where I was so so selfish and essentially ruined any trust he had in me being able to bring good in his life. He doesn't want to hear any of my apologies, I am so...
  5. G

    ashamed and alone

    I'm ashamed of the way Ive behaved. Though its the only way to make myself feel even alittle bit human and alive. Ive no one to talk to as no one around me has an understanding of this. I thought I had grown out of behaving this way, up until recently, that is. Is this urge ever going to go...
  6. A

    My worst fear happened yesterday

    I was completely humiliated in public. As well as GAD and depression I have other medical issues which causes incontinence. Yesterday my worst fear happened, for 11 years I've managed to avoid losing control of my bladder fully in public but yesterday I was in so much pain I fell over and lost...
  7. D

    People's experience of binge eating

    I have issues with episodes of binge eating. I can have about 3 episodes a week and I completely lose control. I can consume thousands of calories in less than an hour. At lot of the time I can't taste the food or even 'register' what I am doing until it's too late and I can see all the...
  8. SunnyDaze

    Are You Embarrassed/Ashamed Of Your Symptoms?

    Of all the PTSD symptoms I struggle with,my extreme startle response and being easily angered are the 2 I hate most. People usually laugh when I am startled, which is so embarrassing for me.I laugh about it too when they do because I don't want them to know I feel embarrassed or that their...
  9. W


    Ashamed of myself,, my self harm, my suicidal feelings/thoughts/actions, my life :low:
  10. W

    Playing with suicide?

    For a while now I've been experiencing daily suicidal thoughts. But Im not sure I'm suicidal. But I have to keep investigating/experimenting with my thoughts. And I'm carrying out actions which are very risky. It's almost like, I am suicidal, but I don't want to accept that or accept...
  11. M

    Negative thoughts/self-hate due to lack of motivation, exams

    Hi all, I registered just to make this post so I'm very new and not sure if I'm writing at the right place, hope you excuse me. Recently I've been finding myself wallowing in self-hatred, with thoughts of punishing myself becoming very common. Any advice would be greatly appreciated but I feel...
  12. S

    ashamed and desperate

    I really need help. ive called and spoken to a councillor this morning but i was so upset i couldnt really speak properly. Ive had anxiety and depression in the past and seem to be on a path of self destruction. I have an emotional attachment to some one and its all gone wrong. hit the bottle...
  13. I

    feeling very low:(

    Hi I had lots of plans tho weekend was supposed to be paid today and I ain't been in feeling very low having to cancel then so ashamed to.tell people why :-(feel.its so unfair after working hard all month:-(
  14. Q

    Hello Everyone, I am QuiteStorm. I'm a Newbie 😁

    Hello out there, so I'm slowly wondering if I'm in the right place? But this place is sure better than a Mental Institution right? We can come and go as we please. I'm here today because I'm feeling very fragile, you see I went through an unusual ordeal which was purposefully inflicted on me...
  15. S


    I just want to say hello, and thank you for having me. Here I can ask for advice from others like me, and don't have to be ashamed or afraid.
  16. J

    I got a diagnosis

    So yesterday i got diagnosed with severe major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Now I have to see my gp to get antidepressants. I feel very guilty and ashamed that I need antidepressants. I'm also ashamed that therapy didn't help. She basically said that there's a block and...
  17. I

    considering lowest point ever

    Hi I'm considering prostitution selling my self in order to fund alcohol in order to cope this is the lowest point ever I feel so ashamed to say it
  18. V

    Also new here from today

    Hi all I am a 27-year-old man from the EU who struggles with stuff like anxiety, ADHD and manic-depression every day. I am kinda private but I am not ashamed of my mental problems and to discuss them. It is not rare to suffer from mental illness so there is nothing to be ashamed of. I try to...
  19. S

    Recently Diagnosed

    2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with PTSD It made sense it was nice to finally have some kind of answer i hate that i have it i hate that that's what they did to me that i had a friend ask yesterday one i was very proud in actually talking to she asked me 'what did they do to you' when i'm not ready...
  20. P

    People create their children out of rotting flesh.

    That's what they do. They make their own children out of rotting flesh and organs, rotting brains, fragile bones. Pretty creepy shit really these people. They force disease on them, natural disasters, harsh elements, wars can't forget the wars as usual, and yay enslavement as well. Great...