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  1. L

    My loneliness is making me give up

    Hi To give some background, I'm on the ASD spectrum and was only diagnosed in my early teens. From my diagnosis onwards, there has been an increasing decline in my social life. Autism is not a very accepted thing within society, to the point where it is mocked and people feel uncomfortable...
  2. D

    Question about anti-depressants

    I’ve tried a few before but always came off them bc I felt like they were making me angry but I’m just so tired all the time of thinking about killing my self. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety and can you get tablets for anxiety? I’m also reluctant to trying a bunch out bc of other side effects...
  3. F

    Pdoc appointment

    Saw the pdoc this afternoon. It was the first time he had seen me. He did a thorough assessment.Past history. Past medication. Symptoms . Family background. My stepdaughter was there with me. She said her piece re what she has noticed about me. He says that paranoid personality disorder doesn’t...
  4. D


    Me being a newbie just posted my introduction In the depression forum soooo there's that. Sorry about that. Hi anyway I have depression, anxiety and ASD
  5. F

    ASD & schizotypal- overlap and differences?

    At my last meeting with the Nurse practitioner at my old address she mentioned autism in relation to things I told her and gave me a sheet about a local autism charity. However she also said that things might be explained by schizotypal. I am wondering what people think about the overlap and...
  6. redone

    Is this valid?

    Hi guys I went for a general diagnostic assessment with a Psychiatrist with 40+ years experience. They diagnosed a number of things and told me I'm also on the mild end of the autistic spectrum. Can a psychiatrist diagnose someone with ASD without actually doing a autism specific assessment...
  7. F

    A real test of my ASD tendencies

    The forthcoming move. Definitely nerve racking and a real test of my ASD tendencies. I get used to certain things even though they may not be the most ideal in terms of end result , and get anxious/flustered if faced with change. I think it's very much a case of getting through the initial...
  8. H

    Dating and relationships

    Anyone else totally failed in this ? I think maybe I could only have a relationship with a woman who has ASD. But I have no options on that. I'm in a complicated situation at the moment.
  9. S

    Selective Mutism?

    Does anyone here have it or have you heard about it? My youngest daughter has it, she also has ASD. She is currently seeing a psychologist but won't talk to him.
  10. F

    Aspergers is a type of schizophrenia?

    According to this lady. I am not diagnosed with either Aspergers or schizotypal but could be said to, at least, have traits of both . I know several people on another forum that have both diagnoses of ASD and schizophrenia . When I mentioned Aspergers to my nurse practitioner she offered...
  11. Q

    BPD, AvPD, Social Phobia or Autism?

    I'm not sure which forum to put this in. I hope it's okay here. I currently have diagnoses of schizoaffective disorder and BPD/EUPD. I have never been convinced by the BPD diagnosis as, when I read the criteria for diagnosing it, I only find one of them in myself (repeated self harm). I have...
  12. F

    ASD and schizotypal,similar or not?

    Had my 6 monthly review with my nurse practitioner. Really opened up for the first time re aspergers/autistic traits. She said there is not much available in the area but didn't dismiss me out of hand as she gave me a print out to an Aspergers site. What she did say however was that several...
  13. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    ASD Assessment

    Well I have some good news for a change :) I went to see my psych doc with my Mum last month, and we had a good chat with her. She asked lots of questions, and has written to the GP and recommended that I be referred to the ASD service for an assessment. She thinks there is a good cause to...
  14. E

    I could really use some insight

    Hi all, I'm a student in my early twenties, and since I was about 15 I have struggled with various issues, quite a few of which persist still today. I think this is going to be a long post, so I apologize in advance for this. So a bit about my background first. I am an only child. My father...
  15. V

    mummy of 8yr old whose been diagnosed with various mhi including dissociative motor disorder and anxiety disorder.......help

    mummy of 8yr old whose been diagnosed with various mhi including dissociative motor disorder and anxiety disorder.......help Im hoping that someone can help, our little boy has spent the last 7 months in a psychiatric unit after his health deteriorated last year. We were always told he had...