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  1. boudreauj4

    Loss of brain mass article

  2. W

    DWP waste more money.

    I apologise if this is not what this forum is for, so if it removed I wholly understand, but I have just read an article which reports that the DWP are throwing over £200000 at funding a survey to find out if the government's austerity is to blame for the increased use of foodbanks. What are...
  3. AliceinWonderland

    To Those Who Think it 'Must be nice to be on Benefits/Disability' - stigma and prejudice

    To Those Who Think it 'Must be nice to be on Benefits/Disability' - stigma and prejudice From What It’s Like to Be on Disability for a Mental Illness | The Mighty Since this section is also for discussing "prejudice, ignorance, stigma & discrimination surrounding these issues" I thought this...
  4. Poopy Doll

    Chinese medicine for depression

    Here is an article on Chinese medicine for depression. Study: Three different types of depression can be reduced with Chai Hu Shu Gan, a Traditional Chinese Medicine
  5. Poopy Doll

    A Suicide Thread

    I was wondering why we don't have a Suicidal Ideation forum since it is a huge part of mental health problems. I read an article on suicidal thoughts and wanted to share it here. It was different because it said therapists and professionals should let people talk about their death wish and not...
  6. T

    Interesting article

    Nice piece from today's Guardian about what depression is.. What is depression and why is it rising? What is depression and why is it rising? | News | The Guardian
  7. Z

    Here is the link to a very positive article on BPD

    Researchers have found that people diagnosed as borderline are also uncannily empathetic and sensitive to others, although they may struggle to rein those feelings in.
  8. Z

    So much for reducing stigmas.

    I was really shocked and upset tonight and I thought this would be the best place to share what happened. I follow Psychology today on fb and they had a really great/positive article about people with bpd. It talked about the high levels of intuition and sensitivity etc that often exists for...
  9. L

    What to do when you feel unloveable

    17 Things to Do If You Feel ‘Unlovable’ Today | The Mighty A few of us could use this article I feel.
  10. frogsplash

    Article in the News today

    People with schizophrenia 'can learn to control voices'
  11. Kerome

    Mental Health among farmers in the US

    Interesting article which describes how farmers are under pressure. Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers? | US news | The Guardian
  12. I

    I interviewed 2 more young people with PSSD

    PSSD is permanent sexual dysfunction resulting from treatment with psychiatric drugs. Please take the time to listen and share these young peoples stories. Maybe there will be a cure one day, but there is a hush mentality within the mental health industry. With Dan 22 from England Article...
  13. S

    Have you got the wrong impression about schizophrenia?

    Have you got the wrong impression about schizophrenia? - BBC News The entire article from the link above shows the public have got it wrong however the headline, the only thing a lot of folks will read, begs the question and allows folk to think 50/50 if they don't read further. Manipulation...
  14. Poopy Doll

    Genetic Testing for your prescription

    Genetic Mental Health Tests: More harm than good? I thought this was a wonderful idea. It sounded so scientific and psychiatry lacks so much in the scientific department. But this article suggests there are problems with this new testing.
  15. cpuusage

    The truth about tarot

    i have a lot of interest in the Tarot, & have a number of decks. This is an intelligent article exploring the subject - Tarot cards: a tool of cold tricksters or wise therapists? | Aeon Essays
  16. cpuusage

    What Happens To a Suicide Bomber On The Other Side

    A lot of spiritual systems do speak of a perfect Divine Harmony & Balance - that we experience the results of every action - i don't know what truth there is to the article? But having read a lot on spiritual realities it may well be how things operate for some souls on lower astral levels...
  17. Kerome

    Sex as treatment for Anxiety...

    This seemed interesting... also a few cartoons halfway through the article... Sex surrogates helping patients treat anxiety, PTSD and erectile dysfunction through sexual intimacy | The Independent
  18. SomersetScorpio

    Article - How We Inherit Family Trauma

    It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are | Science and Nonduality Came across an interesting article about people inheriting trauma from previous generations and how people are only now beginning to understand that it could be possible. It's something that...
  19. cpuusage

    Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies

    Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies Thought that this was quite an interesting article with an overview on the subject - Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies - Prepare for Change
  20. ThinkingCat

    Risk, Benefit, Big Pharma and Me

    https://bhonesteccentric.com/2017/04/20/riskbenefitbig-pharma-and-me/ (Not my article)