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  1. M

    art group

    every Friday 10.30 while 12.30 a art group is held in ponterfract west Yorkshire at st marys community centre chequerfield wf8 2ay. we do sensory art and other art activites. it would be great for others with mental health problems to get together we are all very friendly.
  2. C

    No idea what to do with my life

    I thought I would have it all figured out by now, but I don't. I want a job, but I have absolutely no skill, especially communication wise, every time I look at the list of jobs available around my area I feel like crying because I realise how pathetic I am at everything and how worthless I will...
  3. R

    So I'm not good enough to be an artist.

    I saw my pathetic psychiatrist today. I remember people told me that mental health care in Germany was great. It's not. This is the third psychiatrist I've been seeing and I only moved back to this country in August last year. It's a mess. Anyway, my psychiatrist acted completely condescending...
  4. tiltawhirl

    The Art of Love

    The Art of Love Erich Fromm Audiobook Full - YouTube one of the most important books ever.
  5. L

    What visuals make you feel better? Need your help :)

    Hi guys! I would really love your input for a design project I am doing. I'm designing pull up banners to use at mental health support group meetups and I really want to know what people would want to see on these- shapes, colours, illustration styles? Whatever it is, if it makes you feel...
  6. R

    Why does my art always get ignored?

    Sorry I didn't know which category to put this under. I thought about putting it under 'depression' because this makes me very depressed. I know I'm not the most amazing artist, but I feel like I do have some talent. Still, over the years of sharing my art online and improving, most people...
  7. Tiffvienna

    Hi all

    My name is Tiff, i am 21 and i have osdd, cptsd, delusional disorder, aspergers and adhd. I love to create art
  8. M

    bit of schizophrenic art to lighten things up ! ! :)

    just s bit of art i drew on my nintendo 3ds from a reference of someones eyeball...
  9. P

    Thinking songs are about you and has messages for you

    When i was delusional and listened to music, i thought they were about me and there were secret messages. Now that doesnt happen anymore bc not delusional due to meds working. Did any of you guys experience the same thing? Also, off topic, whos your fave artists and bands? Mine, red hot chilli...
  10. S

    Why do I still have feelings about this man?

    He was my high school art teacher. I had a huge crush on him and did everything to get high grades in his class. Art class was the only class I didn't fail in. Anyway, I was 15 the last time I saw him. And I knew back then that nothing was going to happen between us. It was just a crush. I'm 23...
  11. A

    Unsure - Please help!

    Hello everybody! I'm Alex and I'm 23 and an art student. I have what I believe to be a somewhat unique condition, I've previously been diagnosed with mild depression/self harm (around age 15) but I'm really quite worried and I've been suffering with this for over a year now. First off, I'm...
  12. sunset547544


    Art can really takes my mind of things, so I thought it might be great to have a thread full of favourite art :) Here is my contribution ;
  13. Kerome

    The Art of Suffering

    This is quite possibly my favourite lecture series by Thich Nhat Hanh, from the Art of Suffering retreat in 2013, a year before he had his stroke. It is all about learning to cope with suffering - which is inevitable because after all we all suffer illness, old age and death - and learning to...
  14. Y


    I find relief from anxiety through art that conceptualizes similar feelings, like paintings by Dalí, books by de Balzac and of course music, my favorite being Devil In My Stereo :D The Devil In My Stereo - YouTube
  15. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanh on the Art of Suffering

    This is a series of talks from the 2013 Art of Suffering retreat given by Thich Nhat Hanh at Blue Cliff Monastery. It's pretty long, about 8 hrs in total spread over 5 video's. Out of all of Thich Nhat Hanh's talks on YouTube I think I enjoyed these the most, there is such a rest that emanates...
  16. cpuusage

    Anthony the Great

    Anthony the Great - St Antony in the Desert Playing with Demon. | Robert Lenkiewicz | Paintings and Original Works Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons | Martin Schongauer | 20.5.2 | Work of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art Discerner of Spirits – St...
  17. Mr.NiceGuy

    Gravity and schizophrenia

    check out my free wheelin' art How Gravity Works - YouTube
  18. L


    I find that listening to chilled tracks from artists such as Dido helps the mind 😀 Haddaway - What Is Love - YouTube
  19. cpuusage

    Recovery in Action

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3_tvVt5sJc Uploaded on Aug 10, 2011 Artists who have experienced mental illness show their art and speak of how art has helped in their recovery.
  20. D

    Collecting music obsessively

    I'm talking about collecting music from your favourite artists and understanding that you'll never have everything they've ever recorded, it's impossible for a number of reasons but 1 being that without a doubt there's songs recorded that were deleted or thrown away over time and never heard...