1. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Really Pissed Off

    I have had massive problems my whole life, as long as I can remember, have never fitted-in, never really understood why. But I'm starting to :) When I was nipper in primary school, I took some real shit. I was once massively embarrassed by a teacher, who put me before the class and smacked my...
  2. Beergardenweather

    Self help books etc

    Can anyone recommend any self help book or websites they have found useful? I really need to get my screwed up head out of my fat arse and try to help myself.
  3. I

    What would your final ever, ever, thread be on a bipolar forum ?

    Tricky, I think that I would be something that kicks them up the arse but its hard to do that without offending anyone.
  4. P

    Not coping......

    ............................. ............................... ........................... I have nothing to say.... Apart from life sucks major arse
  5. rasselas.redux

    Are you a mardy arse?

    Are you a mardy arse?
  6. rasselas.redux

    goose fat arse

    my darling, my true love, my designated mating partner, my babe, wot does automatically upon capturing me override all previous designations of aforesaid terms, which must all now from hereon be considered to be warm-ups und reheasals, was a-cookin' up a plateful of delights one recent winter...
  7. C


    I've had enough. What a fucking embarassment - talking to your youngest and telling him you're broken. I just want it to be over. Most folks on here think I am an arse. I can't do my job today. Please - could this be over soon
  8. L

    Looking for answers

    Just joined as at the end of my tether now,depression is kicking my arse and nowhere to turn.
  9. FallenAngel

    Risperidone Day 4

    I am finding this ok. After going caffeine free I had headaches on Saturday. I am finding myself not so sluggish in the morning which is a really good sign. As for my warning via pm, poke it up your arse. If giving advice is a bad thing then close the damn site down.
  10. R


    Can't control my jealousy over my wife.,she does nothing wrong but any bloke gets friendly I can't handle it. I become a complete arse is this a condition or just being silly!anyone had this problem
  11. C

    supressing everything

    so im working now, being myself...the confident, excited person. but i dont know what to say about how i feel. my father died this august, i took over the admin and everything. ive not just inherited a death, now i worry about my nan. i feel like im taking responsibility for a person i dont know...
  12. R

    Can't even do a poxy voluntary job

    I can't even do a poxy little voluntary job without getting voices and panic. Pain in the fucking arse!! That is all!!:low:
  13. J

    Ah sod it, I'm gonna get a part time job.

    So I was thinking of ending my claim for DLA, I don't really need it anymore, so I'd only get £110 a week, the thing is if I worked about 20 hours a week I'd get the same cash and full housing and council tax benefit. If somone asks me what I've been doing for the last few years I'll tell 'em...
  14. J

    Time to sort myself out.

    Been on a bender for the last two days, time to sober up and get myself together. My friend Mr Smirnoff has gone back unopened in the cupboard and I'm going to get my arse on the cushion, this enlightenment business won't sort itself out.
  15. bobshocker

    What the F*** are you looking at?

    Does my arse look big in this?
  16. F

    Finally bit the bullet

    After a hellish week I rang my cpn. How much I will actually be able to tell her when she gets here I dont know, I will either clam up and say nothing and go "Im fine really" or I will have a hysterical moment and blurt it all out, neither of which will do me any good! I have a horrible feeling...
  17. bubbling under

    My bed has been occupied all day.....and I cant sleep

    I've worked 55hr week, and today Im so exhausted and low I've not actually made it out of bed except for the necessary. So here I am at nearly 1am, still wide awake, over thinking everything and feeling bloody fed up. At one point I found myself planning an extreme sport in my head...yes I was...
  18. D

    just a quick one?

    i have been in a recently over reflective mood,and having been musing over this one question how do i know if my behaviour is down to bp?or maybe im just a bit of an arse sometimes how to tell the difference? i personally think the answer is insight or intention any thoughts