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  1. S

    Husband Sectioned tonight 😞

    So managed to get husband a 2 night stay on a clinical psychiatrist unit tonight, but refused to go in when got there his family held him down and police arrested him 😫 How the he'll do things get better from this 🤔
  2. H


    I’m hearing voices that are telling me to do bad things and I’m scared. Last time I tried to seek help I was arrested. I don’t know what to do! Please help x
  3. sahasrara

    TW suicide

    I need to go. Split with bf yesterday, he won't leave it. He hasn't cared in months but now it's all his business. I need to go but I don't know how. I'm sat parked up in my car but I can't go anywhere as I have no fuel, can't buy anything as I have no money. Can't go home as ex is there. He's...
  4. O

    The most freekest song in my life happend today

    I was enjoying church. The song came on called "were you there?" It goes like this. Were you there, were you there. You was cold. You was naked. Were you there? A voice in my head said run for the hills don't get arrested. OMG what a very scary song... I want to swear badly.
  5. Tired Daisy

    I have a problem

    Well I've had this problem for a while my doctor won't take notice tho. Today I went to a pet shop to get some bird feed to feed my wood pigeon which I'm looking after and I walked out the shop without paying and I felt like crap and embarrassed then I returned back to the shop to apologize and...
  6. M

    Experience of people with mental health conditions in police custody or witness to an event

    Experience of people with mental health conditions in police custody or witness to an event I know of people who declare MH conditions after being arrested, or the police have them on computer as having MH conditions , Being held in police cells a lot longer than ,the average jo who gets nicked...
  7. V


    The police arrested me after an attempt and put me in a cell where I managed to do another attempt. They ran out of the cell and wanted to lock the door but I ran after them. So they gave me a few injections (tranxene and dormicum) in my bum and through my hand. They restrained me for 1,5 hour...
  8. T

    Help With Separation

    I could really use some help while I am dealing with this Separation from my hubby. He got me arrested for no reason early last month. He came home in a really terrible mood one day from work and he was taking it all out on me by yelling at me nonstop. While I was on the phone trying to figure...
  9. B


    Hi, my name is Mallory and I am new here, I have been diagnosed with depression, which later on got switched to Bi-polar disorder, and then after that PTSD I have been struggling with my mental health status since I was 12. I have gotten it pretty self maintained to actually deal with life...
  10. S

    Help for my friend

    Hi, I have a friend who I have known since high school who was quite a popular lad, we are both in our early 30s now. I didn't see much of him for five years or so but since seeing him a couple of years ago he randomly pops round to my house every now and again. I noticed a while back that he...
  11. C

    constant fear

    Hi all. As you might know, my court date is rapidly approaching. I've got psychiatric assessment next week & court the week after. The assessment will help my case but until then, I'm on my own & have to try deal with the stress. I'm drinking twice as much & not really eating. Can't keep...
  12. BillFish

    Am I being executed? That's not right': Confused last words of schizophrenic

    Am I being executed? That's not right': Confused last words of schizophrenic I'd like to point out, that I read many news papers from around the globe, including the daily mail, and I believe that you ignore the trends of opinion of working class Britain's at your peril;) Hence this dailymail...
  13. C

    court friday

    After 8 months, I'm in court friday. So dreading it. I know it will be straightforward but if I don't go I'll be arrested. Today last day of drinking. Need detox so I have clear head for the day. This case dragged on so long stressing me. Should have been sorted long ago
  14. P

    So it's official: my life is always going to suck!

    At least, I think it will. I really no longer have the confidence left in me to bother doing anything and this entire ordeal has hurt my pride. And I will never get a chance to resolve my issues with **** and ******, so there is that as well. You probably remember me talking about my former...
  15. C

    stress, stress & more stress

    Well people. Tomorrow my trial at crown court. This has dragged on for nearly a year now. I'm so panicky I know the panic attacks will kick in. And if I don't go I'll be arrested anyway. Worst case I'll get a fine or community service. It's just the anticipation. Very intimidating crown court.if...
  16. jems89

    One Alter hates therapy

    One of my alters seems to absolutely hate therapy and get very angry and upset by it which leads to them taking control after the therapy session and basically going on the rampage .... this only really happens after a therapy session. It's led to me getting arrested twice and section 136'd...
  17. P

    I have issues getting back to my (supported) flat.

    Hello. For over 3 years, I lived in supported accommodation since I have an autism condition. Anyway, there were issues due to the fact I believe I was deceived in regards to two women that previously supported me. One of the ladies was also my key worker. They were no longer comfortable...
  18. SomersetScorpio

    I'm Scared

    Don't know whether to try a sensible thread or just let it out.... My sister is currently staying and she has done something to deliberately antagonise my brother. He's not found out yet, but when he does, I don't know what will happen. I'm scared - not just for myself - but particularly for...
  19. sahasrara

    this is it

    This is it. The truth has come out. Im done with all this. Finished wuth struggling. And fighting and the let down and hurt. Sitting in my car in the cold dark. Self harming. I don't deserve to be here I should be dead. Bf threatening to get me arrested. For wat.... wanting to die. I have no...
  20. I

    Getting arrested for damaging hospital property?

    Did the hospital you were in have a policy that if you damaged property you would get arrested?