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  1. K

    Have bipolar, condstant mania cant take meds

    I have bi polar and had to go off all my meds after having a cardiac arrest, now im maniac all the time, i need help
  2. C

    Being helpless right now

    Hi everyone.. I need some serious successions. How can I overcome the problem of not being open up to my therapist after a period of 5 months.. still I m afraid of her and when I just imagine my upcoming session my heart comes to my throat and I feel like I m having respiratory arrest.. what...
  3. T

    Anxious and depressed. I need help...

    Hi I will tell you about what's happend to me and how I'm depressed and anxious. When I was five my mother left and it hurt me and my father, it hurt him to the point he couldn't stay at home and we would drive around visiting his friends. He used to leave me with these teenage girls. And on a...
  4. Wiseowl

    This Government Have No Understanding

    Taken from The Independent there is a sound recording on the original article. Eric Pickles tells survivor of alleged child abuse: 'Adjust your medication' - UK Politics - UK - The Independent Eric Pickles tells survivor of alleged child abuse: 'Adjust your medication' Mental health...
  5. A

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    The connection between mind and body is never as ambiguous as when the body is near death. Reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) in people who suffer cardiac arrest or other life-threatening traumas are unexplained by current science. Theories of psychological, physiological, and...
  6. ali

    debt !!!

    Hi guys, I have balliffs coming to my house tommorow... Its stressing me out so much I dont know what to do my local citezens advise is closed for the day i they are coming to get all my worldly possesions and arrest me first thing in the morning .... I cant handle it..........any help much...