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  1. K

    Feel so lost

    It's been a while. But I've hit yet another brick wall. All I want to do is self-harm. I've already hurt my arms and legs. Really don't know what to do for the best anymore :(
  2. Stacy

    BPD Out of Body

    I just joined this site and seeking support. Lately, I have been feeling super depressed, getting anxiety attacks and these out of body expieriences. Out of body feels as if I am looking at someone else. My hands and arms don;t feel as though they are my own. At times I go to touch my arms...
  3. I

    Hello all.

    My name is Thomas. I am joining this forum to hopefully find some answers. Or at least confirmation that what I'm experiencing is true. A couple of months ago, I started having these issues. I was just being pure dumb and it started to bother me. I was working at a mechanic shop at the time, and...
  4. H

    Tips on how to fight tremors?

    Hello! Within the past 2 weeks my anxiety has progressively worsened and has now given me constant tremors which make it difficult to function properly. The tremors are in my arms (biceps downwards) and throughout my legs. The tremors are always there but I don't really bother about it, however...
  5. tigerfish


    I want To wake up to find that my life has just been a very long and terrifying horrific nightmare and find my 4 year old self safe in the arms of my Mum!!
  6. J

    Worst night in a while

    Long story short, I don't think i've ever felt so low, so guilty and ashamed. I'm not one to self harm but after going to work with my arms i actually feel a bit better.
  7. Black_Roses


    Feeling really shitty right now, I'm in hospital, I've been ill since Monday, finally sought help on Friday (Saturday today) after being rushed in with suspected meningitis/septicaemia, I've had a bleed on the brain, not sure what it's called but it's rare :scratch: something hemorrhage it's...
  8. anouska

    Depakote, MS, anxiety or combination?

    I shake a lot. As some here know, I've been diagnosed with MS & since then, the shakes have got worse. I'm suffering with anxiety I know that, but I have also blamed the MS for the tremors. It could also be the Depakote, couldn't it? I'm shaking so much, my legs shake, hands & arms...
  9. P

    When someone scans/ looks at your arms.

    One of my tutors has found out that i use to self harm. Now it isn't a problem I am an open person about it as long as I feel the people I am talking to have an open mind about it. Anyways, I went to talk to her today and she literally scanned my arms and looked at them staring at one of my...
  10. BillFish

    Just got the ESA questionnaire :/

    Just got the ESA questionnaire, so will have to take some time and fill it in properly.Although I gather from online and the media that it doesn't actually matter what I send to the ESA gestapo, they will forge ahead anyway.Some really pointless questions in it that are designed and geared to...
  11. Zoe :)

    Don't know how I'm feeling

    I'm panicking, but I'm not.. I don't know why I'm so worried and worked up but I am.. I feel angry and I'm getting that sh tingling feeling up my arms and on my neck :/ I'm scared but I don't know why.. I feel like crying and screaming :(
  12. K


    with a resounding trumpet blast full of hope i lift my dejected arms to the grey skies in search of answers in search of meaning in search of life i meander my way through a familiar memory letting her wrap her arms around my neck i lose any friendly burden clawing its way through my chest...
  13. K

    Need help with self harm addiction

    So I have been self harming for a long tine now and my legs and arms are covered in scars. I really just need support and tips so I can work toward stopping
  14. bobshocker

    Getting bad, and getting bad may lead to getting good, which will be bad.

    Getting bad, and getting bad may lead to getting good, which will be bad. Today, another day in bed, day dreaming, snoozing, reading. Down, the pain in the chest just isn't heartburn. I've tried suicide once, I don't want to again, but I been thinking about it, because it's seductive and...
  15. H

    Why does it have to be my arms?

    Ok... so I sh. I am trying to stop but sometimes it feels too strong an urge to stop. I am trying to minimise marks and scars, more for the benefit of my kids than anything. Don't want them seeing, or anyone else that would comment/give them a hard time. So I do it to my feet, abdomen, toes...
  16. sahasrara

    hes back...

    My best friend / ex who I told 2 get lost a few months ago, I had a dream about him last week an not been able to get him out of my mind but I still dint want anything 2 do with him but then he text me asking if I was ok, so I replied, we agreed 2 meet up an have a catch up, so he came over last...
  17. T

    Haloperidol - Help

    I have been put on Haloperidol this week after trying Olanzapine, which i found didnt do anything except making me eat more!!! I was just wondering how people are managing this drug and how long it takes to take effect. Im on 2mg at night, and last night was the worse, i had jumpy legs, arms...
  18. jman82383

    Anybody picture wierd images w bi polar

    Any body picture wierd things in there mind with bipolar. Sonetimes I picture people as zombies. Pictures arms coming out of various objects. Is this a sign of bipolar ir juzt a fucked up imagination
  19. L

    arms are burning

    woke up in agony with my arms, I don't think they've usually hurt this much, maybe I haven't noticed, the burning sensation is a painful constant reminder of what I do to hide certain things, and how close I come to losing it all, oh the feeling.
  20. L

    after 9 months of not self-harming, i did it today

    i don't really know what happened, but i did it, i kind of blacked out, and then i remember seeing it on my arms. i was doing so well, i hadn't SH since september and today it all went down the pan.