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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    i have no choice-well that is how it feels

    so terrified am i of abandonment the self harming is increasing to dangerous levels i know i can't go into details but it is life threatening manager of MH centre said 'you know what you are doing' yes i do but that doesn't make the emotional pain any easier to avoid doing it so scared of...
  2. F

    Pedometer watch

    Well that was a ******* waste of £11. Just got a pedometer watch from Amazon and tried it out by walking up and down the kitchen and hallway . Half the time or more it doesn't record any steps. I thought it might be due to arm movement but that makes no difference. It's ******* pointless if it...
  3. Poppy2014

    It's going to be a long journey: otherwise known as getting back to exercising

    It's going to be a long journey: otherwise known as getting back to exercising I'm going to try and keep a journal of my exercise journey as it made such a positive difference last time I started exercising. I have fibromyalgia, complex pain, a whole host of physical injuries that have...
  4. M

    OCD triggers.

    What can trigger OCD in a child? I remember when I did certain things because of OCD when I was a child but they seemed to get worse after I got cut on my arm and got a deep scar because of it. I was never the same. So what I'm saying is: There were warning signs of OCD before I got cut but...
  5. L

    Self harm

    Really high urges to self harm again and again. I want to be hurt. I want pain.
  6. M

    Severley messed up

    I've had an eating disorder for over 5 years. It's gotten to a point where everyone around me who knows about it has had enough. They just expect me to get over it, like its a broken arm. I try, but its not that easy. I dont know how much longer i can live like this, if you can even call it...
  7. J

    Weird experience

    Yesterday, whilst discussing an issue that's causing me stress and depression, I had some unusual symptoms. I felt as though my left arm didn't exist, and felt like the right arm wanted to claw its way through it. I had an image in my head of my right arm tearing through my left arm. I ended...
  8. Lisa-Marie666

    My gran has cancer

    For over a year my gran has been back and forth to the hospital having tests. She's had x-rays. MRI's, CT's, biopsies, you name it. They suspected she had lung cancer so kept doing more tests. Then they found a problem with her liver and she had really bad pain in her arm where she can't even...
  9. 2

    self harm?

    I sometimes get really angry and I tend to hurt myself, it's only normally at night time when my cat stresses me out from crying all night, other the that I don't really do it, I don't mean to do it and I don't want to hurt myself nor do I have intentions to do it, I have ocd and anxiety and it...
  10. K


    I have the implant in my arm was just wondering if that could do with the way I'm feeling ???
  11. Sparklypurplepaws

    self harmed in sleep????

    So, I woke up at about three this morning, my arm was hurting, I went to the toilet and looked at my arm and there's self harm all over it - my initial thoughts were that ally - the girl has done it - it looks like what I'd do 20 years ago, I never sh where it's obvious and this is superficial...
  12. S

    I want to tell

    I roll into the room with my left arm tucked into its sleeve, almost-but-not-quite covered to the knuckle. There's plaster under there, hidden just clumsily enough that somebody might notice. If they come close enough. But people have learned, by now, that I do not appreciate their pity -- or...
  13. I'm Kate

    on the dissociative scale

    Hello Currently going through trauma therapy, I've been told that I am on the dissociative scale. Although I haven't been told whereabouts I am officially on the scale, I know that I scored 42 on the Dissociative Experiences Scale which puts me above the threshold for DID, though this May not...
  14. Zoe :)

    Pains and weakness

    My arm where I have sh'd a lot has been getting pains.. Feels like something is stuck in a vein and I have to keep rubbing it.. And I wake up and my arm feels weak.. Could this be caused by sh? I haven't done anything serious is a good while
  15. M


    I'd really like to. I can't feel anything. Except my trigger spot on my arm. I'd feel better if i did.
  16. P

    need help with the scar on my arm... want it gone... pic incl.. so may be triggering

    need help with the scar on my arm... want it gone... pic incl.. so may be triggering Not sure of this has worked.. but anyways here is the scar left on my arm.. its about 10 months old and i really want rid of it.. its just above my elbow.. does anyone have suggestions? I do have other scars...
  17. B

    Cover Up Scars?

    Hi, I'm an ex-self harmer, and my injuries have all healed over. But I still have 15 scars on my left arm, and I have to wear long-sleeved shirts during P.E. etc. Yesterday, my best friend (who knows about it) was annoyed at me for not being able to compete in the swimming gala. I tried...
  18. P

    hate it when this happens :\

    ive not self harmed for a while...not to sure the exact amount of time as i didn't remember the date incase i told my mam and for whatever reason if she was like .. oh you haven't self harmed in a month, year etc... when really i had relapsed and i obviously wouldn't tell her.. and she would be...
  19. xRedxSecretsx

    believeable excuse?

    I need a real believeable excuse for a bandage on my arm close to my elbow. Any ideas would be great
  20. B

    Anyone experienced heart and left arm pain while taking Olanzapine (zyprex)?

    Anyone experienced heart and left arm pain while taking Olanzapine (zyprex)? I just started taking it a few days ago and yesterday I felt pain starting in my chest and going along my left arm. Then the the arm pain stopped and just started hurting again in the center of my chest. This just...