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  1. Funnyday

    My Landlord thinks that I'm growing Cannabis

    That has to be the reason that they want to come into my home so much. From carrying out the Annual Gas safety check every nine months. Then a quality control inspection. To now wanting access to all areas of my flat for an asbestos check. That's inside cupboards and in every room too. Why don't...
  2. S

    OCD for 1.5 years

    Hello all. I have been suffering with a very strange OCD for one and half years. I used to suffer from ritualistic behavior when I was younger, arranging, hand washing, rapid eye blinking, but I was somehow able to get over it. Without getting into too many specifics, I started having intrusive...
  3. H

    Learn a new language

    When I was in hospital they told me that hearing voices involved a problem with the speech and language parts of the brain Brocas and Wernickes Areas, the left temple and around the left ear. These areas deal with how we acquire language and how we arrange our thoughts. Language is said to be...
  4. C

    No idea what to do with my life

    I thought I would have it all figured out by now, but I don't. I want a job, but I have absolutely no skill, especially communication wise, every time I look at the list of jobs available around my area I feel like crying because I realise how pathetic I am at everything and how worthless I will...
  5. P

    Hello everyone

    Hi, My name is Przem, I am a big fan self improvement science nlp, hypnosis and coaching metods helps me a lot in almost all life areas. I know, that I still have a lot of work by myself and belive, that this forum can help me. And strongly belive I sometimes help others. All the best, Przem
  6. cpuusage

    The Soul Net

    There is a lot written about this in different writings. What are other people's thoughts / opinions on it all? i feel that there is some element of truth to it all. It matches up with so many other areas of research. Soul-Catching Net: We Are “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix |...
  7. cpuusage

    Dark Goddesses

    "Darker Goddesses are not evil. Dark goddesses travel where others fear to tread. They move through the veils between the worlds and into the shadows of powerful magick. They bravely venture into the Underworld and dive into the areas that other shy away from like death, transformation...
  8. cpuusage

    Universal Spirituality

    Gnostic, Mystic, Esoteric & Shamanic Traditions across time, cultures & religions seems to be pretty Universal in ways. Are we headed towards some kind of more Universal Spirituality at some stage, & a move away from exoteric/organised religions, despite seeing the current rise in extremism &...
  9. Unique1

    Am I getting it wrong?

    Fairly new here , just found this forum for local areas, looks like no one has posted for some time, ? Do these area forums tend not to be used, ?
  10. R

    Hello (no points for originality)

    Hello, if you live in Essex or surrounding areas please come and say hello.
  11. cpuusage

    A History of Madness & a search for Healing

    i wanted to share about my story again. i'm over 12 years clean & sober from addiction, & it's been over 9 years since my last major psychotic episode/breakdown. But things have been & still are a struggle, & i have a lot of difficulty with overall functioning & coping with everything. There...
  12. F


    hi anyone in kimberley surounding areas could really do with a support group to join!
  13. M

    In my opinion Brain abnormalities are of critical importance to BPD, medicines to treat them are emerging

    In my opinion Brain abnormalities are of critical importance to BPD, medicines to treat them are emerging I know DBT is all the rage. And that's good, I think it is helpful. But I don't think it can be more than somewhat helpful for someone with severe BPD. I know quite a lot of people with...
  14. E

    I never knew

    Wow been using this forum on and off for a while now and never knew this Manchester group was here its cool knowing there are a few locals here but gotta be honest Most areas in Manchester freak me out! Haha where are people from ?
  15. shaky

    Hallucinations - what are they?

    On the Philosophy Bites podcast we had a lady talking about hallucinations. She had three possible sources, although the third I won't mention because it was a philosophical conceit and had no basis in neuroscience. 1. That the brain areas associated with sight/sound are being stimulated...
  16. cpuusage

    Spiritual Crisis - Emergency/Emergence

    "It is possible to undergo a profound crisis involving non-ordinary experiences and to perceive it as pathological or psychiatric when in fact it may be more accurately and beneficially described as a spiritual emergency." Spiritual crisis networks (in many major countries) - Australia -...
  17. mygirl1uk

    Advice on SH scars

    I need advice on my SH scars, Whats the best way to help them fade? I have a lot in one area which i cover atm, how long will they take to fade and will anything help them? Im not bothered about other areas as have found they are not known by people.
  18. A

    Care homes 'neglect older people'

    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/care-homes-neglect-older-people-000700607.html The healthcare needs of elderly people are considered a "secondary requirement" in some of Britain's care homes, a report has found. While certain institutions fail to meet even basic standards, staff at only 38% of...
  19. angiebib1976

    Link to CMHT Details for Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

    Hi Here is a link to the Community Mental Health Teams for Lancaster and the surrounding areas. http://www.lancs-mentalhealthhelpline.nhs.uk/search/area_search.php?condition_ID=47&vars%5Bpostcode%5D=LA1&submit=Submit&label=Lancaster+and+Morecambe Angie
  20. C

    Leeds people???

    Hi is there anyone from Leeds and surrounding areas? x