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  1. F

    North Fort Myers, Fl Here

    Like to know if there is anyone from the Fort Myers area here. If yes, hopefully we can support one and another
  2. S

    Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    According to my experience I discovered the main area from which obsessive-compulsive disorder is generate, It's an introduction to the nose. A duct tape was affixed to that area, The result is that the patient gets rid of 85% of obsessive-compulsive disorder, in my opinion.
  3. aspieguy1984

    Anyone from N.nevada/Lake Tahoe area?

    Im in N. Nevada/Lake Tahoe area. Looking to see if im the only one. Would like to maybe have someone to talk to via text.
  4. hopefulthinking

    the unspoken rule of thought broadcasting

    Is there a really is this unspoken Rule and it's not people just being assholes and l saying it to somebody.... Can someone who is going through the same thing as me possibly in the same area as me...nj... Meet up and be able to tell each other the facts.. ? Just a suggestion.
  5. S

    Allergy Season..

    Here in the Southwest we have these bushes called Juniper.. They are a great annoyance in the spring due to pollenating. When it happens, don't panic.. The bushes grow well over 10 ft. plus.. And when they pollenate, puffs of white pollen drift out of the foliage.. It looks exactly like...
  6. S

    The area between the eyebrows and schizophrenia.

    I tested areas of the body that are affected when angry, and discovered that the area most important is the area between the eyebrows. If we press the area with the fingers we find that the patient remains calm and not affected by the positions. I also discovered that this method protects the...
  7. D

    Advice Needed For A Partner of BPD/EUPD and PTSD

    Hi all my partner who I love very much suffers from BPD. On her best days she is amazing, but when she is in an episode it can be hard and I hate seeing her like it. I know she desperately doesn't want to be like it and she has tried everything she can, which is mainly what the NHS can offer...
  8. F

    Moving to a universal credit area ,drop in income

    I will be moving to a universal credit area on Monday. I've found via the benefits calculators I'll be over £40 a week worse off . Thus coupled with a previous drop of income in the change from dla to pip I'll have lost nearly £90 a week. This government certainly hates the disabled. The...
  9. J

    Dunstable Bedfordshire

    Hi everyone, I am new on here, is there anyone on here from my area.
  10. cpuusage

    Understanding Spiritual Crisis, w Dr. David Lukoff

    Good Video concerning spiritual emergency / differential diagnosis, & explores the area of healing / transformation from some of what comes under the psychoses. Spiritual Competency Online CE resources for Psychologists, Nurses and Mental Health professionals. Understanding Spiritual Crisis...
  11. S

    Focus on the chest area is the key to treating schizophrenia.

    As shown in the picture we see that the red zone is a place of disturbance in the mental patient, especially those suffering from schizophrenia. In my opinion doing anything healthy makes this area calm down and help solve the problem from its roots.
  12. cpuusage

    Methylation Deficiency / Disregulation?

    Google 'Methylation Deficiency'. Could be part of the puzzle for some people. It's an interesting little area of research anyway. Methylation: What it is and how it affects you | Samantha Gilbert
  13. J

    new home

    Hi ive suffred with anxitey and been single for long time. I have small dog wich keeps me busy and helps with liveing alone. but sometimes just miss human contact. i have just moved into new area flat with own garden wich lovely.but area is full of familes and worried as single person liveing...
  14. Kerome

    Choosing a new life

    So, I'm contemplating getting a paying job again in the near future, and I've been thinking for a while what I want to do. It's difficult, because while my career to date has been mostly in technology, I would like to do something more meaningful, more helpful to my fellow man, something that...
  15. Skywalker


    Anyone from Durham area on esa? My anxiety is sky high with it all
  16. S

    Difficult Times - No support & No one to turn too

    Surrounded by what can only be defined as enemies. :innocent::doh2: Reminds me of growing up in north wales and why I 'never!!!!' wanted to come back here and live among these nasty rotten people:low: A people that willingly like/love to see you/others destroyed or suffer for their own...
  17. shadow8

    Bring Mental and Physical health system more in line (UK)

    Hiya It has been years since I have been on this forum and my life has changed and for once I had some good times, nothing amazing but just feeling I was moving forward for the first time in my life, which felt pretty amazing to me. This year that all came crashing down sadly and I am having to...
  18. I

    Psychiatrist quit, eek!

    Just venting. So I arrived for my appointment on Friday, only to find the office was closed. Unusual, usually when the doctor can't make it, they call me. So this morning, bright and early, I called to reschedule. They closed because the psychiatrist had to go to the hospital (as in get...
  19. M

    What type of psychological institute is this?

    I just finished reading this article How to Find the Best Therapist for You | Psychology Today The writer says she likd to get her referrals by calling institutes who will refer her to therapists in her area. My question is: what kind of institutes is she talking about specifically? School...
  20. I

    Anyone lonely wanting to be my friend in the Suffolk area?

    Hi I'm not sure if its allowed on here but I'm looking to make friends and wondered if anyone living in Suffolk area wants to be my friend? Thank you