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  1. v01ce5

    Animation all about hearing voices

    This is excellent and easy to follow intro to the hearing voices approach! Here are two short movies about voice hearing
  2. M

    Jungian approach to bipolar

    The following might be of interest to any who like "Jungian" approach to psychology: A JUNGIAN ESSAY ON BIPOLAR DISORDER (MANIC-DEPRESSION) MS
  3. R

    A New Approach to Mental Health: Improving Outcomes for All

  4. ReddishOfRed

    "Bipolar Advantage" - What do you think about this approach?

    Ok, here's another one......... What do you think about this: http://www.youtube.com/user/BipolarAdvantage?ob=video-mustangbase#g/f And this: http://www.bipolaradvantage.com/index.php ? As usual I have started to research this. I haven't gone right through it yet. But it looks like a...
  5. MimiMartini


    Hi, My name is Claire, I also get called Mimi, either is fine by me :) I have anxiety and post natal depression. I've been struggling with depression since I was 14 and I'm now 24, I had my daughter at 21 and it all just kicked up a notch. I also have a self harm problem which no one in my...
  6. A

    scared to tell my family

    I've been stable for about 3 months but the last few days i've felt the depression coming back. I'm so nervous about telling friends and family cuase they are so pleased i was doing so well. I dont know how to approach the subject. I feel like i'm letting everyone down
  7. diamondshine

    new approach, same result

    Ok so I was talking to my friend earlier and we decided on a new approach to avoid the nightmare evenings when I just sit in my room and want to SH and/or OD. New approach is to take olanzipine early (6pm), take diazepam around then too if i need to...and then take zopiclone at 10 so that I'm in...
  8. oneday

    12 Steps approach to emotional or mental health problems?

    Recently I’ve again started reading a book called ‘The Zen of Recovery’. It’s by a guy in America called Mel Ash. He was an alcoholic (or is a recovering alcoholic, as they’d say in AA), severely abused by his parents as a child, who used the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and their 12 Steps...
  9. dib4uk

    Your help needed , many thanks

    During this week i saw my care cordinator who said that i was non cpa. My question is what is the difference between a care plan approach and a non cpa? Many thanks for those who answer my question. :tongue::D
  10. R

    Employer's approach to bipolar?

    How do employers look at bipolar? What I mean is, would declaring it make getting a job harder? I have avoided the assessments I have been given over and over because I don't want to be "bound" to disclosing that I am. But as things approach breaking point I am going to need medication and I...
  11. amathus

    New approach to breathing reduces panic / anxiety symptoms. Article...

    http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/212162.php qf.
  12. Rosepoet

    cod liver oil helped

    i started this last month to take cod liver oil lots fruit juice esp pineapple and brewers yeast. i have gradually been improving. normally i dont believe in dietry approach but have felt amazing also cut out caffeine and upped sugar intake. listen to your body i guess.
  13. A

    First Do No Harm and DSM - Part I: An empty slogan?

    Source - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mood-swings/201005/first-do-no-harm-and-dsm-part-i-empty-slogan Allen Frances, the head of DSM-IV, emphasizes that we need to be conservative about changes in DSM-5. First and last, he says, the guiding principle should be Do No Harm. We should...
  14. S

    Enlightened Witness

    I am very eager to find myself an enlightened witness as described in Alice Millers books...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Miller_(psychologist) However I am finding it very hard to locate one at all never mind in my vicinity. I am very interested in a treatment in London which combines...
  15. M

    Getting back into work

    Hi, Ive basically not done anything in the past 6 years. Ive been signed off sick and just, not been able to do anything. But I am so sick of my family and friends going on about jobs, and sick of the way I live, that I want to change. I need to get a job. But Im not really even living in the...
  16. W

    Modified Care Programme Approach

    This topic may already have been discussed on the forum, so apologies if that is the case. Also I'm no expert on it! At the end of last year modifications were introduced to the Care Programme Approach. CPA has been around for quite some time and has been modified before. Until the end of...