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  1. Drooo

    Psychiatrist appointments in the UK

    I just wanted to ask what the norm is regarding this. I'm speaking more so about secondary care and the scheduled appointments with a psychiatrist that occur every 4-6 months. What I want to know is, do you see a different psychiatrist each time or do you see the same one? I keep getting...
  2. W

    Depressed and lost

    I have had depression my whole life, I've never been "normal" or had a "normal" life. That's OK because I've had many good times in my life too. Later I developed anxiety, and then not too much later after I developed PTSD from an abusive ex, 2 abusive friends, and 2 stalkers. I am safe and...
  3. E

    Slowly giving up

    I've anxiety mostly day and night, depression as well, I feel low all time, its not got better even with councillor appointments Its like a dark cloud over me all time, I feel I'm struggling now.
  4. A

    Wanting but not getting any help

    feel so rejected I survived a suicide attempt couple weeks ago and I've started to hear voices when I'm feeling super anxious (I also have an bipolar disorder) I feel like I need a professional to talk to but my psychiatrist has cancelled our two appointments and the metal healt institution In...
  5. M

    Been to 3 EIP appointments

    1st app was to discuss my problems. 2nd app was for further information/background etc. 3rd which I had last week was with a doctor to discuss what medication I'm taking. Been there over a month now, with 3 appointments. They said that they're going to discuss my case with other Doc's etc in...
  6. E

    The Work Programme

    Today I turned up for my Work Programme appointment and YET AGAIN the person I was supposed to see was not there, this is the second time in a row it's happened & I've actually lost count of the number of times it's happened since I was put on it 18 months ago. I think I will contact the head...
  7. A

    Hi newbie here

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself and hoping someone can point me in the right direction (which sub-forum i should use, etc.) My girlfriend of almost 5 years has suffered with Anxiety, OCD, panic attacks for 4 of those years, which in turn caused her to...
  8. M

    Would this bother anyone else or am I being over sensitive?

    This social worker of mine.When we have appointments, they are around 30 minutes. Now bare in mind I have to take a taxi to the mental health buildiing and back because I can't use public transport,it is a bit much.There is no way round that,as thanks to nhs policies, Iam unable to be under the...
  9. E

    Not coping with my anxiety

    Hi all, im new here so not sure if im doing this right. Basically i have quite severe GAD and depression and im really struggling at the moment. Ive had 3 sessions of CBT and although it is slightly helping i feel like i need something to go alongside it. I normally see my GP inbetween my CBT...
  10. G

    These are just things beyond your control Deal with it

    I think just leaving the title and giving no explaination would be offensive and upsetting to people suffering any sort of mental illness or problems. These words were said to me after my psychiatrists attended his 2pm and 2.30pm appointments before my 1.30pm. As you can imagine the fact that he...
  11. Foxjo

    My doctor has died and I'm devastated

    My GP has died. He took over my care about five years ago when I moved. I was in a fragile and volatile state. He took time (and i mean sometimes 40 mins) to listen to me rambling. I had many many appointments. He got me the correct treatment, he got me stable again. Now he has died and i'm...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    really need your support xx

    im on the very edge of doing something permanent ive got so much going on at the moment i don't know what to worry about first im not coping i have a mole on my face which i had checked by my gp about 6 months ago ,she said it was fine but to go back if it changed ,well it has changed ,im...
  13. K

    Feeling so down

    I am feeling do down and I can't cope anymore. It's lie a black cloud has come over me and I can't shift it. I had stopped self harming for almost 3 weeks but started again yesterday. I was in therapy till 7 weeks ago when I was stepped up and I've been waiting ever since. I rang and they said I...
  14. A

    Housebound and its Groundhog Day again

    Hi I'm new here and just in need of someone to talk to. Just the basic day to day stuff that's going on would be a welcome relief every now and again from my own daily routine. at the moment I'm undiagnosed possible sz or PTSD with psychosis as far as I can tell, I've posted here because I've...
  15. Jojojabini21

    Mirtazapine - ridiculously tired

    Hi, I've been on Mirtazapine for over a week now, I've chosen to take 7.5mg instead of 15mg because I just couldn't wake up of function! Saying that I'm still struggling to get up and constantly feel like I need to go back to sleep. I've read people's opinions to take earlier but I work from...
  16. H

    Where can I go for help?

    A bit of a back story. I believe I have had depression(but I may be wrong) on and off for most of my adult life, maybe longer. The first time I can remember I was around 17(im now 25), though I did not realise I had it until I was about 22. I have always found ways to cope in the past, exercise...
  17. Y

    GP Appointments

    Ok, so before christmas I was visiting my GP on a weekly basis for extra support. I last went on 16th November and then didn't go at all in December, spent christmas in different town with family and grandparents etc Now, although I have coped somewhat, I would like to start the GP appts again...
  18. G

    Back to Square One!!

    I have been unemployed for about 2 weeks now & I am feeling so hopeless. It seemed like everything was getting better for me but they are actually worse. Now that I no longer have a job, I have been unable to attend my doctors appointments or get the anxiety medications I need. I just feel like...
  19. S

    Withdrawing from care.

    I had my first appointments with a new cmht after recently moving house. They are offering a lot more support than previous team, cpn, ot, medication and possibly psychology. In theory this is great I had my first meeting with cpn and she was lovely and easy to talk to however I just feel so...
  20. T

    My Sons MH issues are affecting my MH issues I'm so frightened

    I've never posted here before and I wasn't really sure where I should post so I hope here is ok. I'm sorry it is so long .I've suffered with anxiety and bouts of depression brought on by a traumatic year of my life. I had CBT and take medication and usually I cope ok. However last August my Son...