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  1. E

    I'm harassing the tribunal people

    I can't help it, they won't respond to my emails, I'm going to keep emailing them till they damn well have the grace to answer me; it's over a year now & I feel like I'm losing my grip on sanity, physical symptoms like eczema on my hand & hair-loss are appearing.
  2. cpuusage

    Everything is Conscious

    If Everything is Consciousness, is Everything Conscious? If Everything is Consciousness, is Everything Conscious? | Science and Nonduality At this year’s conference I’ll be moderating a discussion between Bernardo Kastrup and physicist Christopher Fields. I was motivated to write this essay by...
  3. prairiechick

    Being Productive

    Part of recovery for me means being productive. I have been VERY depressed and anxious since January, and although I am in uni, I have done very little that has been productive, both in terms of course work and every day life. But today for the first time since the end of December I started my...
  4. I


    All of a sudden, i've come over feeling really weird, like i'm about to have a panic attack, i'm not sure what's going on but i'm a bit scared - am at work and want to go home. I'm shaking inside and am paranoid, but then i think i'm making myself paranoid by thinking i'm paranoid - make sense...
  5. bobshocker

    Ok, So I'm in the Office

    And I had to attend a virtual presentation with about 20 others. I dialed in and clicked on the meeting link, and somehow I was given access to annotate the presentation. The speaker was droning on and waxing lyrical in his webcast, then all of a sudden these smiley faces started appearing on...