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  1. L

    End of relationship with SO - never loved me?

    This is likely to be a long post, and I am sorry, but I would really like some reassurance and impartial opinions. My ex boyfriend and I were together for 5.5 years, and were friends for about a year before that. The beginning of our relationship was in person, but the latter half was long...
  2. B

    *Trigger* Really not sure what to do about a parent *long post*

    Ok, this is something thats been keeping me up at night again these last few days, and I really need some help. Before I start, there's some basic things to cover on the situation. 1. I am still living with and financially dependant on my family, for which my father is the biggest source of...
  3. shaky

    Two deaths at Cov & Warks MH Hospital when on 15 minute watch

    A story that was on the TV and radio - but isn't on the website A silicitors firm has been called in to investigate two deaths at the Caludon centre in Coventry that serves Cov and Warks patients over two deaths of inpatients who were on 15 minute watch. One committed suicide in 2012 and an...
  4. catkin

    public apology

    I need to make an apology, to the world, for all the badness, to the suffering people and the animals caught up in it. I don't know how to do that, it feels pointless but absolutely crucial at the same time. Feel responsible for all the bad in the world, and there's so much. It is suffocating...
  5. Lincoln1990

    Name calling

    I've called myself so many bad names on here, on my other site, to Sue and my friend. I've been told that I won't get a reply from Sue if I keep calling myself names and/or negative self talk. That makes me feel like shit. And my friend isn't texting back but I did write an apology PM to her...
  6. Komedian

    I revoked my apology to a guy and don't know how I feel about it.

    I've been trying to apologize to a guy I've disagreed with for a while now. He never really accepted them and I just kept apologizing anyway, and now I just said screw it and revoked my apology. I've told him I'd leave him alone for a while now but I just keep messaging him. Should I just leave...
  7. mrlaurel

    please share if you can.........

    Sister demands apology for brother if you can please share/cross post this as much as you can do (facebook etc.) I would like to see the profile of this case raised into the national media and make the government & atos(ers) aware people will no longer stand for this. sorry to bang on...
  8. mami5


    I owe some of you on here a huge apology about my behaviour on another thread of mine, think it was Thursday/Friday. I appreciate now that you were trying to help me, but ignored all advice at the time. I'm so sorry. Didn't want to worry anyone. Can see now I was in the wrong. Please forgive me.
  9. A

    An Apology

    An Apology to all those that I have argued with over the years that have a different belief system/understanding & different religious & spiritual practises to mine. Sorry. I'm trying my best to be tolerant & understanding of whatever beliefs/religions/& practises anyone else chooses to...
  10. Andrewbpd

    A very large apology

    A very large apology this is not being written in word so please excuse the spelling. i suppose a penny has dropped. if i know some one lectured on BPD i could take the attitude of what the hell do they know. however what i do is totally different. what i do is go into my life in great detail...
  11. B

    What do you do with the sorrys that can't be said?

    As in, I finally have the words to articulate an apology but the recipient would nor want me to say them to him? I feel as though I need to say it aloud just so it's left my mind and gone elsewhere. I have no idea if that will make sense to anyone or not?! I could just post my apology here...