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  1. K

    I think I'm losing it

    I'm so fucked up I don't know how to think straight anymore. My mom has bpd and I'm scared I might be headed the same way. I started self-harming when I was 13, developed disordered eating and social anxiety later on. I'm 23 now and I can't handle life or work or social relationships. Every...
  2. G

    Its too late for me

    If anybody here is willing to read this, here it is. Life has offered me false hope which has been shattered to pieces over and over again. I feel like taking my life someday is extremely likely, maybe inevitable at this point. All my adult years I've been lying to myself, telling myself that I...
  3. Screechout

    Not sure what to do anymore

    I've been super low recently to the point I've come very close to attempting to take my own life again. I'm also finding it very hard to deal with what I feel is rejection from others, I have constant fear that everyone is leaving me all the time whether it be the people in the mental health...
  4. C

    Hi i been here before just need to write this down

    Hi. I am Sebastian Ok i need to share my issues. I feel like i don't know what to do anymore. I just need to write it down. I don't care if anybody reads it or not. Thanks I used to enjoy. I used to. What happened along the way?.... Does it matter ? I am not enjoying now. Not at all. Not...
  5. S

    Severe anxiety that's making me ill

    I'm very new to this. Typing this out makes me anxious as I'm sure people will laugh. I'm 42 and have been single for 6 years. In November someone from work said he fancied me and asked me out. We have been out about half a dozen times. I text him yesterday and got "hey you x" back but nothing...
  6. X

    Tough day everyday

    I’m 27 and have had mental health problems for as long as I remember, today I feel the worst I’ve ever felt. Uncontrollable emotions, been on medication to help for about 3 weeks now, dont feel any better, sick of people asking me how I feel! How am I supposed to feel? I don’t know what’s normal...
  7. S

    New here and struggling with health anxiety

    Hi everyone, I'm feeling very anxious and panicky right now as I'm typing this. I feel so worried I'm always thinking I'm going to die. I get a headache I think it's a brain tumour, I feel sick I think it's some sort of cancer. I can't take it anymore I'm always fearing the worst. I wish I could...
  8. FadeToBlack

    Do I cut contact with the NHS?

    I told them this morning I want a new care coordinator after telling them for months. I said you tell me either way by the end of the day, or that's it I am not dealing with them anymore. I got no call... Shall I keep to what I said? I would find it hard not to if I am honest and this has...
  9. C

    I Don't Know What To Do Anymore.

    I'll start by saying that I don't believe I am depressed? I mean there are people who have been through way worse than what I have so I'm not quite sure and I feel bad thinking I am. Regardless, This is about a heartbreak, I know how original. I had been with this person for a while, shit...
  10. B


    I was wondering if it is possible that I have some mild form of separation anxiety? I have a case where there is one friend who I feel like I always need to know what is going on with them. I feel I need to know where they are at all times, what they’re doing and where they are going. If I see...
  11. P

    I don't know where to turn :-(

    Hi I'm new to this site but I need guidance on what to do. Me and my partner had a preemie baby last Dec born 30+ weeks and it's been a real tough year, so much so I was drinking every night to block it out. I'm gonna start off by saying last night my partner said "You've changed since he...
  12. B

    Just want the pain to end

    I really am not seeing the upside to life anymore. The sadness outweighs the happiness so heavily, I seriously don't see what is so great about living anymore. Everyone says to stick in there and keep trying but for what? Even if everything suddenly turns around and I become normal I will still...
  13. PurpleDaffodils

    How do I keep falling into this cycle?

    Hello all, I am having trouble. I keep falling for guys who appear smart, sweet, like it might go somewhere then I wind up being used for sex or lead on. I tell myself I'm overreacting that it's just anxiety after dealing with a long term sexually abusive relationship, but I just feel so...
  14. garbageg4

    No one wants me anymore

    My kids told me they are done with me for life that all I've done is ruined their lives from the start. At times for their school functionsi will drive 2 hrs to be there for a 15-30 min performance only to turn around and drive 2 hrs back home and they just turn up their noses at me, won't say...
  15. garbageg4

    No one wants me anymore

    My kids told me they are done with me for life that all I've done is ruined their lives from the start. At times for their school functionsi will drive 2 hrs to be there for a 15-30 min performance only to turn around and drive 2 hrs back home and they just turn up their noses at me, won't say...
  16. F

    Just had to come home from a new job due to continued anxiety.

    Hi all I'm feeling absolutely down and I just don't want to be here anymore. I have been at a new job 2 weeks tomorrow, doing the same occupation as I usually do, but I haven't worked for 5 years (did college full time for three years and college part time for 2 years). I have been having...
  17. M

    My story, any advice?

    Ill start from where i made my first mistake which was dropping out of school at 15 due to my social anxiety being so bad. I had been suffering from it since i was 13 but was never diagnosed as i stayed away from doctors and therapists or anywhere i was sent. I dropped out before i even finished...
  18. L

    No way out

    Hello, I have been living with depression on and off for 25 years, these last couple of years I don’t even recognise myself. I have done and said some awful things to family and friends that I love dearly. Some things I’ve done some people still don’t know about and the guilt is slowly killing...
  19. K

    Probably going to kill myself

    I know this seems like a cry for attention but really its not. My 17 year old son committed suicide in june and since then, my life has spiralled out of control. I don't have a job and my partner is stressed at the whole supporting me thing. I thought I'd turned a corner last week and signed up...
  20. garbageg4

    How do you control your thoughts

    All I constantly can think about is not wanting to be here anymore and sex. I know there is more out there. I am bipolar I think I have a bit of hypersexual episodes as well. What do I do?