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  1. M

    Agoraphobia and cbt

    Hey everyone I'm new! English is not my first language so sorry for the mistakes... last year I suffered from many panic attacks - then went to a regular consuling and it helped a lot. This year i'm on my second year of collage - I feel better but stil have severe anxitey when i need to do a...
  2. J


    Hi since moveing in to my place i have had lot time on my own to think and i have this sudden obbesession with naibour not like a stalker. But just wondeing whats shes doing and when she comes home. I think its because shes been freindly and i been single for while and feeling overwhelmed with...
  3. L

    Anxitey ruining dating life

    Hi has Anxitey ruined anyone's dating life?😟😟😟
  4. J

    social anxitey

    i been addenting a confidence course for last few months it ended today and i felt it went rather well, but felt anxitey holded me back from opening up and makeing new connections. i did try to reach out to people, but found very draining. basicey everybody wanted meet out of class for coffe...
  5. J


    in last few months i started have feeling to someone i cant be with as she is someone who is in prossinal postion. i cant get her ou of head i feel obessed with her . i think i see her every day i see people who look like her . i suffer with anxitey and started to have effect on my mental...