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  1. O

    Work Related Anxiety/Depression

    I recently quit a web development job because I was in over my head and felt I wasn't smart enough to continue in that role. My only other jobs have been basic jobs like being a kitchen porter. I'm a really nervous person and the thought of dealing with customers puts me off working any sort...
  2. D

    Marijuana - Anxiety, Depression, OCD

    Hello everyone! :) Glad you’ve all taken the time to read my post. I won’t try to bore you, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anybody who has had or currently does have experience with anxiety, depression, OCD, or marijuana withdrawal? I’ve just recently turned 24 and have...
  3. 6

    10 years plus anxiety sufferer

    Hello there this is the first time registering on a forum, I'm hoping to chat to some friendly people, that don't look at you funny and think what the hell is he on about. my name's Rob,I'm 30 years old. I'm employed full time, and I live by my self. I grew up as a child in fear, I always got...
  4. H

    Really losing sight of reality.

    Hello to all, I've been recently diagnosed with this rare neurological movement disorder, that in essence makes my muscles stiff, turning me into a statue sometimes along with spasms, pain, balance and many other symptoms. I've always struggled with anxiety without knowing I had it, but for...
  5. L

    I need advice

    Hey, I'm 18 (going to be 19 soon) and I'm super lost and kind of feel like a problem to everyone. I've never been someone to vent to the internet but it's a lot easier for me to write down/type how I feel rather than actually say it. Ive never been actually diagnosed with anything because I've...
  6. B

    Anxiety/Depression Intro

    Hello to whoever reads this, I am new to this forum and I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 29 year old mom from Ohio. Basically, I joined this site looking for opinions/answers. Also, to connect with people who understand what I’m going thru. I have struggled with Anxiety/Depression for...
  7. D

    Anxiety - Self harming

    Female, 21. I've had GAD with depression for a few years now. I've been on antidepressants for the past year and a half and I've recently worked down to the lowest dose I can be on before getting off them altogether. My depression has gone down to such a manageable level that I feel like I can...
  8. O

    Struggling anxiety & depression + possible ptsd?

    I'm 23, diagnosed with depression at 16 and anxiety at 18 and I've had a pretty difficult few years, when I was 16 my father moved away for reasons unknown. Shortly after this my Mother became severely brain damaged due to hydrocephalus, I dropped out of education to look after her, my dad would...
  9. A

    I blame myself

    I've been in a relationship for over 3 years with my boyfriend and it we had a lot of fun at the start and we still do but when we moved into our own house a lot of stress came about money when he got anxiety I always told him no matter what I'd support him and never be judgemental, he wasn't...
  10. N

    Just sharing my feeling and thoughts.

    Hi guys, im 19 i just feel i need to let this thought out. Im sorry if i have a bad english. So... im 19 yo and i just graduated high school last year, and i decided to take a gap year because i dont really know what to do next. I got a bad experience when im in social settings, i feel like...
  11. F

    I don't enjoy anything anymore, and I don't feel anything either.

    I'm 19, working in a boring job in a hospital office (audio typist - just typing all day, it feels like each day is never going to end). I left college (UK college, not uni) a year ago, I had a few friends but I never went out with them, I didn't like them so I cut them off. Not sure if that was...
  12. J

    In desperate need of advice and support

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am here because I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just quit my job owing to months of anxiety, depression, and overwhelming pressure from university studies. I am a final year student and I have been juggling working nearly 30 hours per...
  13. S

    Hi there!

    I made this account in hopes of being able to talk with others that suffer from anxiety and depression, like me. I don't have anybody in my life that I can really relate to on this, which can make life frustrating at times.
  14. D

    Want to stop my pills again ?

    The amount of times I've been asked am i pissed off today is unreal but my face is natural... but im ere in work thinking I just wanna run away to many people lookin an starring at me or i feel they are. I wanna crawl in a hole right about now an not come out.
  15. diaz212

    Foods That We Never Knew Are Panic Attack Natural Treatment

    a month ago, I meet my beloved sister and she studied pharmacy, she told me about a lot fun things, one of the best, she told me about foods actually good for relieve anxiety.and i try to consume routine for a weeks and look working on me. this the list of the food my sister recommendation ...
  16. S

    Anxiety Related to Other People

    I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right but I just need to talk about this because I haven't really had an outlet for it or a way to deal with it. So I have GAD and most of my anxiety is centered around the idea that people I care about aren't okay. Basically if I haven't heard from...
  17. M

    Is there a name for this?

    Well first off I'd like to start by saying I'm going to go to a psych here soon and see what I should do. I know anyone online can't properly diagnose but I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this or knows what can help. I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety but I would say I have it with a 95%...
  18. E

    Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations?

    Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations? I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression back in 2014 but looking back I've had it much longer. I have all sort of physical aliments (back pain, tension headaches, IBS, sleep problems) which have been linked with...
  19. Batsy


    I just wanted to tell everyone what I've done to help my depression. I've cut medication intake by more than half (with doctor's permission) and I feel completely at ease. A few stressful moments here and there, but I assume that's just life. So, if anyone is having trouble with their anxiety...
  20. C

    Any advice welcome

    This may be long, I have always suffered with depression and anxiety so I think, trouble sleeping and being stressed and anxious at work the anxious when I get back home dealing with home life, started taking the wife's meds for her back pain without her knowing, this has gone on for years on...