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anxiety and mental issues

  1. J

    What activites are best?

    My mother lives in a group home bc she needs 24 hour care. She has multiple mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and is bipolar. The group home she is at doesn't offer any activities or anything like that. I feel like if she had things to do or entertain her she would be...
  2. T

    Complex situation leaves me anxious & helpless

    So i'm fairly new here and i hope i post my problem in the right section. Anyways i have a story to share which i don't know how to handle and which makes me feel anxious, helpless and confused. I play a lot of online video games, some may say i am an internet addict. It just gives me an escape...
  3. R

    I feel like I'm suffocating

    I've dealt with anxiety my entire life, but sometimes the tiniest of events can set me off and I just feel like I'm choking on all this stress. I literally feel as though I could have a panic attack 24/7, my chest is tight and I feel like all my muscles and nerves are tight and like I've gone...
  4. L

    End of relationship with SO - never loved me?

    This is likely to be a long post, and I am sorry, but I would really like some reassurance and impartial opinions. My ex boyfriend and I were together for 5.5 years, and were friends for about a year before that. The beginning of our relationship was in person, but the latter half was long...
  5. zaatarHoney

    cPTSD and coping with daily reality (dp-dr)

    Background info: I moved across the country and I had health insurance from my state, but no longer have it now because I moved to a state that doesn’t have expanded medicaid. I am currently not seeing a therapist. I am currently not taking any medication. When we move again soon, I’m applying...
  6. L

    I don’t know what to do

    Hi I’ve never used one of these before so like I’m probably just going to word vomit everything out so here it goes. So I’ve been trying to work but my anxiety got worse after working at a retail job for just two days. I’ve worked in retail and the food industry before when I was like a bit...
  7. T

    Bullying has left my mental state in a mess!

    Firstly, apologies in advance but this will probably turn into waffle. I'm 24 and suffer from anxiety issues that has stemmed into agoraphobia to the point where I will only go to work and home, and walk my dog down certain roads. That's it. I have virtually no friends and no social life...
  8. T

    An Apergers Man loving a Neurotypical Woman who is depressed

    Hi, The title about says it all but I'll try to list what's going on to help you help me as much as I can. My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years is having a really tough time at the moment due to the sheer number of things we have going on and how she perceives them. She has been a strong support for...
  9. Z

    OCD, anxiety or paranoia? PLEASE HELP ME..

    I'm not usually the one to seek help and especially from strangers but I fear this may be my last option before I seek professional help. for as long as I can remember I've obsessed with my fears I constantly think about them from the second I wake to the second I fall asleep but even then the...
  10. littleghast

    I don't know

    Um, hi? I'm new to forum but I've lurking for about a year and half while I was researching various things. I know this site isn't made to diagnosis or anything else similar but I was wondering if anyone could point any symptoms I exhibit/show or tell me what it might seem like. Okay, so...
  11. B

    I have this voice telling me what to do

    I don't know if it actually qualifies as a voice but if feels like there's another version of me in the back of my head, and not quietly. It keeps banging against my skull and yelling. It goes a mile a minute and it's impossible to think once it gets going. It keeps telling me to do...
  12. E

    I need to know what's up with me ,pls help me.

    This is going to be long plus bear with me and i hope you can help me I've been having a panic attacks, i'm aware of that. I really thought i know what's happening to me.that i can control it. Turns out i don't. I've been depressed for the passed 7-8 months.I can't go outside because there is...
  13. S

    i take pregablin 75mg

    i hav GAD and its really shit, idk what to do about it
  14. Notte

    My guts hate me

    Hello :loveshower: I don't know how to start, I've been in treatment for about two years, I feel better, yes, but my guts hate me... it's been such a quest, I went with the doctor, I had colitis like my mother, then I went to the psychiatrist I was fine until the end of semester, no big deal...
  15. C

    Any advice welcome

    This may be long, I have always suffered with depression and anxiety so I think, trouble sleeping and being stressed and anxious at work the anxious when I get back home dealing with home life, started taking the wife's meds for her back pain without her knowing, this has gone on for years on...
  16. A

    Anxiety or hell?

    ey guys so im farely new to forums and i feel like this is my best outlet. To start off with i am a 18 years old and for the majority of my life since i was little i have always had add, adhd, ocd, and small anxiety. But going back to last january i had my first true panic attack It was late...
  17. R

    12 years of anxiety and negative thoughts

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. So heres my story.....I'm a 32 year old male, fairly healthy and have a decent enough job. For the past 12 years or so I've had problems with anxiety. One of the biggest issues is constant mood swings. One moment i'm on really good...
  18. F

    New & Learning

    I'm new to this forum idea..just needed a place to figure things out and hear some experiences. Still trying to convince myself to get an evaluation but hoping this will help until then. Is there a section for people who don't know specifically what is wrong, just that they are losing their...
  19. N

    Is this anxiety?

    I've always been a bit self conscious and always want to be perceived more than I am. I find myself lying about things to people because I don't want them to think less of me. I don't have many real mates. When I imagine my life in a few years I think its going to be the best, im going to be...
  20. Spooks 007

    Anxiety causing dangerous moments.

    My anxiety disorder comes from sickness, it was a severe allergic reaction that started my first panic attack since that moment I was a different person and that mental sickness started to spread into every aspect of my life, joining with my already imbedded depression to make a dangerous...