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anxiety .

  1. K


    Does anyone have suggestions on how to meet new people? I am socially anxious but want to find people I can relate to, and become friends with, because I'm ready for that.
  2. B

    Returning to work after years of unemployment ?

    I'm nearly 25 and have been unemployed since I was 18 , I studied hairdressing for a year last year but it's not for me so I'll never use it ...I can't see me being able to work for at least another year or 2 so by then I'll be 8 years unemployed ! Would anyone even want to give me a job ? I...
  3. K


    Hi, So I have a fear regarding those I love dying. It used to be more about me dying and not seeing my boyfriend ever again, but now, I fear him passing away and I fear others that I love passing away. I cannot fathom being here on this planet without them, and am terrified what will happen to...
  4. H

    Losing all hope in ever getting better - family makes getting therapy pointless.

    I need advice because I don't know what to do anymore. All my options are closing and it feels like I am barely breathing and I'm losing all hope in getting better ever... but I can't take this pain anymore. I just can't keep living like this. I hate myself so much and just thinking about...
  5. B

    My thoughts are affecting me and my life so much, I feel so alone and fed up.

    Hi everyone, this will be a v long read, but any advice or just giving this a read would be very much appreciated. Mostly just venting btw. Sorry if some of it doesn't make sense; i struggle to get things into understandable sentences sometimes. Thankyou. (FYI I've been diagnosed with anxiety...
  6. K

    Can’t I just feel normal?

    It seems like my life is progressing, and I’m just sitting back & watching it all happen, not involved, not helping, just here, behind the curtain watching. But it’s me, it’s my voice I hear talking to people and my peppy little happy tone... but it’s also not ME. I feel like I have been in...
  7. H

    Health anxiety?

    Hello So where to start. In 2011 i was diagnosed with health anxiety and panic atttacks. I kicked its butt by end 2012. But now sadly it's back and I am "enjoying" new onset of symptoms and freaking out as much as 8 years ago. Last year in August my dad died and the whole experience was more...
  8. S

    I have to quit therapy and it causes me a lot of distress

    I've been in this therapy group for a while now and I recently found out that I'll have to quit because I've been in it for so long. This has caused me so much anxiety and grief and I don't know what to do about it. This therapy group is the only place I ever feel safe in to talk about my...
  9. L

    New Here - Constant Worry

    Evening all, I hope to get some advice on certain aspects of my life and how to deal with my worrying! I have been diagnosed with Anxiety since 2013 which I believe was primarily down to recreational drug use between 2010-2013. I have over the years gotten “better” in some ways, ie able to...
  10. I

    Do I have rOCD or just don't love her anymore? HELP ME PLEASE!

    Here is my story. I've been dating with my girlfriend almost 4 years ago. She's an amazing woman (we're 24, almost 25); I've lived a lot of adventures by her side; she thought me a lot of things and an amazing way of living life. I was her first kiss and I'm so happy because of that. We have...
  11. A


    Hi everyone. I’m a 19 year old student diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder and Depression. To add to it all, I have Asperger syndrome, which just adds confusion to my anxiety. I enjoy drawing, reading and writing my own stories which help me deal with my emotions. My current life situation...
  12. A

    Anger issues

    so i have rapid cycling bipolar disorder, ocd, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. i’ve been hospitalized before and i’m on medication. but recently. i’ve been very angry. all the time. and so they took me off my antidepressant. and now it’s worse and i’m having really intrusive thoughts and...
  13. c___


    I'm c, and I've been struggling most recently with health related anxiety, based on some real symptoms (the doctor has acknowledged them) and others I never know if I create myself. I saw a GP and am awaiting blood results though he said I'm a healthy person. The reassurance lasted all but a...
  14. J

    Coming off olanzapine [zyprexa]

    Hi , I am currently coming off olanzapine . I was on 20mg daily . I have been reduced to 10 mg daily. Have noticed some anxiety and mental fogg . I am wondering if anyone else has had any withdrawals from olanzapine ? I want to come off completely. Or suggestions on what to watch for . Thanks in...