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  1. N

    Restaurants/Anxiety near possiblity

    Hi Folks, There's a possible chance that we'll be having a meal out parents and I this evening. Having done a hard workout t his afternoon, moderate though towards hard, my anxieties are not too bad at the present time. Mainly because, would servers understand me, throuigh my communication...
  2. N

    Possible Lined Up volunteering /Anxiety Levels Increase

    HI Folks, I have been having a bit of a problem with my anxiety levels. I am very aware that there could be a possible volunteering task, to be lined up for me, soon, and what I don't like, at all, is that some co-ordinators these days, can't do any emailing comunique not until about the late...
  3. G

    Social misunderstandings

    Post your misunderstandings and anxieties
  4. N

    Mother's Fall Last Week - Apoloigies/Anxeities at Mealtimes - Evening Meals

    Mother's Fall Last Week - Apoloigies/Anxeities at Mealtimes - Evening Meals Hi Folks, Owing to mother's fall last week, and it was such a big shock for all, me in particular, i must apologise, in that, my head hasn't been in the right places these last 2 weeks, so when it came to in response...
  5. D

    New, desperate, and want to help if I can

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm taking a huge plundge singing up here, but it promises a safe environment and lots of support. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It crippled me often in life. I have a loving and supportive wife. Beautiful baby girl. And I don't want to ruin it...
  6. N

    Anxiety or Reynaoulds

    Hi all, I couldn't locate my oriignal thread, so I thouight i would start up a brand new thread. My anxieties levels are fine, my right hand has been shaking something chronic today, and I feel, I just wonder, whether it if isn't the cold, causing my raynoulds to flare up quite badly, i have...
  7. N

    Anxiety Conditions - Calm

    Hi all, I'm very well overall, no anxieties at all. Im calm. Natalie.
  8. Y

    First Psych Dr. Appointment tomorrow - Very Scared! :(

    Hello, this is my first post on any kind of forum like this ever. I have been seeing a therapist for a few weeks about my crippling daily anxiety (neither her nor i could really figure out where it's coming from so far). She suggested I meet with Psychiatrist, and my appointment is tomorrow. I...
  9. T

    New and nervous

    Hi All, I've struggled with anxiety since I can remember. Over the last few years health anxiety has been a big problem for me. I am terrified of side effects of any medications, and so for a long time avoided telling my doc about my anxieties because I was worried he'd put me on something...
  10. H

    My dad is ruining my life

    Hi. I am a 24 year old female. My story is terribly long and boring but I will try to make it short. I grew up in a house with a very agressive father and quite a passive mother. My father used to beat me and my brothers whenever we did anything wrong. My mom was and is still a very weak person...
  11. Apravo

    The Seat of the Soul

    Has anyone ever read the book above by Gary Zukav? I recommend it, I think following his way of thinking, would help people suffering with different kind of anxieties, mental pressures we put on ourselves. I think you can view him talking on YouTube, Before you decide to read anything of...
  12. porkpie

    NHS withholding information from me.

    I attend this NHS day centre and all the attendees have folders on them with personal information, you know such as your illness and risk assessments, I put a request in to see my folder and finally waiting 5 weeks they got around to sending me a copy of it which was around half as think as my...
  13. M

    How can I get out of my comfort zone

    I've posted on this forum before and I got some great information but I just have a question about breaking out of your comfort zone to find your passion. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone to find my passion but things like anxiety and fear stop me from leaving and as a result of this I'm...
  14. B

    I am just so lost!

    Hi, I am new. I have never used anything like this before and apologise if I waffle on :) I am a mum of two, married, lots of family and friends. But the main thing in my life is a cloud over my head called depression. I suffer badly (worse I think than anyone close to me realises) with...
  15. J

    A sea of panic

    I have had general anxiety and panic attacks for 5 years now and never taken any medication to address it. It comes in waves that can last 1-2 months and then i'll be panic free for 3-4. I have gone a year or more without an episode. This is part of the reason I have never started taking...
  16. F

    Depression, anxiety etc

    Ok I'll start of by saying I'm a 22 year old male. I have battled anxiety almost non stop since I started high school. During my high school days, I would say it was a lot of very irrational, sexual health related anxieties. These anxieties have most probably been the cause of my lack of any...
  17. H

    Rather than BPD thinking I could be a healer

    Sounds mad but does anyone else believe in this? Feels like I could be taking on people close to me and people around me emotions, anxieties n depression n can feel their hurt and pain rather than having anything wrong myself.....if so what can I do to control this????
  18. amathus

    Who or what has influenced you the most in life?

    Firstly it has to be my dad...he encouraged me to pursue my education, though in wanting the best, his anxieties often transferred on to me. The book, 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding. Ghandi. My partner....... qf.
  19. A

    Can ANYONE relate to my problems?

    Hi, I'm not exactly what's wrong with me, even though it's supposed to be OCD, but I deviate from classic OCD by large. However, I am always drowned by anxieties.. and sometimes depressed and feeling hopeless. The things with which I deal are matters of the past, things that I feel I've done...