1. melonino

    Any BPD / General Mental Health artists or illustrators here?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone where who dedicates their time to draw or illustrate about their mental illness, I'm genuinly interested, since as I work full time as a graphic designer and illustrator. Because of that, part of my bpd therapy is drawing about my feelings or my mental state...
  2. T

    i will tell why we get fat on meds as i think

    99% of us on meds are on them for some form of anxierty.when in a state of anxierty you never put weight on as we no ,in fact we loose it like hair on a balding man.its the quickest weight lost factor there is.sometimes a stone in a week is not hard.we have no appetite an when you do eat it...
  3. T

    hospital madness

    hey im trainwreck , just about somes up my life. first im dyslexic so the spellihg will be s/it. i suffer from anxierty an deression an attend millbrook in mansfield. soon to start a CBT course.i have some nightmares to tell of hospital an will tell soon bye: