1. G

    I dont know whats wrong with me

    Hi, i have been trying to independently deal with issues but my brain cannot figure anything out and just causes more questions to ask myself. i have come here to open up (for the first time) and hopefully some advice from people who understand. so my history is in 2016 i was diagnosed with...
  2. L

    Severe chills?

    Hi, I’ve just started Uni and so I’ve been pretty anxious for a while now. But on the first night I suffered some really odd chills and I want to know if anyone’s suffered anything similar. Basically I was freezing, but I didn’t have goosebumps or shivers. I put thick winter PJs on with socks...
  3. F

    is life worth the suffering ?

    i still remember my first panic attack 9 months ago since then i haven't felt the same physically, emotionally, and mentally , my body hurts i checked many doctors for having a heavy heart, trouble breathing and all around feeling physically uncomfortable , my heart is fine, i don't have gerd, i...
  4. T

    BPD new here and having a tough time

    Mom passed last month .. feeling rough bout that as I’d not spoke to her for nearly two months prior to her emergency hospital admnittance. Also just had an explosive wknd where I have verbally attacked and lost 3 friends in one evening .. struggle to hold onto people .. feeling fragile drinking...
  5. N

    I think my neighbor has attached listening devices to his walls to listen to us.what should I do :(

    I think my neighbor has attached listening devices to his walls to listen to us.what should I do :( I think that he and his wife are recording us with devices that are voice activated and is listening to all of our private convocations. This have given me so much anxiety that I cant think...
  6. J

    Seeking knowledge in what I’m dealing with.. so lost

    This past 6-7 months of my life have been honestly, hard to get through the day and constant reoccurring though. not thoughts, singular... this is a long story but I really need help. So it all started with a girlfriend at the time moving in with me, and smoking weed that always made me anxious...
  7. G

    I'm afraid.

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to unload myself because the outer world is not a good listener. I'm sorry for the grammar and if the story isn't coherent. I have been in a horrible state of mind since I was 14 years old. Everything happened one day when I was lying on the beach...
  8. Katebug

    Paranoia and feeling distant...

    Hello, this is my first post ever so i'm sorry if anything is a mess in advanced. I've been really struggling for the last 4-5 years and the last 2 have just been hell. I've been bullied all my life, most of which happen when I was 5-15 (Ive had some really terrible stuff done physically and...
  9. T

    I needs help, and I need it now! (Any input would be great)

    Over the past year or so I have begun to feel different and it is a feeling that is difficult to describe, it feels like a fear of nothing and it is a very real fear that leaves at best an uneasy feeling and at worst a feeling of absolute dread similar to that after being given a real freight...
  10. R

    How to get a referral to a psychiatrist ?

    My girlfriend, aged 20, has been suffering from a range of mental health issues for quite some time. Her GP has diagnosed her with depression and anxiety and she has been on fluoxetine for the last 6 months (60mg for the last 3 months) with no improvement. She was referred to a cognitive...
  11. D

    New to this yh... hiya

    Hiya everyone hope ur all good... im 26 from Manchester.... i suffer from depression anger an anxiety. Sometimes voices but only when I let them talk 🙈. So yh never done this before. Don't no if its any good. Soon find out.
  12. K

    Anxiety is worse than ever after an etopic pregnancy - I need to offload.

    Anxiety is worse than ever after an etopic pregnancy - I need to offload. Apologizes in advance if this post gets long winded. I'll start from the beginning - From what I remember I had a nice first few years of life, parents had 2 daughters each from a previous marriage and I was the 5th...
  13. H

    Anxiety Causing Body Odor

    can anxiety cause bad body odor? every time i go out in public , i sweat , my heart rate goes up and a vary bed smell comes from all parts of my body. it's horrible and i hope instincts are right about this, if i'm right about this has any one else experience
  14. W

    Do you see your depression like this?

    I'll just start with a brief summary of the last 3 years for me: I was first told by my therapist and GP that I was depressed 3 years ago when I was 18, during that time, I could literately think of nothing that was positive about myself, just endless negative/self attacking thoughts. So I...
  15. D

    I don't even know

    I've been so down recently, with no clear reason as to why. i'm on antidepressants and have been for just over 2 years now. I am at uni and live with 5 other people, but lately i've been feeling so lonely and sad, and i've started self harming again (not majorly). I cry all the time, and have no...
  16. T

    What do you do?

    What do you do when every waking moment you have is just filled with suicidal thoughts and plans? where every minute you just wish that going about your daily activities would result in your death Then what do you do?
  17. J

    Mind blanked out on bus I didnt know where I was :'(

    Hi Everyone im new to this ... I have been diagonsed from anxity and panic attack disorder for over a year nowand last night I didnt know where I was and who I was staying with. Today on the bus I didnt know where I was or where I was going and I go to town every other day or week.... what do...
  18. C

    I'm about to lose everything..i've lost myself

    There's this girl at uni who has been in my class for 3 years. I've never spoken to her but I've occasionally been caught looking at her. She is quite attractive but I have social anxiety hence I'm very, very shy with girls I'm attracted to. I've been visiting the library recently and happens to...
  19. C

    Need advice, not sure what's wrong.

    Hey guys, Firstly i'll introduce myself, I am 19 years old, male, have recently finished my A-Level education and have decided to take a gap year while currently working part-time. I decided to take a gap year as I was unsure as what I should study at university or even if I wanted to attend...
  20. J

    Here is how i became mentally ill the weird screwy story of justin *SIGH*might be some laffs might be some crys gut give a read

    Here is how i became mentally ill the weird screwy story of justin *SIGH*might be some laffs might be some crys but give it a read Ok people my story comes out of a story book strange behaviors drugs masturbation "sigh" here we go Ok it all started in high school back in 1999 my first year...