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  1. nomask

    Disabled person with multiple diagnoses here for mutual support!

    Hello. I've been looking for communities to feel safe around, and came across this one. I've had mental illness all my life and also developmental issues. Anxiety has always been a big problem for me. At a young age, I got diagnosed with OCD, GAD, MDD, and PTSD. Pdocs have always only really...
  2. T

    Neuroleptics/Antipsychotics cause brain shrinkage

    The evidence that antipsychotics cause brain damage is piling up, while the psychiatric research community finds its own results hard to swallow. I willl be presenting some of that evidence here: 1. Antipsychotics and Brain Shrinkage: An Update 2. Antipsychotics and Brain Damage: Shrinkage &...
  3. T

    Abilify (Aripriprazole) is a dopamine receptor partial agonist

    Aripriprazole (Abilify) is a partial agonist on 5HT1A, D2, D3, and D4 and an antagonist on 5HT2A. Abilify does not raise prolactin levels as a dopamine antagonist would cause. Abilify partially activates dopamine D2 receptors with intrinsic activity of up to 60% on postsynaptic receptors and 75%...
  4. D

    Hello all

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder and have been taking a mix of antipsychotics and antidepressants for the past 3 years. I am here to get whatever advice I can,thank you.
  5. M

    Having few problems, need help

    Been getting voices for about a year now. Been on risperidone for about 4 months now. I've just had my antidepressants increased (sertraline 150mg to 200mg), and the risperidone been told to stop taking them. Was then told that the risperidone wasn't prescribed for the voices (antipsychotics)...
  6. K

    Psychotic depression and sports

    Hello, I am new on the forum. I have a question - does anyone have the following experience with antipsychotics: 1.) Coffee has no effect - it does not give you "energy" (even if you drink 20 at a time) 2.) The desire for physical activity completely disappeared (I was regularly active before...
  7. A

    Feeling sluggish

    Is it just me or do antipsychotics make you really lethargic and sluggish.
  8. J

    Clozapine heart problems

    Hi everyone, I've been on clozapine for last 5 months I think. I am Discharged from section 3 and out of hospital and not on CTO. Every night I've been taking clozapine I've had trouble breathing, palpitations, heavy arms and legs, and strange sensations in my body. I know it's heart problems as...
  9. spoon-racoon

    medication change

    I'm on 200mg Lamictal for bipolar ii and I'm adding Geodon/Ziprasidone (20mg then 40). Does anyone want to share their experience with Geodon? Other antipsychotics haven't worked great for me but I'm hopeful about this one. Also: the cheapest I could get it was $40 and that kinda sucks :(
  10. H

    Feeling of someone or something else living inside me

    Hi everyone! I'm 21 female and brand new to this forum! I'm medicated on Antipsychotics for my BPD, an off-label prescription of a drug only recently being trialled for BPD. I missed one of them yesterday and had a really bad night and something occurred to me. When I first started taking the...
  11. A

    Why aren't antipsychotics controlled substances?

    Why aren't antipychotics controlled substances?
  12. Kerome

    Two studies focussing on long term outcomes from antipsychotics

    Interesting article on Mad in America looking at two published studies which examine long term outcomes from antipsychotics. It takes a detailed look at how the studies are constructed and what we can take away from them... good stuff. A Tale of Two Studies - Mad In America
  13. I

    weird story, im so stupid

    My mother died when I was 18. She had ALS, neurodegenarative disease. I sort of lost my mind after that and was hospitalized. Well I kind of liked being in the psych ward, as I had some anxiety around certain people at school etc. Then I started antipsychotics, never felt the same, sort of...
  14. Cazcat

    Antipsychotics and diabetes

    My husband has episodes of psychosis and has been on various doses of Olanzapine over the last 4 years since diagnosis. He has also been on citalopram for much longer. He successfully tapered down to 5mg a few years ago and managed well for a long time on this. He then stopped the Olanzapine...
  15. P

    Losing weight on antipsychotics

    I want to get back to the original weight before I started antipsychotics (which is 50kg, now 56kg). I calculated my tdee and ate below that. Ive now been the same weight for over a month and cant lose it. Do i have to keep going even lower than my tdee? Also I do 2 hours of exercise everyday...
  16. P

    Losing weight on Clozapine!!!

    Ive been on clozapine for 5 months and i lost 4kg. Im 5'3 and 57 kg. Anyone else experience weightloss? Even on different antipsychotics?
  17. D

    How to come off Community Treatment Order and Abilify injection

    Hello Mental Health Forum, I am new to this forum. I'm looking to get some help regarding my situation and condition. I have been on a Community Treatment Order for 2 years now and the Mental Health Review Tribunal recently renewed the CTO for another 4 months. They have diagnosed me as having...
  18. T

    Antipsychiatry Thread - The Myths of Mental Illness

    The Chemical Imbalance Hoax The Chemical Imbalance Theory of psychosis arose from an understanding of how the antpsychotic drugs act on the brain. Antipsychotics block dopamine receptors, which causes an alleviation of symptoms, therefore the illness must have been due to an overactive...
  19. N

    Can they increase your Antipsychotics on a CTO without telling you?

    They increased my paliperidone 5 months ago from 50mg to 75mg without even telling me. I only found out when the depot nurse who was new corrected me because I said I was on 50mg, she said I was on 75mg and have been for the last 5 doses. Can they up the dose without telling you?
  20. C

    Constipation :-)

    Does anyone else struggle with this? It's been better since my antipsychotics have been reduced, but I have to do so much and eat so much fibre to even expel rabbit droppings! I've got that awful heavy feeling in my stomach but I'm blocked. I'll set my alarm for 6am tomorrow morning and go for...