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  1. T

    Anxiety vs paranoia

    I have been increasingly afraid of leaving my home. I seem to have a phobia towards facing other people, even just to walk past them. I often panic and feel a need to be hidden. I second guess friends who have been nothing but understanding and loyal, and I have been making up scenarios in my...
  2. L

    Could anyone give any advice?

    Heyho, could anyone give advice on how to get released from section? Also I really want to come off meds. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to approach the MH staff with this? Thanks in anticipation xx
  3. T

    anxiety from the fear of anxiety

    hello forum. i've always been a somewhat shy person but for the first 20 years of my life i have experienced very little in the way of social anxiety. recently, within the last year, i have somehow began suffering social anxiety attacks, tightening of my chest, nausea, unsteady breathing...
  4. C

    constant fear

    Hi all. As you might know, my court date is rapidly approaching. I've got psychiatric assessment next week & court the week after. The assessment will help my case but until then, I'm on my own & have to try deal with the stress. I'm drinking twice as much & not really eating. Can't keep...
  5. N

    Anticipation of the High!

    I was sitting here thinking about alot of things and this one thought came to mind and I think maybe there are other people who can relate, if not, I guess Im weird(er). Sometimes a couple of days before my payday I would be flat broke and had no energy to think up some sorta scheme to get...
  6. amathus


    So, my cpn announced that I was isolating myself, which was having a negative impact on my mental health... in that it lowered my mood. Thing is, I have usually always enjoyed my own company and found things to do, except that is when I have been in a deep depression and unable to motivate...
  7. Y

    Lishman unit experiences needed please

    :scared:It looks like i may be heading to lishman unit neuropsychiatric rehab at the Maudsley hospital :scared:and i was wondering if anyone has been there, what it is like, what they do e.g. physio,talking therapies etc, do inpatients have single rooms or are they on a ward where loads of beds...