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  1. J

    Anti depressants

    I'm thinking of taking anti depressants as from tommorow. I lost my brother and wife got diagnosed with terminal illness shortly after and I've been suffering with health anxiety for nearly 3 years. My doc Thinks I'm depressed and stressed out. I have a lot of physical symptoms like body aches...
  2. Poopy Doll

    A lecture from Stanford University about Languages and schizophrenia

    The beginning is very interesting about languages. Then the Professor gets into schizophrenia. A very competent rebuttal to anti psychiatry.
  3. T

    Need more help with brother

    I last asked for help sometime ago with my brother Brief recap he was a shut in for 5 yrs had a.lot of issues After 2 yrs of long talks his doc has him on anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs to stop him feeling down and quietense the voices he has learning difficulties and has been like...
  4. N

    Anti psychotic side effect.

    Hello. I been taking perphenzine for a year Recently this summer I notice my body sensitive to Sun. usually I get Sun tan a lot but not when taken perphenzine. My question is there other drugs that don't effect Sun sensitive? Maybe abilify?
  5. F

    Over medicated treatment, med questions and solutions?

    Hi, So I feel like I'm over medicated right now. I can't even work because the medications take away my mania which actually helps me work and workout. I hear a voice in my head and a very heavy feeling saying "GO HOME!" when I'm at work, the only thing I can do is say "No!" but yesterday it...
  6. A

    Assesment tomorrow.

    The day has finally come! Well, almost. Does anyone have any idea's about what form of therapy might be best for some type of stress induced psychosis or voice hearing? I'm also really hoping some kind of anti psychotic is thrown in the mix. When I spoke to mental health nurse a month or so...
  7. M

    WTF doc lost faith

    I've been transferred to a new psychiatric doc and seen him twice in the last 3 months my mood goes up and down rapid but not had a high in some time now on lithium. Been to see him and said I have had some down moment he said I'm not depressed and never have been. Wtf when I've tried to kill...
  8. D


    So I screwed up again. Ended up looking for a release and i self harmed again a few times. I've tried confiding in people with this. And my friends make it clear they care. But I just don't. Everytime I express how depressed I've been. I'm always we reassured that I mean something to them. But...
  9. S

    The problem with being mentally sick during 12 years

    Hello, There's no section for my mental health problem so I have no choice but to post my message here. I have been diagnosed with a somatic symptom disorder in 2013. It is a disorder which make you REALLY physically sick while the cause is mental. In my case, I was having extreme chronic...
  10. I

    Anti psychiatry song

    Bullshit--Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Medication Song - YouTube It is accurate and made me laugh.
  11. C

    Mirtazapine meds

    I have posted a coupl*e of times on here be*fore about my 24 year* old daughter. She l*ives at home and has *had clinical depressi*on for years but rece*ntly she was getting *worse. Her diet was *terrible, she hardly *ate anything, was sle*eping all the time an*d seemed to be sinkin*g deeper...
  12. C

    Flare up or what?! Please help

    I've been taking anti depressants and anti psychotics for years and this summer I was in the worst condition of my life, extremely manic and suicidal that quickly switched into depression. I stopped taking my meds in August. I was feeling so normal for a few months. Totally fine and in control...
  13. S

    Don't think I should take antidepressants any longer

    I have went without for a week after having trouble getting a new prescription sorted. I'm starting to think that it would not be a good idea to go back on them because of the withdrawals I'm having and it's only been 4 months on them. I feel kind of unwell, can't sleep and am getting mild...
  14. R

    Depression and anti inflammatory drugs

    Depression: A revolution in treatment? - BBC News He's at the forefront of this new approach: "Recent history is telling us if we want to make therapeutic breakthroughs in an area which remains incredibly important in terms of disability and suffering then we've got to think differently." The...
  15. R

    Too much pain lately

    New to the site. Just registered because I need to talk. 31 year old guy. Dealt with depression in my early 20's, got help mid 20's, started to get my life moving in a positive direction. Went to Uni, at 27 met my first girlfriend, things were looking up, I even stopped anti depressants, but...
  16. A

    My Mother was ill and unhappy.It was never picked up on.

    When i was a teenager and younger people were concerned about my behavior/ mental health but my mother was the one who was had mental health issues that were ignored. She had no desire to go out or do anything.She just sat happy to watch daytime TV and eating (she was very overweight).She slept...
  17. A


    Has anyone taken this for anxiety? I saw new psychiatrist today and she prescribed this forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm not trying to take a anti seizure medication for anxiety and get adverse effect and have them
  18. T

    Anti Depressants

    So after a fair few visits to the hospital/doctors I finally decided to go on anti depressants. Yesterday was my first one. Today I feel really spaced out, sick and all over weak, it's like my body can't function quickly anymore... All my friends who I've spoken to have been on it haven't felt...
  19. G


    Hi. Is this an old style anti psychotic? Has anybody been on it, how did you find it and did it help you sleep?
  20. A

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference Arent they the same lol